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It had been a year after the events that had plagued her life. The year in which she had lost everything worth living for. She had lost her crew.. her friends.. her family.. but most of all herself. She held no reason within to keep on living, she had no motivation or strength to fight the torment, the anger, the despair.

Every night she spent long hours awake thinking of the mistake they had made by boarding the ship. She thought of the way Jack had made fools out of them especially her. He had taken them to a cruise to which there was no return.

She hated him for it but most of all she hated and was disgusted at herself for the feelings locked within of which she could not be rid. She had feelings for him far beyond hate.. feelings she could not quite comprehend.

He had somehow found his way inside somewhere inside her heart. She knew it was wrong. She knew it could not be. How could it be love if there was none in him? She tried to tell herself many times that what she felt for him was pity although the why would always come up. Why would she feel pity when he felt none? He took away her friends souls but still his feelings remained numb.

She had never told anyone of this not even Murphy, he would have never understand, but then again how could he if she herself was still confused, dazed. She knew her feelings now were irrelevant but she still could not escape the thoughts that were pinned inside her head.

Jack had played his part well making no mistake until that is the truth escaped. He was slowly making her go insane even now when it had all come to an end at least for her and her friends. He had somehow survived and still continued to claim souls, but truth to be told, she cared no more. There was nothing in her power that could stop him there was no way to prevent the storm from coming. He would continue his course and there would be no stopping him but for her the memories would continue to haunt her, memories of the past.

She wandered idly from bay to bay looking for comfort that would never come. She spend hours at no end looking out over the horizon until dawn came. There were so many " What if..", and still the mistery remained untold. There was still so much left to unfold but she had given up all hope.

She knew her friends were looking down on her and they knew her pain but there was no way she could go back to ease it or to mend. Maybe they would see each other again someday but until then she would continue to wander, looking for a reason.. looking for someone or something that could explain.

The chambers of her heart remain in the dark as is the love she felt once inside. A love that is not at all true but for her nothing else is worth to be real. Is there anyone that can see her pain, her loss, her grief? Is there a way out that can ease her torture the one she has been cursed with once aboard the Ghost Ship?