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I have three other stories, (One done and two on going) they are Ryan & Rachel stories. (I don't think that is allowed here, I read the rules but slightly confused at one or two of them) anyway not important. This is probably the only Notebook story I will ever do, I enjoyed writing it alot, it was fun. I have one which is on going right now about Ryan and Rachel making The Notebook which is rather cool, a little hard but fun still!

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I don't own The Notebook, or anything associated with it (Noah or Allie), other than these ideas for this story. It is fully owned by Nicholas Sparks & Nick C (the movie version)


My Notebook

Allie leans over towards the easel as she dabs the paint brush lightly against the canvas. She found the room which held paint supplies beyond her wildest imagination in it. It's her room. Allie pauses for a moment sitting back admiring her work. It has been so very long since she has painted, since she has felt the smooth end of a paint brush in her hand, between her fingers. And it feels very good right now. Once upon a time this is all she did, when she was a girl, painting was her escape. Right now as much as she enjoys it she tries to think about what her escape is as a woman, and her head starts to ache thinking about it because she has nothing.

She licks her full lips as her mind is pulled back to painting the outside world as it is. Her body is on fire as she feels alive sitting there feeling free, feeling no inhibition, the feeling of being able to sit nude outside and not have to worry about what other people think, or how a lady should act, is wonderful. Noah gives her that feeling, he always has. She can let her hair down, and be herself without having to worry about others judging eyes on her. And that is something she has rarely…she hasn't experienced in 7 years. Allie's heart pounds when she thinks about him and last night and the night before in the rain. "Ah" She lets out a harsh breath. Her head lowers and chests heaves, she is trying to get her breathing under control. Her wavy hair falls down into her face, as her chin is pressed to her chest. The grip on the paint brush is lessened by each breath she takes and the sound of the outside mixes with her breath and the clang of the brush hitting the balcony floor. She snaps out of her panic attack and runs both hands into her hair taking one last deep breath. "Shoot" She mutters looking down at the paint now staining the floor beneath her.

Noah walks out of the market carrying a bag of things for breakfast. He is sure Allie still can't cook. He doesn't care because she is there and it doesn't matter who makes the breakfast, because they will have it together. Noah smiles as he walks back to his truck.

"Noah" Aside from responding to his name, he recognizes the voice, after all of these years. "Where is my daughter?"

Noah looks at Mrs. Hamilton. "Good morning to you Mrs. Hamilton" He would be surprised to see her any other day, but not today. Not when Allie has been with him and surely Mrs. Hamilton knows. She is a woman who would know. So no he is not surprised to see her.

"Good day Mr. Calhoun"

"That was my father" Noah tells her, jumping around, not staying focused on what she asked in the first second she must have seen him.

"Where is Allie?"

"At my house" He answer her calmly, his voice strong but still pleasant. His eyes run over Mrs. Hamilton watching her. He watches as her jaw tightens, and she looks as if her mind is thinking like a motor is made to move. He knows she knows that he and Allie made love; just by the way she looks.

"She needs to come to her hotel"

"I don't think that is going to happen" Noah tells the older woman. "Mrs. Hamilton" politely.

Mrs. Hamilton shifts to the other foot, her polished heels shine in the sun light and she looks at the boy who has turned into a man. Seven years ago she had him in her home, calling him trash, and demanding her daughter not to see him anymore. Her opinion has changed slightly. She wants what is best for Allie; she knows Lon is the best. But what Allie wants is now important to her, or rather she is more willing to listen to what her daughter wants. Mrs. Hamilton wants to see her daughter though. "I need to speak with her"

"No" Noah says shaking his head.

"She is my daughter; tell her I will pick her up at 4" Mrs. Hamilton demands. She does not like the way Noah is speaking to her, or trying to keep her daughter from her. Mrs. Hamilton looks at him and says nothing more. The only other sound is her heels against the cement of the side walk.

Noah watches her go, and then he gets into his truck and drives the way back to the house.

Allie walks around the large house peek her head into every room for a second, not sure how much she is allowed to snoop. Her bare feet make a sticky sound on the hardwood floors through out the house. Her hands hold the red wool blanket around her body lightly. She doesn't want to put on her dress. When she steps to the end of the hall she looks out of the window and sees Noah's truck. Smiling she moves to turn and greet him downstairs but her eye catches something. The diamonds on her engagement locked some sun light away and now it is reflecting onto the cream coloured walls. Allie pauses and looks at the pattern it is making on the walls. She then looks at her finger, moving it, looking at this beautiful piece of jewelry. The overwhelming feeling over guilt covers her body.

"Allie?" Noah calls as he enters the house.

"Hi" She whispers standing at the top of the stairs, she watches him wipe his feet on the mat at the front door.

"Got breakfast things" He tells her holding up the bag. Noah looks at her descend the staircase slowly; careful not to trip over the long red blanket they both know so well. "How are you?" He says touching the side of her face gently. There is something in her eyes he is trying to read. But he can't, she is not letting him.

"I have to go" Allie whispers the words she herself has been dreading to say. She knew they were coming, she knew they were coming from her side because Noah wouldn't tell her she has to go. But she still as much as she know, she wasn't prepared for them to fall from her lips.

Noah looks at her lower lip quiver with uncertainty. He knows…he thinks she doesn't want to go, he himself doesn't want her to go, but he knew these words were coming. He thought they would come after their first afternoon together, but they didn't. He thought again after Martha showed up, but she spent the night but now they have been spoken. Just hours after he finished worshiping her body for the second time in a day and a half the words are spoken. "You're just going to leave" He says looking down at her. He sees how heavy her eyes are with tears. Unshed tears, unshed for now.

"I-I have" Allie stubbles over words. Seeing…noticing the ring still on her finger and the knowledge of what she has done, what they did together just was the tip of the ice berg. "I have to go"

"Is this about your mother?"

"My mother?" She says using one hand to hold the blanket together and the other one to wipe her wet cheek, she looks at him furrowing her brow.

"She wants to talk to you" He tells her. "Did she call and say something to you?" He wonders, if this is why she finally told him she has to go.

"No" Allie whispers shaking her head. "But now I really have to go" She turns and runs up the stairs to get her things. She hears Noah hot on her tail.

Noah gets into his room and he sees her slip back into her dress, his eyes watch as the pale skin of her back disappear under the blue of her dress. "Don't go Allie" He whispers, causing her to turn around and look at him.

"I'm getting married" She tells him with wide eyes. "I-I…I um" She stops because the tears fall from her eyes and she covers her mouth lowering her head to weep.

"Just stay with me, god please" He begs her gently, not going over to comfort her.

"I can't, Noah" She composed herself and her hands fly to button the many buttons of her dress, finally covering herself fully from his eyes. Allie smoothes both hands over her cheeks to brush away the rest of the tears.

"Why are you going back to him…why Al?" Noah questions her as she puts the belt back on her dress and fastens it, her eyes finally look at his and he waits for her answer.

"Because, I have to" She tells him now much more composed feeling sad, and tired.

"You make love to me…more than once" He says to her, and he watches her turn her face away when he says that, much like she doesn't want to hear the truth. "What, it's the truth isn't it?" His voice grows louder, more harsh than it has, than he has used in a very long time.

"Yes!" She yells at him. "Yes, I know"

"So we make love" He says again, watching her seeing her reaction and she just stares at him, as if she is trying to stay focused and composed this time around. "And you run back to him"

"Lon" She says. "His name is Lon, Noah, I have a fiancée waiting for me, my mother" She gaps touching her chest. "Knows I am here, and maybe even Lon, I" She says stopping. "I. Have. To. Go" She says each word is clearly defined.

"You don't have to do anything"

"Only what you want" She tells him.

"No what you want" Noah corrects, telling her, her staying, him saying she wants to stay is what she wants, not just what he wants.

"Noah" She says his name. "I don't want to make the past few days into something awful because" She shuts her eyes and licks her lips. "They were beautiful, I felt so beautiful with you" She tells him. "But we can't last, we can't be reckless, I was reckless"

Noah says nothing, he just looks at her, his hand comes up and he runs it through his hand. He nods and turns to head out of his bedroom, leaving her there.

Allie finds her shoes in the hall near the kitchen, she hears Noah in the kitchen, and wonders if she should go in. In the bathroom she fixed her hair, she pulled it back, and she looks like the Allie she has been for the past seven years.

Noah hears her heels on the floor as she enters the kitchen. His back is to the doorway and he keeps it like that not attempting to make conversation because in his eyes everything has already been said.

"Noah…I'm" Allie waits for him to turn around before she speaks again, but he doesn't. He is mixing something, pancake batter most likely. "Going now" She says to his back. Licking her lips she waits for him to acknowledge her presence or what she said, and when he doesn't Allie just turns to head out the front door.

In the kitchen Noah hears the light slam of the screen door, and he sighs, he inhales a large breath, and sweeps his hand over the counter sweeping it towards the measuring cup, and bowl containing the beginning of the pancake batter. Everything crashes to the floor. And he braces his hands on the counter, resting his head on the top, and letting out his breath.