Title: A Familiar Theme
Roy/Ed drabbles. One hundred of them.
Rating: M/R
Disclaimer: If I owned FullMetal Alchemist, then I wouldn't be poor and this wouldn't be a fanfic.
Notes: And here I am again with some more drabbles. I'm taking a very brief break from "The Yock Island Correctional School" just to try and figure out how I'm going to go about getting into what has to happen next (here's where my lack of planning comes back to bite me in the bum). Don't worry though, this is more of an exercise to try and prompt my brain into figuring this out.

All of the prompts/themes/whatever you want to call them were thought of by myself and mah Skells. I don't mind if anyone feels inclined to use them, I just ask that you tell me 'cause I'd be really interested in seeing what other people might have done with them. :)

1. Open

They were always the last ones to leave at night so the young librarian wasn't at all surprised by what she usually found in the mornings.

That tall gorgeous one with the dark hair and eyes and the adorable little blonde; they were always fighting over something or other, but there was a fondness between them that even she could see. Though whatever it was they were arguing about, she could never hear, and they'd quiet as soon as they heard her footsteps coming up the steps to open up the library for them, like to two kids at a candy store.