Chapter 15

Kriss opened her eyes but something felt wrong, she could hear snoring, but it didn't sound right, she could see the basic layout of her quarters, but Alicia-May's cot wasn't there! The whole room was wrong, it didn't smell right, and it didn't feel right. Kriss sat up on the bed and rubbed her eyes she turned her head to where Dave should be, she didn't see his black Rastabilly plaits though, instead she saw short, brown hair. It took a while to sink in; she was in Arnold's quarters? She put her hand to her chest, but she couldn't feel her bra or her nightdress, she was naked? She was naked in Arnold's quarters, this definitely wasn't right! Suddenly she hissed in pain, she was sore, she'd had sex? She was naked in Arnold's quarters and she'd had sex. This only meant one thing: Kristine Kochanski had cheated on Dave Lister with Arnold Rimmer!

Kriss didn't wake Arnold up; she got dressed and tiptoed back to her quarters. She was praying that Dave was still asleep. Kriss got to the door to her quarters and listened, she could hear Dave snoring, and everything would be okay for now. She crept into the room, undressed, put her nightdress on and curled up next to Dave

"I'm sorry my love" she whispered to Dave, who was still asleep "I love you!" She rolled over and thought about what she had done and what she was going to do now.

Suddenly Alicia-May started crying. Kriss got up; she'd decided to see if Alicia-May would actually take milk from her. Kriss picked Alicia-May up and sat down on the chair next to the cot. She laid Alicia-May on her lap, pulled down the strap on her nightdress and undid her nursing bra. She put Alicia-May to her breast and waited. Suddenly Alicia-May started sucking, it was a miracle in Kriss' eyes.

Dave woke up and turned over, a wonderful picture met his eyes and he smiled at it.

"Hey" he called to Kriss "you got her feeding" Kriss didn't answer, she just nodded "are you okay?"

"Sure" she tried to sound truthful but failed miserably.

"Did you have a good time last night?"

"Look" Kriss snapped, "I'm trying to feed our baby"

"Kriss" Dave apologised "calm down"

"This is the first time Alicia-May has fed from me and you're ruining it!"

"I'll just sit here and say nothing, shall I?" Dave snapped back

"Dave, I'm sorry" she felt guilty "I'm just tired"

"It's okay" Dave answered

"Can you take Chloë and the boys down to breakfast," Kriss asked, "I'm going back to bed"

"Sure" Dave said "is Chloë going to see Rimmer today?"

Kriss nodded. Dave went to Chloë's room and got her dressed

"Daddy Dave?" Chloë asked "am I going to see Daddy today?"

"Yes" Dave told her "is that okay?"

"Yes, Daddy Dave" Chloë smiled.

Kriss spent the whole day in her quarters; she lived on Llewey and Jim-Bexley's rusks and thought about what she was going to do. She tried to remember what had happened; suddenly after her eleventh cup of coffee and her tenth trip to the ladies it all came flooding back to her. She had slept with Arnold, but that wasn't the worst bit, the worst bit was that she had enjoyed it and wanted it. Arnold's cock was so much bigger than Dave's, that must be why she was so sore, her body had gotten used to Dave, and Arnold had always made her feel so good. Physically Kristine Kochanski and Arnold Rimmer were so compatible. There was more though, Kriss wanted to have Arnold's large cock pulsating inside her, but she also wanted the love that she shared with Dave, they wonderful love making that they took part in together. She was torn, what was she going to do?