Daughters and Sons

by April

Disclaimer: I do not own Gilmore Girls, it's characters, or situations

My dad has three children.

The first a girl, not his by birth but his by choice. A quiet, studious child, born to a woman he loves more than anything, he'd helped raise her since she was a child. He gave her free food and a friendly ear when she needed it. Protected and guided her when he could. He built her bookcases and fixed the house she lived in. Fought his hatred of ceremonies and festivals to go to her graduations, and other important functions her real dad never made it too. He was always there to listen when she had a bad day, always there when she needed him. In good times and bad he was there. She never calls him Daddy, but Rory Gilmore will always be his oldest daughter.

His second child was kin by blood, coming into his life by circumstance. A tough, shy boy hiding behind the mask of a rebel, born to his sister and A nephew by blood he came as a teen full of anger and fear. He gave him stability, gave him a family. He pushed him to be better, treated him like the teenager he was. Gave him freedom, and gave him structure. He did his best to help guide him towards a future, and even though the road was rocky and sometimes looked impassible, he was always there to guide and help. He calls him Uncle, but in their minds Jess Mariano would always be his son.

Then there is me, the third and youngest. His by blood and birth, born from a brief relationship. He didn't know when I was born, didn't know I existed till I did that project for the science fair. Our relationship started awkwardly, both of us stumbling, trying to find out how we would fit into each others lives. He was scared with me, not knowing if he could do this, not knowing how to tell his fiancée about me. But he tried. He came to the science fair, he listened and talked when I needed it. I call him my dad, he calls me his daughter. I am April Nardini, and I will always be his daughter.

My dad has three children soon to be five.

A girl and a boy, born out of love. Their whole future is unknown. They'll grow up with a father in their lives, the best father any kid could want. Just ask Rory, Jess, or Me.

They'll be related to all of us