The Survivors

By yugijo

Chapter One

Boba Fett stood on the planet of Felucia. The fungi forest blocked his vision. Strange sounds could be heard in the forest. A twig snapped near by. Boba ran and knelt next to a bush. He spotted Aayla Secura, a Twi'lek Jedi Knight. She walked with her army of clone troopers to a giant mushroom. A giant bird like creature flew over her head. She stopped to looked at it. Her troops stop and open fire on her. Boba watched from the bush as Aayla Secura fell to the ground. Boba looked around to find something to distract the clones. He spotted a rock on the ground. He picked it up and threw it across from him. The clone troopers stop firing and look at the bush that just moved.

"You! Go check what that was!" The commander clone orders a near by clone.

The clone given the order moves slowly to the bush. Gun ready to open fire. He slowly pushes the bush aside to reveal nothing. He turns around and faces the commander.

"It was no..." The clone never got to finish his sentence.

A giant acklay jumped from the bushes. The acklay slashed at the clone chopping him in half. The other clones opened fire on the giant praying mantis. It screeched and charged them, taking out two more clones. The clones turned and run into the forest yelling. Boba dashed out of the bushes and toward Aayla. She lay on the ground motionless. He looked at her back and saw blaster marks. Boba bent over and put a hand near her mouth. She was still breathing. He picked her up and ran to his ship, the Slave 1. Boba ran up the ramp and punched a button on the wall. The ramp folded up and a door slammed shut.

"Come on stay with me." Boba yelled as he placed Aayla on a bed.

He dashed toward the cockpit and jumped in the pilot seat. He shoved a lever up, and the Slave 1 moved up into space. Boba flipped a switch to auto pilot. He let out a sigh and pulled off his green helmet. He had the features of his father, Jango Fett. He closed his eyes and sat back in his seat.

"That was too close." Boba sat up and opened his eyes.

He looked back at Aayla. Her once dark blue skin was pale. She was dying slowly.

I need to get her to a medical bay. Boba thought as he sat in his seat.

He felt sorry that Aayla and Barriss Offee had to suffer this fate. Boba turned back to the controls and pushed a button. A light beep sounded and a little red light flashed on. Boba spoke into a microphone.

"Hello is there anyone there."


"I have two injured Jedi here and I need help."


"Would some one answer! Damn!" Boba yelled into the microphone.

There was no response for a while. Boba was on the edge of a nervous brake down right before some one answered.

"Hello. This is Bail Organa. Were sending you our coordinates."

"Thank God." Boba let out a sigh of relief.

He pushed the buttons for Bail Organa's coordinates, and the ship went into light speed as the white lines flew past the ship. Boba got out of his seat and walked over to were Aayla lay. Barriss Offee lay in a bed next to Aayla. Barriss had a bad burn mark on her back from the AT-TE that the clones had use to try and kill her. He felt sorry for both of them.


The Emperor stood in his dark room. His hood over his head. Something disturbed him as he paced the floor. Something was going wrong. He walked over to his desk and sat in his chair. He pushed a button and a picture of Boba Fett appeared before him. His green armer gleaming in light. Boba's helmet was on, so he showed no emotion as he starred at the Emperor.

"Report." The Emperor said.

Boba nodded "The Jedi you ordered me to find have been taken out."

The Emperor gave a light chuckle, "Good. Good... Everyone said you were the best."

Boba shook his head in agreement.

"Now... The money has been wired to your account. 50,000 imperial credits." The Emperor pulled some papers toward him and looked at them.

"I have a new assignment for you Boba."

"No." Boba said coldly.

The Emperors smile faded. He looked at Boba as if he had been killed. "What do you mean no."

Boba cocked his head. "Its over Emperor. Its time for me to disappear."

The picture of Boba faded, and all that could be heard was static. The Emperor sat starring at the screen. He sat back in his chair and laughed cruelly.

"So now the games begin. Well that wont help you Fett. I will find you no matter what it takes. You can't hide from me."

Tantive IV

Bail Organa stood on the bridge of the Tantive IV with Obi-wan and master Yoda by his side. Bail turned to a monitor screen to see the Slave 1 enter the launch bay. A group of clone troopers stood next to the ship with two stretchers ready. The door opened and Boba Fett walked out. The clones rushed into the ship and came out with Aayla and Barriss on the stretchers. The clones rushed them to the medical bay.

"Find out who this Boba Fett is we must." Yoda said to Obi-wan.

"I'll check the files about him master." Obi-wan walked over to a computer.

The doors opened and Boba Fett walked into the room. He looked around the cluttered control room. Two clones walked past Boba and stopped out front of Bail.

"Their both going to be ok."

"A few weeks in the bacta tanks and they'll be back to normal."

Boba walked up to Bail and Yoda as the clones left. Bail stuck out his hand but Boba refused.

"So your the one who rescued the Jedi?" Bail asked.

Boba starred at him for a moment and replied "Yes. I did save them." He paused and then started again. "How did these clones come into your possession?"

Bail looked to Yoda and Yoda looked at Bail. They both turned back to Boba.

"That is classified information." Bail said sternly and turned to look at Obi- wan. Obi-wan had turned off the computer and was walking back to Bail and Yoda. He stopped out front of Yoda and looked at him in a puzzled look.

"May I speak to you alone." Obi-wan motioned a hand for Boba to back away. The bounty hunter turned and left the room.

"What is it you find?" Yoda asked curiously.

"It seems there is no Boba Fett registered at all. He doesn't exist." Obi-wan said in a whisper.

"Are you sure there is no Boba Fett." Bail said and turned to look at the door Boba had exited.

"I think I remember him when I went to Kamino. He was Jango Fett's son."

"I do not trust him I do. We must watch him we must." Yoda turned to a clone and motioned him to bring Boba Fett into the room.

The clone walked to the door and it opened, but Boba Fett wasn't there.

"Sound the alarms!"