The New Empire

By Yugijo

Chapter two


All the senators had been called to the senate for an important meeting. The senators had started to walk into the mushroom shaped building. Padme walked into the building. Her dress was white and had gold swirled patterns on it. She was accompanied by three Naboo guards and Jar Jar Binks. They entered the doors and walked into the hall. They turned left and walked up a flight of stairs. When they got to their platform they found Chancellor Palpatine standing on his platform talking to the senate.

"The Jedi have turned agents the senate and have attempted to kill me. Every Jedi shall be hunted down and killed. We shall also form a new Galactic Empire. Also all bounty hunters will have to register to the Empire. Any bounty hunter that resists will also die..."

Padme wasn't impressed by this at all. She was a little shocked that Palpatine would to this. Palpatine had finished his speech and every one accept Padme was clapping.

"So this is how liberty dies with thunderous applause." Padme let a tear fall from her cheek.

After the meeting Pame decided to go back to her room. The republic was slowly falling apart. She needed to see Anakin.

Tantive IV

Boba Fett sat in the medical bay of the Tantive IV. He looked at the bacta tanks. The blue liquid swirled in the tanks as Aalya and Barriss floated in them. Boba took a deep sigh. He turned and left the room just as an alarm went off. Red lights started to flash.

"All men to battle stations! This is not a drill!"

"What the..." The Tantive IV shook violently and Boba was forced into a wall.

The ship let out another violent jolt. Boba got up and ran to the bridge. It took a while to get there because of the violent jolts now and then. The doors to the bridge opened and Boba saw what was happening. The ship had been under attack by a clone fleet. Boba looked at were Bail Organa stood. He was talking to a clone captain on the hollow grams.

"We must make a jump to hyper space." He ordered.

The clone shook his head. "Our engines are off line."

"How long until there on line?"

"Five? Ten? Minutes."

"We wont survive that long!" Another explosion hit the ship sending Bail to the ground.

Boba braced himself agents the door. Another jolt sent Bail flying agenst a wall along with two clones.

"Give me two minutes." Boba said.

Bail turned around in shock. "I thought you left."

"Give me two minutes to put the engines back on." Boba said and grabbed hold of a control pad.

Bail nodded his head yes and Boba ran down the hall toward the engine room.

"They've landed their troops in the hanger bay!"

Boba turned down another hall and a door opened to the engine room. Instead of white it was a dark and hot. Some engineers stood to the side looking at a monitor.

"The wiring for the engines is fucking fried!" Shouted a engineer in a blue suit to Boba.

Boba took a look at the wires. Hundreds of small wires dangled on a near by wall. Sparks shot out at them.

"We lost our side engines!" Shouted a girl engineer. Her red hair dangled in a pony tail.

"Do we still have our main engines?" Boba shouted back as a rummble shook the ship.

"Their online in five! Four! Three! Two! One! Were back in bussniss"

"Good!" Boba shouted back. He ran over to the wires and cut two of them. He then rstarted to fiddle with the other wires. "Now turn the ship so its pointing directly at that star ship!"

"Hyper drive is online. Were too?" Shouted the comander as the ship gave a light jolt.

"To Tatooine."

The doors to the engine room blasted open. Parts of mettle flew everywhere and clanged agents the wall. Five clone troopers stood in the door guns at the ready.

"Blast them!" The commanding clone shouted and laser fire opened on the people in the engine room.

Boba took cover behind a large mettle box that had the red haired girl. He pulled out his blaster and waited. The fireing stopped and he took aim and fired. It hit one of the clones square in the chest. He quickly took cover just in time as he was pelted with laser fire. The girl with red hair hit another clone.

"Nice shot!" Boba yelled across to her. He took out a thermal detonator. "Fire in the hole!"

He threw the bomb and took cover. The clones in the hall looked at the bomb and started to turn to run just as the bomb went off. The clones in the door were blown to ashes. They never had a chance agenst Boba Fett. Boba got up and looked around the room. He shook his head to get rid of the ringing in his ears. He looked around the room and saw that the girl with red hair stairing at the controle pad. The only damage was a big blast mark in the hall were the clones were.

"Tell the bridge to go into hyper drive!"

"Yes sir!" Said the commander and he ran to a machine.

Boba looked around the room and saw that the girl was standing in the center of the room.

"Hey you got a name?" He asked across the room.

The girl looked at him, "Its Ray." She said in a soft sweet voice.

"Thanks." Boba walked towards the door. He stopped and turned around. "Ray."