Justice and Vengeance
Author: Qaddafi the Ripper
Fandom: Death Note
Summary: AU: Light misses running into Misora Naomi, and she is able to tell L what she knows about Kira. Working together, can Naomi and L catch Light?
Disclaimer: Death Note belongs to Ooba and Obata.

Part 1: Chance

Naomi stood in front of the National Police Agency headquarters and allowed herself to just stare at the outside for a long time. She had made the correct decision in coming here, she knew she had. She had considered making an appointment before hand, but she had changed her mind at the last minute. Surely the Special Police Task Force was busy, and received many people claiming to have information about the Kira case. They wouldn't necessarily pay her any special attention, at least not at first. But, so long as she could get into contact with L, she just knew her information would be listened to. And then it would only be a matter of time until Kira was found, and Raye got the justice he deserved for his murder.

She took a deep breath and pressed down the folds of her jacket. Why she hadn't gone straight in, she still wasn't sure. But she'd had a feeling – similar to the feeling she'd had when Raye had mentioned the bus-jacking – that she should wait a few more minutes before going in. She'd ended up waiting almost thirty full minutes. Any number of people had gone past. She recalled a young man who had gone into the police station with a bag and come back out a few minutes later. He'd smiled at her as he left, and she'd given him a forced smile in return. Just now, a man with curly hair who had an umbrella had passed her up in a great hurry, and disappeared into the building.

Well, waiting any longer wouldn't bring Raye justice faster, and that feeling she'd had was no longer bothering her, now that she had lingered outside. So she stepped through the doors and to the reception desk. "May I help you?" one of the men sitting there asked politely, smiling at her.

"Yes," she said. "I need to speak with the Special Task Force for the Kira case," she replied.

The man frowned. "What do you need to speak with them about?" he asked. Then, as if realizing what he'd said was impolite, he added, "I'm sorry, but we get lots of people in here about the Kira case. If you think you're Kira, I can assure you--"

"I have information about the Kira case," Naomi cut him off. It was rude, she knew, but a little rudeness wouldn't stop her now. "Please, it's very important that I speak with L. Or, if not L, the police on the task force."

The man, still frowning, glanced at his colleague. The other man at the desk shrugged, but didn't look worried. "All right," the man sighed. "I'll contact them, and they'll listen to you. But you'd better not be wasting their time!"

"I'm not," she assured him quickly, and bowed. She waited patiently for just over minute before a man came out. She recognized him as the one who'd passed her earlier with an umbrella.

He approached her slowly. "Hello," he said. "Are you the one who has information about the Kira case?"

"Yes, yes, I am," she confirmed.

"Then come with me," he said, leading her back the way he had come. "We'll discuss this somewhere a little more private." The room he led her to had a sign outside, labeling it as the Special Investigation Headquarters for Criminal Mass Murder Case. To her surprise, it was completely empty inside. After Kira had murdered the FBI agents, she had expected that the number of NPA officers working on the case would go down. However, she hadn't expected all of them to quit. He gestured her to a chair, and she sat. He took a seat on the opposite side of the desk, and picked up a pen, poised to write. "Now," he said with gentle patience, "what do you know, or guess."

She took a deep breath and ordered her thoughts. "You are still working with L?" she asked first. She trusted L, implicitly, but wasn't sure about the rest of the force. She wanted a little confirmation before she said anything.

He nodded. "Yes, we are. There aren't many of us working on the case left, but we are working directly with L. Here," he added, and pulled out a badge. She read his name, Aihara, and nodded. She would have to trust him with some of her information. Not all of it, though. She would only tell everything either to L or to someone she was sure was working with L.

"I'm Maki Shoko," she introduced herself, using the fake name she'd thought up earlier, just in case. "My fiancé was Raye Penber," she began. "He was one of the twelve FBI agents here in Japan helping to investigate the case." Aihara's eyes widened and it was clear he recognized the name or understood its significance. "He was following people who were possible suspects of being Kira before he was killed. And, because of what he told me before he died, I came to this conclusion: Kira can kill people by other means than a heart attack."

Aihara gaped and sat up straight. She now had his undivided attention. "How... How exactly did you come to this conclusion?" he asked in a rush.

She pulled her purse into her lap and sat with her hands crossed over it. She supposed she trusted him enough at this point. "One day while Raye was following one of the subjects, he and the subject got involved in a bus-jacking. If my conclusions are correct, then Kira himself was on the bus with Raye." Aihara gasped and dropped his pen. He scrambled after it for a moment and scrawled some notes down on the paper in front of him. Naomi waited until he had finished writing to continue.

"You see," she explained, "the hijacker had killed three people two days earlier when he held up a bank. After trying to hijack the bus, he panicked, ran out of the bus and straight into traffic, where he was hit by another car and killed. Eight hours before that, another known criminal robbed a convenience store and was stabbed to death before he could escape. That two known criminals died on the same day, both in the midst of another crime, is very unusual.

"Eight days after the bus-jacking, my fiancé and the other eleven FBI agents were killed. During those eight days, more than twenty people with some link to crime, including petty criminals, died in Tokyo of heart attacks. But after the FBI agents died, this spate of deaths abruptly stopped. I'm convinced that all this is because Kira used these people to murder the twelve FBI agents. The convenience store robber could have been used as practice for the bus hijacker's death, and the bus-jacker was a ruse for Kira to get information on the FBI from my fiancé," she concluded.

Aihara frowned and leaned back in his chair, considering her words. He was silent for a long time, deep in thought, before he replied. "You're correct. The closeness of those deaths is very suspicious. However, assuming that Kira used Penber while he was on the bus seems like quite a leap in logic..."

"I know," she agreed. "But I'm sure that Kira was behind it all. Ever since Raye told me about the bus-jacking, it bugged me. I asked him casually about it later. And he said," she paused to make sure she had his full attention, "that he'd been forced to show his ID to another passenger, although he didn't tell me who." Aihara frowned when she said this. Naomi felt briefly annoyed. Why couldn't he see the connection right away? If these were the men L had working for him, the case might never be solved. She forced down her impatience and frustration to explain. "He was on a top-secret mission, unknown to the Japanese police. He was under strict orders to never show his ID to anyone. He made me swear not to tell anyone about this, or the bus-jacking. But I'm convinced that Kira was the one he showed his ID to, and that was how Kira found the other eleven agents."

Some time during her explanation, Aihara started nodding his head in understanding. He hadn't seen her point right away, but now that she'd spelled it out, he understood. She noticed that he hadn't written down any of the rest of what she had said. "You may be right..." he murmured. "You have excellent analytical skills. Are you with the police in America?"

"I worked with the FBI for three years," she told him. If he looked her up later, and found that no Maki Shoko was associated with the FBI, then she'd worry about it later. For now, this information had to reach L. "I worked with L a few years ago on a case in Los Angeles." She felt herself smile, her first smile since Raye had died. "I trust L completely..."

"He is something incredible," Aihara agreed with quiet fervor. "In fact, I'm going to tell him about this information of yours right now. Could you wait out front while I contact him?" he asked in embarrassment. She nodded, and he led her back to the front entrance. Returning to the reception desk, she sat down in the waiting area. Briefly, she thought it was a bit unfair. She had worked with L on a case, but she had only heard his voice come through the computer. Aihara actually knew how to contact him, and perhaps had even seen him face-to-face. The case she'd worked with L on, while certainly dangerous and important, she admitted was nothing compared to the Kira case. She told herself firmly not to feel jealous as she waited for Aihara's return.

It took him much longer than anticipated. She'd expected to wait ten, maybe fifteen minutes for him. It was close to an hour before he came back for her. He was looking at her with even more respect when he finally returned. He led her back into the task force room, where they again seated themselves. "You used an alias," he started. His tone was not accusatory and she didn't feel guilt over it. "You're very intelligent. L only just told those of us still in the task force to use alias, and he gave us fake IDs." He pulled out another police badge and showed it to her. His real name, it seemed, was Aizawa. Then, without further warning, he said, "L would like to meet with you."

Naomi jumped in her seat. That she had not expected. "L... wants to meet me?" she gasped. But L never showed himself, at least not before now.

Aizawa nodded. "Yes. He thinks he knows who you are from the description I gave him of you. But he wants to talk with you face to face, to get all the details your fiancé told you, and everything you have discovered or guessed. As someone who was part of the FBI and worked with L once before, he's willing to trust you and work with you a second time." He paused to let her digest all of it. For her part, Naomi could hardly believe it. She was willing to help out, and knew she could be a great help, but certainly hadn't expected this offer out of nowhere. Perhaps L did know who she really was, and trusted her from their past association.

Raye would have been jealous of her, for being able to work next to L. She forced that thought from her mind. She couldn't afford to think about Raye right now. In just a little longer, he would be avenged. "Yes," she agreed. "I want to meet L. I want to do everything I can to help." Aizawa nodded and picked up his cell phone. She politely didn't listen to his conversation.

He put the phone down a few minutes later and said, "Someone is coming to take over for me here. As soon as he's here, we'll go to meet L. He's anxious to talk to you." And he leaned back in his chair, prepared to wait for his colleague to get here. Naomi forced herself to likewise relax and wait. While her body might have obeyed, her mind was going a million miles a second. What kind of person was L? She had worked with him, and had complete confidence in his intelligence and sense of justice, but she had no idea what sort of person he was. He was probably thirty at least, closer to forty. He would be serious and one would be able to tell at once glance that he was brilliant. He would be refined, since he was an important person upon whom so many hopes rested. She was more than willing to admit that she was eager to meet him.

Another man – a short one with close cropped hair – came to replace Aizawa about five minutes later. He didn't give a name, and Aizawa didn't offer an introduction either. She guessed they still didn't completely trust her, and she didn't blame them. She still hadn't told Aizawa her real name yet, after all. Aizawa walked to the closest subway station and boarded, Naomi following him silently. Three stops and four minutes later, they got off the subway. Aizawa walked about half a block and crossed the street to the Imperial Hotel. Naomi supposed she shouldn't be surprised; it was doubtful that L was a Japanese citizen, so he wouldn't have a house. There were worse places to stay at than a fancy hotel. They stepped into the elevator and waited, and Naomi clutched her purse. It was coming closer, the moment when Raye would be given justice. The elevator dinged and they stepped off into the hallway, stopping a few doors down. Aizawa knocked and entered.

Naomi followed him in and he closed the door behind him. There were four people in the hotel room. One was an older gentleman, perhaps forty, with glasses and a nice suit. Next to him sat a young man with a friendly face. Then was another man, wide set and serious. It was the fourth person who caught her attention. He was young too, hardly older than her, if even that. His hair was messy and he was dressed in rumpled, white clothes. He had dark circles under his eyes. He was sitting down with his feet drawn up with him on the chair. She caught his eyes and he nodded. "Misora Naomi," he stated plainly.

She jumped and her purse nearly slid off her shoulder. "Y-Yes," she stuttered.

"I am L," he informed her calmly. He waved at the comfortable chairs near his own. "Please, sit." She faltered for a moment before taking an open chair. Aizawa came and sat down in the chair next to hers. She couldn't help but wonder if this was the real L or not. It could be someone pretending to be L. Surely the real L couldn't look like this...

"Is she the one you thought she was?" the older man asked L.

The self-proclaimed L nodded. "Yes. We worked together on a case in Los Angeles. And it was easy enough to find out who Raye Penber's fiancé was." Naomi felt a moment of chagrin at that. After throwing his name around like that, she really shouldn't be surprised that he'd figured out who she was. On the other hand, she had never expected her false name to hold up under a background check; she'd used it on the off chance she ran into Kira. "Repeat to me everything you told Aizawa," he requested.

Taking a deep breath, Naomi launched into her tale a second time, including the date of the bus-jacking. L listened to the whole story thoughtfully, never interrupting. When she was finished, he stared off into space, biting on the tip of his thumb. She waited for him to say something, but it was as if he'd forgotten anyone else was in the room, including her. "Would you like some tea while we wait?" the other young man asked, leaning towards her with a friendly smile. Naomi blinked, then smiled politely and nodded. "I'm Matsuda," he introduced himself, handing her a cup, "this is Mogi," he nodded towards the large man, "and this is Chief Yagami," he nodded towards the older man.

"I'm Misora Naomi," she replied. "It's nice to meet you." If she was going to be working on the case with them, they needed to know each other's names. She took a sip of the tea and felt warmer. It hadn't been that cold outside, and she had been inside for some time now, but thinking of Kira and Raye made her cold.

"Don't worry too much about him, Misora-san," Matsuda continued, glancing again at L. "I'm sure he's thinking something brilliant right now, something the rest of us couldn't even guess at." He grinned. "At least, nothing I could guess." She looked again at L, who now had a stack of papers he was looking through, while still biting his thumb. "You might be able to guess what he's thinking, though. You already figured so much out!" Matsuda cheered.

"Of course she was able to determine things we weren't," Yagami said. "She had information we didn't have. It's that simple." He turned to her. "I agree with your conclusions. It is probable that Kira was the one your fiancé showed his ID to that day on the bus. There's just too many coincidences otherwise, and it makes sense how Kira found out about one of the FBI agents."

L put down the papers and picked up a tea cup. He drank from it, put it back down, and said, "I also agree. Kira must have had contact with at least one of the murdered FBI agents. Penber was the second one to receive the file. Furthermore, he was acting strangely right before his death. While it is true that Kira can control his victim's actions to a certain extent before he kills them, Penber's actions were still unusual. We have videos from the subway before he died; I'll review those later. However, if it's true that Kira was one the bus with Penber on December twentieth, then we finally have a suspect for Kira's identity."

Naomi sat up straighter, her attention riveted. She had been wrong to question L, even for a moment, based on his appearance. To take her information, and minutes later have a suspect, was nothing short of remarkable. "That fast!" Matsuda whistled, also impressed. "Who?"

L glanced at Matsuda and Yagami. "We cannot go out now and arrest this person. To truly stop Kira, we need to know how he kills, and catch him in the act. Then we can arrest him, hopefully without further loss of life. Furthermore, even though there is one suspect, the other people Penber was trailing are not free of suspicion yet."

"Well?" Yagami asked, impatience entering his voice. "Who do you suspect?"

"There were only members of two families that Penber was trailing during the time in question. In his report, he mentions following a suspect onto a bus, though, as Misora-san confirmed, he said nothing in his report about a bus-jacking or showing his ID to anyone." He paused again, and by now everyone in the room was all but dying of impatience. Naomi was nearly out of her seat, waiting for the name. "On December twentieth, Raye Penber followed Yagami Light on a bus headed for Spaceland." He turned to Yagami. "Your son has the highest chance of being Kira, from what we know at this moment."

Yagami sat rigid, his mouth hanging open in shock. Naomi couldn't find it in herself to feel pity for him as a father at the moment. She had a person to focus on. It would only be a matter of time before she brought Kira – Yagami Light – to justice. She swore to Raye that she would never let him escape.

Many bits of dialog come directly from the Viz Death Note translation.
Aihara is Aizawa's alias from the manga. He wasn't supposed to write down anything to do with the Kira case, but at first he thought her information would be useless. Once he realized she had a point, he stopped writing things down.