Women's essentials



Elizabeth was getting ready to pack her suitcase for the trip to Atlantis. So Elizabeth being the smart one that she is sat down at her desk started to write a list titled Women's Essentials and as she did not know where to start she though of the most important things that a women might need in another galaxy. So she wrote down the fist things that came to mind

Pads and Tampons

Midol, Midol and lots more Midol

Lots and lots of Godiva Chocolates

Sex in the City (on DVD)

Birth Control Pills

After she was sure that she had a good start on the list she added a few more things

Lots of dark clothes

Some lighter prettier cloths that fit both Form and function



Skimpy Tank-Tops (for sleeping in) (wink wink ;) )

One pair a tennis shoes and a pair of nice black heels

One form fitting Black Dress (for a few dances she was going to hold on Atlantis once they settled in)

some perfume (Angel my favorite sent)

Work cloths (Of course)

Hair essentials such as:

Bobbie pins

Hair ties

Hair brush


Hair clips

Flat iron

Make up

Noxzema face scrub

Eyebrow tweezers

After Elizabeth was sure that she had every thing on the list that she needed she looked it over and said with a smile "OH! Yes this this is definitely the Women's essentials."

The End

Author's note 1- I would like to thank my Beta Arwennicole you have been good to me.

Author's note 2- I wrote this when I was having a hard time with T.O.M. (Time of the month) for those Girls or Women who are reading this hopefully you know what I meant when I wrote this. For them Boys or Men who read this. This might help some of you finally know what some of the things that go through our minds.

Author's note 3- I do not own anything from Atlantis I just own the plot so please don't sue me I have no money to take