Well fans, the duels are getting more and more intense as we approach the emergance of the villains.

Also, I have a theme song for the fanfiction now, one that applies to the Apockalyptic theme of the fanfiction.

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Our Heroes appear, running towards Duel Academy, with 8 shadows looming over them.

This shining city built of gold, a far cry from innocence,
There's more than meets the eye round here, look to the waters of the deep.
A city of evil.

Jamie appears, followed by Elemental Hero Flame Wingman and Cyber Blader.

She is facing off against a great demonic form, with three dark beasts before him.

There sat a seven-headed beast,
ten horns raised from his head.
Symbolic woman sits on his throne, but hatred strips her and leaves her naked.
The Beast and the Harlot.

Sam appears, leaning against a tree asleep, and Steam Gyroid prods her with its wheel.

Sam screams as a black cloud emerges from the ground around her, but a blast fends it off

She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a
cage for every unclean spirit,
every filthy bird and makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

Ariel appears, Blue-Eyes White Dragon landing beside her.

She grabs Sam's arm, and they fly off on the dragon.

The city dressed in jewels and gold, fine linen, myrrh and pearls.
Her plagues will come all at once as her mourners watch her burn.
Destroyed in an hour.

Meredeth appears, followed by the Dark Scorpions.

The thieves make a charge at an unseen foe.

Merchants and captains of the world, sailors, navigators too.
Will weep and morn this loss with her sins piled to the sky,
The Beast and the Harlot.

Ariel, Sam, and Meredeth are flying towards a burst of black light.

A huge army of monsters fly up to meet them, but are blasted away.

She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a cage for every unclean spirit,
every filthy bird and makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

Zelda and Natalie try to fight off the advancing demons, but fails, and are rescued at the last minute.

The day has come for all us sinners.
If you're not a servant, you'll be struck to the ground.
Flee the burning, greedy city.
Lookin' back on her to see there's nothing around.

Seto Kaiba looks out his office window, watching it all.

Camulla stands behind him.

I don't believe in fairytales and no one wants to go to hell.
We've made the wrong decision and it's easy to see.
Now if you wanna serve above or be a king below with us,
You're welcome to the city where your future is set forever.

Anastasia, Mathew, and Spyder are cornered by demons.

A hand reaches out, and Spyder is brought to safety, as the others foolishly remain.

She's a dwelling place for demons.
She's a cage for every unclean spirit,
every filthy bird and makes us drink the poisoned wine to fornicating with our kings.
Fallen now is Babylon the Great.

The sun rises, and purges the world of the shadows.

One last look of our heroes looking over the ruins of a city.


My parents told me about all their duels, the good and the bad.

One duelist that they both told me about was known as Titan, or the Shadow Duelist.

When my father dueled him, Titan used an Archfiend deck, one of the riskiest deck types in the game.

My current opponent is a little shy, but she uses Archfiends, and while she isn't as evil as Titan, she might be a better duelist.

I hope I can win, because if I don't, she might be doomed to be stuck with those two jerks she calls friends forever.








Its later that night, Jamie, Sam, and Meredeth are in the Sliffer Red Cafeteria alone.

"Well, you beat Ariel Kaiba, one of the best duelists in the academy," Meredeth says.

"Ahh, it was nothing," Jamie says, leaning back in her chair.

Suddenly, the window breaks open, causing Jamie to fall to the floor.

Lying on the ground is the sandy-haired Obelisk Blue duelist, Spyder.

"G-get me Professor Banner," she says weakly.

Meredeth runs out of the cafeteria, and returns with a woman with long black hair, and wearing a white dress, she is Linda Banner, the niece of the old Professor Banner who taught Jamie and Sam's parents.

"Whats her name?" Banner asks, looking at the girl on the ground.

"People just call her Spyder, I don't know her real name," Jamie says.

"Spyder, what happened?" Banner asks, helping the Obelisk Blue student up.

"Matthew, affter what happened in class today, he told me to get lost, and threatened to kill me if I didn't," Spyder says, obviously scared. "Please, hide me, my family can give you anything in return."

"We can hide you here, but you need to learn to stand up to Matthew," Banner says.

"Yeah, bullies can't do anything to you if you don't let them," Jamie says. "Me and Sam used to be bullied around by this big guy named Devon, I finally got up the courage to challenge him to a duel, and if I won, he would leave us alone, it turns out he was a terrible duelist who relied too much on dice, sort of like Joey Wheeler, but without his luck, so I won in a few moves, he left us alone after that, I think he was scared of us."

"Yeah, I will!" Spyder says with renewed confidence.

"And you can bunk with us tonight," Sam says.

"Thanks," Spyder says.


The next day is saturday, so the friends walk over to the Obelisk Blue Dorms.

Matthew and Anastasia are talking outside the Boys Dorm, and look up at the approaching duelists.

"Those three slackers? I thought you could sink no lower, Spyder," Matthew says, sneering at the 4

"I'm not afraid of you, Matthew," Spyder says, a little nervously. "Just, stop bothering me!"

"Well, if you want me to leave you alone, you have to do one thing," Matthew says. "Duel her!" He says, pointing at Jamie. "Duel her, and prove your strength as a duelist, that will reflect on my decision, whether or not you win."

Oh man, I don't want to do this, but I guess I have to, Spyder thinks. "Fine, but only if Jamie agrees."

"Fine, if thats what it takes," Jamie says, activating her Duel Disk, Spyder does the same.

Jamie, I swear on the lords of Pandemonium that I will make this up to you, Spyder thinks.

"LETS DUEL!" The girls say in unison.

"I'll go first," Jamie says. "And I'll summon Elemental Hero Bubbleman (800/1200), in defense mode!"

A superhero in blue armor, with tanks on his back and brandishing a gun of some sorts appears in defense mode.

"Now, since he's the only card in my hand, I can draw 2 cards."

She draws 2 cards.

"I place one card face down, and end my turn."

Spyder draws nervously, glancing over at Matthew. "I activate the field card, Pandemonium!"

Fires burn around them. The trees become evil-looking and burnt, and the dorm turns black and more demonic.

Spyder now looks more confident, and smiles.

"Now, I summon, Shadowknight Archfiend (2000/1600), in attack mode!"

The fiendish knight appears in a gust of wind.

"Now attack Bubbleman with Four Square Fury Attack!"

The knight charges, and slashes the hero away.

"One card face down, and I end my turn," Spyder finishes. Okay, it all depends on what she does next.

Jamie draws. "I activate Gracefull Charity," she says, and draws three cards, then discards two. "And thanks to the card I just discarded, Elemental Hero Necroshade, I special summon from my hand, Elemental Hero Bladedge (2600/2000)!"

The golden armored hero with two sharp swords on each arm appears.

"Now attack Shadowknight with slice and dice attack!"

The golden hero charges.

"Reveal trap card, Archfiend's Curse, by paying 1000 life points..." Spyder counters, and her life points fall to 3000. "And I can cut your monster's attack in half."

Bladedge's attack falls to 1300.

"Counter attack Shadowknight!"

The knight slashes at the hero, and it is destroyed, dropping Jamie's life points to 3750.

"I set one monster in defense mode, and end my turn," Jamie says in frustration.

"Wow, Spyder is doing good," Annastasia comments.

"Its that field card, Anne," Matthew says. "As long as she has it active, she has a great deal of confidence in herself."

"Why?" Annastasia asks.

"That is between me and her," Matthew says.

Spyder draws. "Now I summon this monster, Terrorking Archfiend (2000/1500)!"

Lightning flashes above them, and what looks like the Summoned Skull, but more king-like and without horns appears.

Please father, help me in this duel, Spyder thinks.

The King of the Archfiends looks down at Spyder, and gives a nod, and even gives her a small smile.

Did that fiend just, smile? Something is not right here, Jamie thinks.

"Shadowknight, attack her face down monster!" Spyder commands, and the monster charges, but is deflected by an earthen warrior.

"Thats my Elemental Hero Clayman (800/2000)," Jamie commands. "So your attack does nothing."

"Fine, your move," Spyder says.

Jamie draws. "Spyder, I'm sorry about this, but I activate Skyscraper!"

The evil scenery dissapears, and the city-scape of Skyscraper appears around them.

Terrorking and Shadowknight look back at Spyder, who has fallen to her knees.

"No, Pandemonium, its gone..." she mutters.

"Uhh, its just a card," Jamie says.

"Not to her," Matthew says. "Care to explain, Spyder?"

"Uhh, okay," Spyder says nervously, and tells her story.

As it turned out, Spyder herself was born and raised in Pandemonium, and is the heiress to the demonic empire.

She learned about Duel Monsters, and that her own family was made into cards, it intreagued her, and with premission from her parents, she made an Archfiend deck, and joined the Duel Academy.

"That explains a lot," Sam says.

"She's a demon?" Annastasia says, looking like she is about to faint.

"Well, anyway, this duel is still on," Spyder says.

"Not for much longer, I activate Heroic Charge," Jamie says. "I can summon 3 Elemental Heroes as long as their attack is less than 2000, so I summon Avian (1000/1000)..."

The feather hero appears.

"Burstinadrix (1200/800)..."

A woman in red appears, fire appears on her hands.

"And Sparkman (1600/1400)!"

The thunder hero appears.

"Now I use these two cards on Avian, first Secret Pass to the Treasure, and then Feather Shot, so my monster can attack you directly, and once for every card I have on the field!"

"No!" Spyder says.

"Now, attack!"

Avian sends a barrage of feathers, and Spyder's life points fall to 2000.

"Now attack again!"

Avian repeats the move, and Spyder's life points fall further to 1000.

"And now, finish her off!"

Avian sends one final attack, and Spyder loses her life points.

"Hey Spyder, that was a good duel," Jamie says.

"For you maybe, but now I'll never be free of Matthew and Annastasia," Spyder says.

"Thats not true, I didn't say you had to win, I just said you had to prove yourself, and you have done so," Matthew says in a lighter tone. "But I must say Jamie, you and I must duel sometime, but not now."

Matthew and Annastasia walks off.

"So, what do you think?" Annastasia asks him.

"I think that Spyder will be just fine," Matthew says, looking back at the friends.


Later that night, Jamie, Sam, and Meredeth are sitting in the cafeteria again.

And then, the window (which was fixed during the day), is broken through again, and they turn to see a woman with long green hair, and wearing a purple dress lying there.

"Please, get me your headmaster or headmistress," she says. "I am Camulla, and I must warn you all."


Archfiend's Curse was created by Cyber Commander for his fanfiction "Yu-Gi-Oh Junior: The Mandate of Heaven."

I'm not sure if Feather Shot is a real card or not.


Heroic Charge

Normal Spell card

Image of 4 Elemental Heroes charging. This card can only be activated when you have a card on the field with "Elemental Hero" in its name. Summon up to 4 other monsters with "Elemental Hero" in their name from your hand or deck, as long as their attack is under 2000.


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I'm sure you all remember Camulla, the secound Shadow Rider, but what is she doing here?

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