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Many years ago, there was a great battle between two forces.

On one side was the forces of heaven, the angels, and other holy beings.

But on the other side came a group of demons, no one is entirely sure of who their leader was, it may have been Satan, it could've been someone else, but one thing's for sure, they where bent on the destruction of the human race.

The demons where winning for a time, and then something happened that no one expected, they fell, and retreated, not because of the enemy, but because of a small band of humans that they say challenged the demon leader to a game...

A shadow game, the precursor to Duel Monsters, and if this is true, then who knows what will happen if it comes again?

It's time to duel, and this time, the war has escalated.

Duelist Academy is calling.


The earth was once a beautiful planet, but these days, we are all in danger.

Humanity's mistakes have dangerously changed the enviornment of the world, we know of Global Warming, but how can we be sure that we started it...

Or if we just fed the flames.

For a small group of friends, it is time for the answer to come

As the end of the world arrives with great speed.

Who am I you ask? That is unimportant, but I will tell you, the end is near.

Are you ready to take up the Duel Disk?








Dommino City,

24 years after the Shadow Riders incident.

"JAMIE YUKI, ITS TIME TO GET UP!" Jaden Yuki shouts, pounding on his fifteen-year old daughter's bedroom door.

"Ugh, fine dad," Jamie mutters, and gets out of bed.

She had inherited her mothers looks, and a lot of her father's spunk.

She quickly gets dressed, and heads downstairs where her parents are waiting.

"Glad you finaly got up, you need to get to the initiation!" Alexis points out.

"AHH, I FORGOT!" Jamie exclaims, grabs a piece of toast, and makes a bolt out the door, only to run into another girl with light blue hair. "Oww, Sam, warn me before you get in my way."

"Sorry, Jamie," Sammantha Truesdale, Jamie's best friend says.

The two girls head off in the direction of the place the initiations are occuring.


An hour later, the girls find themselves in a large arena.

Down in one of the dueling areas, a duel is coming to a close.

On one side is an oriental girl with blue-green hair, and no monsters on the field, and has 200 life points left.

The other side is one of the instructors, with a Gear Golem the Moving Fortress and a Stone Statue of the Aztecs, he has 2200 life points left.

"Applicant, your left defenseless by your own dueling strategy. Do you A. Forfeit, B. Beg for mercy, or C. Run home to mommy?" the instructor asks.

"I pick D. None of the above," the girl says drawing. My uncle would never forgive me if I failed, she thinks, and looks over her hand. "First I activate the magic card, Shield and Sword!"

"No, that will shift the attack and defense of my monsters!" The instructor says, and the said effect happens.

"Exactly, and now its game over, I activate the Ritual card Shinato's Ark!" The girl says.

"Woah, Shinato's Ark, thats a pretty rare card there," Jamie says. "Who is that girl anyway?"

"Natalie Tanaka, they say she got the highest score among us first years," Sam says.

"Now, I sacrifice my Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, to summon the mighty Fairy Lord known as Shinato, King of a Higher Plane!" Natalie exclaims, the fire monster gets sucked into the ark, and the large 8-winged fairy appears. "Now Shinato, attack his Gear Golem with Divine Ring!"

The fairy sends a series of kanji symbols in the form of a ring of light, and strikes the Gear Golem.

"And thanks to the special ability of my Shinato, you lose 2200 life points!"

The instructor's life points drop to 0.

"Interesting group this year, don't you agree Zelda?" A girl with long red hair asks a nearby student with dark blue hair, and an emotionless look on her face.

"Yes, expecialy that Natalie one, I swear I've seen her before," Zelda comments. "Or at least a relative of hers. What do you think, Ariel?"

"Umm, yeah," Ariel says. I know about Natalie already, but she and her mother dosen't want to be known that well as being related to the Kaibas, Ariel thinks.

Back with Jamie and Sam, Natalie walks up the stairs, and sees them.

"Well, you must be Jamie Yuki, the daughter of Jaden Yuki," she says, looking over Jamie, and then looks at Sam. "And, uhh, you are?"

"Uhh, Sammantha Truesdale, Syrus Truesdale's daughter," Sam says.

"Oh right, sorry," Natalie says, and takes a seat below them.

"JAMIE YUKI PLEASE REPORT TO ARENA J," a voice overhead says.

"See yah at Duelist Academy," Jamie says, waving to Natalie, who just shakes her head.

"I kind of doubt that she will win, look who her opponent is," she says, glancing down at the arena.

A secound year Obelisk Blue student with white hair pulled back into a ponytail is waiting for Jamie.

"Thats Anastasia Jenkins, one of the best duelists in the academy."

"Oh no, come on Jamie, you can win!" Sam says.

Jamie enters the dueling arena, Anastasia looks her over.

"You don't look like much for the daughter of two famous duelists," she says.

"And you look like you dunked your head in a vat of peroxide, so your point is?" Jamie counters.

"You know, she has a point there," Ariel says thoughtfully.

"Funny," Anastasia says sarcasticaly. "And by the way, my hair is naturaly like this!"

Both duelists activate their Duel Disks.

"LETS DUEL (I am soo not going to use the new catch phrase)!"

"I will go first," Anastasia says, and draws. "I summon the monster known as Zure, Knight of Dark World (1800/1500)!"

A freaky looking fiend warrior appears.

"A dark world monster?" Sam asks

"I've heard from my uncle that its her specialty," Natalie says.

"One card face down, your turn," Anastasia says.

Jamie draws. "I activate Nobleman of Extermination!" She says, and the face down card is revealed to be a Forces of Darkness trap, Anastasia takes two more cards out of her deck, and places them into the removed from play slot. "Now I activate the field card, Skyscraper!" she says, and suddenly the city rises around them. "Now, I activate my Polymerization, and fuse together Elemental Hero Bubbleman and Elemental Hero Burstinadrix to form Elemental Hero Steam Healer (1800/1000)!"

A large form of a man in purple and read armor, with metal claws for hands, and large tanks on his back.

"Now, attack her Knight!"

The hero blasts some water at the knight.

"What? But their attack is equal!" Anastasia says, and then sees that Steam Healer is gaining attack.

"As long as skyscraper is active, when an elemental hero attacks one of your monsters, he or she gains 1000 attack points," Jamie explains, and the hero destroys the demon soldier, dropping Anastasia's life points to 3000, and then Jamie's goes up to 5800. "Thanks to the special ability of my monster, I gained 1800 life points. Two cards face down, your move."

Anastasia draws. "I activate, Cost Down, and summon Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World (2300/1400), in attack mode!" she says, and a hulking golden fiend appears. "And the monster I discarded is known as Silva, Warlord of Darkworld (2300/1400), which is revived whenever he is discarded from my hand!" she continues, and a fiend in black armor, wielding a long sword appears. "Now Goldd, attack her Steam Healer!"

The golden fiend dives at the hero.

"Activate trap card, Mirror Gate, this switches your monster with mine!" Jamie counters, and Goldd switches with Steam Healer.

"But your field card works for me too," Anastasia points out.

"Yeah, and too bad it won't matter in a minute, activate Reverse Trap, this deducts the attack points from your monster instead of adding them!" Jamie counters, and Steam Healer's attack goes down to 800, the monsters clash, and Steam Healer is destroyed, lowering Anastasia's life points to 1500.

"Your move, kid," Anastasia says.

Jamie draws. "I activate the magic cards Kishido Spirit and Wingman's Blaster, Goldd, destroy her Warlord!" she commands, and the golden fiend attacks, and destroys the monster. "And thank's to my Wingman's Blaster, you lose 2300 life points!"

Anastasia looks shocked as her life points fall to 0.

"No, the only duelist to ever beat me is the Kaiser!" She shouts, and begins throwing a fit.

"And people call me immature," Jamie mutters, and leaves the arena.

"Wow, she actualy won!" Sam says.

"Not bad, not bad at all," Natalie thinks.

"That was, interesting," Ariel says.

"Very," Zelda says, and just walks off.


Wingman's Blaster

Equip Spell

Image of Elemental Hero Flame Wingman aiming a burst of fire at an enemy. When a monster equiped with this card destroys a monster in battle, deduct the attack points of the destroyed monster from the opponent's life points.


Well, you have met some of our heroes, and minor villain.

Jamie, you give the intro for the next chapter.

Jamie: Fine. Next time me and Sam go to Duelist Academy, and meet our third roomate, a duelist with a deck similar to one that Chazz Princeton once had to face.

Not bad, but still, don't miss chapter 2: "Dark Scorpion Combination: Heart of the Deck."