Title: Anticipation

Words: 200

Kenshin and Kaoru sat at the kitchen table, finishing their breakfast. Their son's bowl sat empty beside them, three soggy cheerios left floating.

"Brushed my teeth!" Kenji yelled from the bathroom.

Kaoru smiled as they heard him run toward his room.

"Dressed!" he yelled to them a few minutes later.

Kenshin popped the last of his eggs into his mouth and chewed.

"Bed is made!" came another shout, then pounding footsteps as he raced toward the entrance to their apartment.

"Shoes are on!" Kenji yelled again.

Kaoru raised an eyebrow at her husband, who was finishing his orange juice.

"Papa!" Kenji yelled again.

Kaoru coughed in amusement. "I think he's getting impatient."

"Is that so," Kenshin murmured with a smile, standing to take his plate and glass to the sink along with Kenji's bowl.

Kenji stuck his head through the kitchen entrance. "Papa~" he called again, grabbing his father's hand when he strayed too close to the doorway. Kenshin was dragged into the entryway and told, in no uncertain terms, that he was to put his shoes on, pronto.

They were going to the park, after all, and Kenji didn't want to miss a moment of fun with his father.