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Chapter 1-

Harry stormed up to his room absolutely pissed off. He was walking back from Quidditch Practice, and he noticed Cho, his girlfriend, was getting or being snogged by Crabbe.

Harry stood there in shock, Harry was about to break up with Cho anyways, but really cheating on him with Crabbe! To top it all off, when Harry had reached the Common Room, he experienced Ron and Hermione's snog fest. Harry shook his head and scowled.

Harry had no clue why he was pissed off at Hermione and Ron, I mean he was happy for them right? No... He just said he was because it was the right thing to do...Right? I mean what was he suppose to do when Ron and Hermione walked up to him hand in hand looking all happy, and asked him if he was okay with them being together. No, he wasn't, but he wasn't going to say that to their faces.

Harry and Hermione had given it a try, by going out with each other at the beginning of this year, sixth year to be exact, but Ron was being all moody and crap, so they broke up for the sake of Ron. Actually Hermione broke up with him first.

When Ron and Hermione had started to go out, about two weeks after Harry and Hermione had broken up, Ron walked up into the boy's dormitory and said, "You know when you and Hermione were going out, that she had cheated on you with me?" It turned out that someone had put Veritaserum in his food.

Here, I'll show you instead...


Harry was sitting on his bed writing into a book, he was still a little pained over the fact that he and Hermione had split up.

Harry still liked Hermione, wait no scratch that, he loved her. Ron was always teasing her and making her feel bad, but now they're going out? Sexual Tension his arse!

Just then Ron burst into the room looking a little dazed. He had this major maniac grin plastered onto his face.

"Ron?" Harry asked a little surprised.

"You know what Harry? When you and Hermione were going out... Two weeks ago to be exact, she cheated on you with me," Ron said laughing hysterically. "You will never win against me, you're just the Boy Who Lived, I'm not famous and no one's trying to kill me!"

"W-What? Ron are you alright, are you drunk?" Harry asked trying to stay as calm as possible. "Sit down I think someone did something to you."

"No one did anything to me, I mean just a little Veritaserum from Ginny and Malfoy, that's all," Ron said laughing again.

"WHAT!" Harry shouted. 'That means he was telling the truth about... him and Hermione... No, Hermione wouldn't do that to him would she?'

"That's right Harry, Hermione cheated on you behind your back, with Ron," Ginny said with Draco behind her.

"I-It can't be... Hermione wouldn't... No... She... No..." Harry stuttered definitely hurt. He had no clue what to say, he then felt a sharp pain in his chest.

"We're sorry Harry," Draco said looking apologetic.

"This has to be a trick Malfoy! You could always be lying to get information on me. You're not really on our side!" Harry shouted. Before Harry had control over his mouth, the words flew out of his mouth. Harry shook his head and said, "I am so sorry, I didn't mean that, words just started flying out of my mouth."

Draco smiled a little and said, "Don't worry about it, Ginny and I did this so you would know the truth."

"We found them snogging in the broom closet by Snape's classroom," Ginny said glaring at Ron, who was still laughing quietly in the corner.

Harry sat down on his bed and started to shake violently. "Harry?" Draco and Ginny asked staring at him.

"She wouldn't. Would she?" Harry asked still shaking. Harry felt the pain in his chest grow; it started then to erupt into his head.

"Harry! She did there's nothing you can do!" Ginny shouted, trying to get Harry to calm down.

"No... No..." Harry mumbled, he then gripped his chest with his hand, the other hand was holding his head. Something was totally wrong with him. Was it an emotional break down? Or Mental?

"Harry stop it! You're scaring us!" Ginny started sobbing.

"Ginny go get Dumbledore," Draco said letting go of Ginny's hand.

Ginny then ran out of the room to find Dumbledore.

Harry was still shaking and gripping his head and chest when Ginny had left. "Harry, calm down," Draco said quietly.

"Draco tell me something, why did she?" Harry asked still talking about Hermione obviously. The pain was getting worse by the second, he also felt really furious with Hermione and Ron.

"I don't know..." Draco said walking closer to Harry. Harry then let go of his chest and head and fell back onto the red and gold sheets.

Harry's eyes then rolled into the back of his head, he then sat straight up and then hissed, "Weasley! You're going to die!"

"Harry!" Draco shouted there was a familiar coldness in that voice, or hiss.

"Move Malfoy! You betrayed me and your father! I should kill you too! But first off the Weasley, Potter wants this right?" Harry or more like the thing possessing Harry hissed coldly.

Harry, the real Harry inside of his own body could feel the big evil jackass possessing him; he tried everything he could to get him out of his body. The real Harry could hear every single hiss the evil jackass, aka. Voldemort was saying to Draco and everybody else in the room. Sure he was pissed at Ron but he didn't want to kill him. How to get the bastard out of his body?

Harry could see, somehow, that the jackass started walking over to Ron who was still laughing in the corner and took out its wand, "Say good bye Weasley!"

"Wait! Before you kill us," Draco said choosing his words carefully, "Tell us why you're taking over Harry's body?"

'Yes! Stall Draco stall!' Harry pleaded silently.

"I Lord Voldemort shall not tell you, you have no reason to know!" Voldemort hissed.

'Screw you Voldie!' Harry cursed.

Draco then reasoned with the Dark Lord, "Well you're going to kill me it's not like I can tell anyone."

'Nice save Draco!' Harry said, if he was in his body right now, or had control over his body, he would be pumping his fists.

"Fine!" Voldemort hissed loudly. "Since Potter has summed up enough anger I got into his head and did a charm, something like the Imperius Curse, but much stronger. Not even Potter can fight it off. And now I possess him! The only way is for him to really, really want to get me out of his body, but with this curse it will be tough, he will have to be more powerful then I."

'Oh crap!' Harry said scowling at Voldemorts stupid powerfulness.

Draco stood there shocked. Just then Dumbledore, Ginny, and Hermione rushed in to the dorm. "Voldemort," Dumbledore said calm and softly.

"Dumbledore," Voldemort hissed.

"Harry?" The two girls gasped.

'Hermione!' Harry growled. 'Oh crap! Voldie's feeding off my anger, stay calm Harry!'

"Ahhh, Potter's ex-girlfriend, lets see, the Mudblood or the Weasel first?" Voldemort asked himself. "Let's kill the Mudblood first, she caused dear Potter a lot of pain, this will satisfy him or should I spare hear? Nah lets go with the Mudblood!"

'NO!' Harry yelled, but no one heard him.

"No!" Dumbledore said loudly.

"There's nothing you can do Dumbledore, I am now the greatest wizard alive Potter and I combined will rule!" Voldemort grinned evilly. Voldemort then stuck out his hand and Hermione magnetically came to the Dark Lords hand.

"Ready?" He asked Hermione coldly. "It won't hurt."

'Fuck You Voldie!' Harry tried to shout.

Hermione looked shocked and scared but was still brave enough to shout, "Let me go!"

Voldemort cackled evilly, "And if I don't?"

'I'll kick your fucking ass!' Harry yelled.

There was silence in the room, until Voldemort said, "You'll be with the love of your life soon enough, right Granger? The Weasel is the love of your life?"

"I don't know anymore, since my life isn't that long!" Hermione spat.

'No! Hermione!' Just then an incantation popped into Harry's head, it was a charm to make you feel happy and loved. This was Voldemort's weakness.

"Stop being smart Mudblood! Well if you insist then, let's just end it now! Avad-" Voldemort was cut off by bright light emitting from Harry's body.

"Fuck you Voldie! I won't let you!" A bright figure came out of the light; it was Harry, or more like Harry's spirit?

"Harry?" Everybody in the room the room asked flabbergasted, well everyone except Ron who was still chuckling.

"No... Well actually I don't know I think it's just my spirit..." The figure was Harry, except he was transparent and emitting a white light, lighting up every nook and cranny in the room. "Any who... Voldemort, we meet again, except you're in my body, my precious body," Harry joked.

Two people in the room chuckled, Dumbledore and Draco.

"Very funny Potter! Don't you want to kill the Weasel for taking over your precious girlfriend?" Voldemort sneered.

Even though Harry was transparent, you could see a blush crawling up his neck. "No I don't want to kill Ron, and its Ron not Weasel, Voldie! Hermione maybe precious, but she's not my girlfriend... anymore, but that's not the point. She's with Ron and I'm happy for them!" Harry said confidently, even though a part of him knew he was lying.

"Oh a little too confident now are we? But think about this, she broke up with you to be with the Weasel, who was cheating on you with the Weasel," Voldemort smirked, "It must have hurt."

"How would you know? You never felt that bubbling sensation in the pit of your stomach when you see that special person walk by, or smile at you. You don't know how to love! Or further more, do you know how to be loved?" During that part of Harry's speech, he was looking at Hermione. "How would you know? You never felt the feeling of your heart being ripped out of your chest and being stomped on, have you? Do you even have a heart? So how would you know?" Harry bellowed full of anger and fury. "But, if you love someone, you have to let that person go to the one they really love or else it's just a fucking lie!"

Voldemort was speechless, and Harry racked his brain for the next part of his speech then continued, "You used your power to kill every single person that I loved, first my parents, then Sirius, and now my best friends? How shallow can you get? I can and will bring an end to you Voldemort! You killed the innocent, the people who helped you, what are you trying to do? Kill every single person in the whole damn world so you can rule it? Well if you kill everyone, who are you going to rule? There's no one to rule! So from all the power that is in me, that I can summon anyway, I will bring an end to you so you can't ruin anybody else's life!" Harry felt a tingling sensation in his hand, every single thing in his body had summoned into magic, which was right in the palm of his hand. Harry was about to open his mouth and say something, but words just flew out of his mouth, "Lux Lucis Quod Pacis!" Harry shouted waving his hand.

A jet of baby blue light emitted from the tips of Harry's fingers and hit Voldemort, carefully maneuvering around Hermione. A jet of black smoke and dust then flew out of Harry's mouth, the one on his real body. Harry's body then lay limp on the ground, with a pile of black dust beside him. Hermione was still in shock; she then turned around to see Harry's body lying on the ground and then asked fearfully, "Is he dead?"

Harry's spirit looked at Hermione then said quietly, "No I'm not dead, but my heart is."

"Harry, it's not what it seems... It's-" Hermione started, but never got to finish because of Harry.

"Save it Hermione, you chose Ron over me simply because you love him, not me. What ever its fate," And with that Harry's spirit was pulled back into Harry's body.

End Flashback

It's been 4 months since the little incident and you would probably think that the Golden Trio were best friends again right? Wrong, sure they were friends, but not best friends.

Kay, that's Chapter 1 of this story. What do you guys think? Well I thought it was okay, I'll update the next part soon... I hope!