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Shigure leaned his head on Hatori's chest. The dragon rubbed his hair. It was just after the funeral of their best friend. It was harder than they thought it would be. Seeing him lying in the casket was a shocker to both of them. And Yuki...he couldn't help himself from just crying his eyes out. He finally loved his brother and then he dies on him. They were now sitting in Shigure's home. Everyone was still in their funeral clothes. But the men had taken off the ties and lossened their shirts. Yuki had locked himself in his room. Kyo and Tohru were trying to get him out. Or get him to let them in. Shigure and Hatori were sitting on the sofa letting their silent sobs tell each other how they felt. Shigure rubbed his face deeper into Hatori's chest. The dragon didn't know what to do. He was never good at healing broken hearts.

"This can't be happening." Shigure whispered.

Hatori continued to rub his friend's hair. "I wish it wasn't. I want Ayame back too." he said through his tears.

The telephone rang. The two on the couch ignored it. It stopped ringing though. Someone must have picked it up. Kyo came downstairs a few minutes later. "It was Haru. Hatori, he said Akito wants to see you."

Shigure looked at Hatori. He didn't want him to leave. And he knew Hatori didn't want to go either. But Akito was Akito. Disobeying him was not an option. Shigure lifted himself off his friend. Hatori slowly stood and made his way to the door. Shigure followed. Hatori faced Shigure when he made it to the door. He cupped the dog's face in his hands and pushed their foreheads together. He forced a small smile.

"Go try to comfort Yuki. Take care of each other. I promise I'll be back as soon as I can." Hatori whispered.

Shigure nodded and gave a small smile. Then Hatori left.

He made to the Sohma Estate. He wanted to be in and out. He knew Akito wanted to talk about Ayame. It would be hard but he would humor Akito and stay. Then he would go back to Shigure and Yuki, who needed him more than Akito did. He walked into Akito's room and sat on his knees before him.

"Are you upset about Ayame?" Akito asked.

"I am. And so are Shigure and Yuki. It was so unexpected." Hatori said.

"He smashed his face in the mirror." Akito laughed. "That's so funny." Hatori had to keep himself from screaming out. It wasn't funny. That was his friend...his best friend. It was not funny at all.

Akito walked over to Hatori and sat in front of him. "I never liked him. But I disliked him even more when he took my favorite people away."

"Favorite people?" Hatori asked.

"You, Shigure, Yuki...he kept all of you. If you guys weren't with me, you were with him." Akito said.

"That's not true. Yuki only recently started to be with Ayame. And Shigure and I...well with grew up with Ayame. Of course we would spend time with him." Hatori said.

Akito shook his head. "You were always with him. Because of how much he cared about you, you were always with him. And he and Shigure were always together. They were inseperable. I had to get rid of him to get my playtoys back."

Hatori's eyes grew wide. "What? What are you..."

"Poison. A special poison. It contains parasites that cause internal bleeding, dizzyness from eating at the brain, extreme pain...and then when they are done inside the body they form at the face area...sometimes behind the eyes...and try to get out of the body. They press and eat at the skin until they can make their way out which causes excrutiating pain for the unfortunate person who has these parasites in his body. It's very possible that that person would kill himself from the amount of pain the parasites are delivering to him. A very effective poison. I was happy to use it on that snake."

Hatori listened to Akito's words. He killed his friend. It was him. Just so he could torture him, Shigure, and Yuki some more. Hatori glared at Akito. "I'll tell everyone. I'll have them perform an autopsy and they'll find the parasites. I'll tell them it was you!"

Akito laughed and walked to his place next to the window. "No one will believe you. Know why? Because once the parasites hit oxygen they die. They were probably able to make it out of the snake's body when he got those cuts from the mirror. There will be no trace that anything was there. Sorry, Hatori. You lose...again."

Hatori was finding it harder to breath. He felt tears swell at the corners of his eyes and fall to the ground. Akito laughed when he saw this. "Perhaps you can erase your own memory." Hatori got up and ran out of the house. It was Akito. It was Akito...Hatori fell to his knees outside.

"I'm sorry I couldn't see it, Ayame. Please...forgive me."

Hatori looked up and blinked twice. Someone was in front of him. A shiny someone. He wiped his eyes and gasped out loud. Ayame!

"Ayame..." Hatori said. The angelic Ayame made his way to Hatori and looked at him with warm smile. He rubbed his cheek and spoke. "There's nothing to forgive. I love you and Shigure and Yuki." He began to walk away. Hatori was too stunned to say anything. Ayame looked back and blew his old friend a kiss. Then he was gone.

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