Caddyshack was finally over. By then we'd had a few beers. Okay, okay. I had four beers and I admit I was giggling at all of his stupid jokes. The more I giggled, the more he talked.

"Enough, Mulder." I held my sides. "I have to pee."

"You pee on my couch, and you sleep on the couch." He said with a serious expression.

I tried to hold back, but my hand reached out and tweaked his nose.

Mock horror crossed his face. "Scully, I'll kick your ass."

"Just try." I got up and started for the bedroom. He nearly caught me.

Once in the bedroom, I tried to map out my escape route. There was none. I was cornered. He faked a left and caught me about the waist as I attempted to dart past him.

"Please, Mr. FBI man, let me go." I whined.

"I've got you, my pretty." He whispered in my ear.

My heart beat quickened and I struggled to get free.

"Stop squirming and I'll let you go." He said as my elbow connected to his ribs. "Damn!" He released me.

"Are you okay?" I asked as I touched his hand that was holding his ribs.

He grinned wickedly and picked me up over his shoulder and tossed me ungracefully onto his unmade bed. He then proceeded to straddle me and tickle me until I cried laughing. "Mulder," I gasped for breath. "Please stop."

He does and moved a strand of hair out of my face. The atmosphere changed. The room became silent. I must've been holding my breath.

His mouth moved closer and closer until his lips closed over mine. His tongue raked across my lips. I parted them. He tasted of beer and peppermint.

The kiss changed as did the position of his body over mine. We hungrily pulled at each others clothes. I remember the feel of his hands on my naked flesh.

"Let me love you," he whispered as his fingers dipped into me gently.

I arched into his hand. "Yes."

He removed his hand and settled his body between my thighs. The feel of him inside me nearly caused me to orgasm.

I grip his hips as he moved inside me "Don't ever stop." I pull him closer and wrapped my legs around him.

What seemed like an eternity later, we lay spent in each others arms.

"Night, Scully." He said as he kissed my head and tucked me against him.

"Night." A single tear slid down my cheek which he kissed away.

"I love you," he whispered before kissing me again. As I held his mouth to mine, the love making began again. Sleep was forgotten.


A/N: Just something that popped into my head after watching Kalifornia...and I just love the episode with the Genie...I can't spell the title name hehehehehe!