Summary: Kagome has been hesitating on what to do. Naraku is dead, the jewel is gone, and the well is still open. There are worse problems than just that, though. These new problems about the man that she truely loves. Getting around to realize the emotions is tougher than anything else...

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Chapter One: The End


It was hard, there was no doubt about that. It wasn't short, but it wasn't too long either. It was perfectly timed. If it had dragged out too long, then no one would have had the strength to keep fighting. If it was any shorter, they would have felt guilty for not having been able to do this before.

It wasn't exactly as everyone expected, though. There were alliances that no one expected to occur. No one thought that the new allies would be of such help to them. Despite the fact that one never stopped talking, they appreciated the people.

Even though the two brothers had hated each other, they finally got along. They didn't enjoy their company a lot, but they didn't fight when they saw each other. They shared a mutual respect for each other. That was the least they could do.

Sesshoumaru even went as far as respecting the humans that Inuyasha travelled with. He would never let them know this, though. Inuyasha knew that Sesshoumaru respected them, though. He appreciated it, but he didn't say anything. He didn't need to.

Kagome was shocked that the brothers suddenly got along so well. At first, she suspected that someone was being under a mind-control spell. Soon after the brothers got along, Inuyasha gave her an explanation.

Inuyasha ran into his brother at night. He was too tired to fight, and he had to make Sesshoumaru want to leave him alone. Without meaning to, Inuyasha had told Sesshoumaru a secret. He knew that Sesshoumaru was better than him, and he didn't care. He just wanted Sesshoumaru to realize that he was a person too, and that he deserved his own respect. Hanyou or not.

Inuyasha talked about Sesshoumaru's shocked expression. Then he explained to Kagome that Sesshoumaru gave him respect. Sesshoumaru acknowledged that he was worthy of being alive, just as long as he knew he was unable ot measure up to Sesshoumaru. That one conversation changed things a lot.

After that, Sesshoumaru followed the group. He claimed it was because Rin liked Inuyasha, but no one believed him. Everyone suspected that he didn't mind humans as much as he led them to believe. Sure, they were weak, but he found them tolerable and interesting. That's what everyone else thought, at least.

That is how they got along. Sesshoumaru was a great deal of help in the final battle against Naraku. The battle that they all doubted would come, but wished for anyway. This wasn't just another powerful demon puppet. This was the real Naraku, and he was strong. As much as it was a hassle, they appreciated it. It would have been hard on their prides if he was weak and they spent three years after him.

The battle was hard, and everyone died. Well, everyone except Sesshoumaru died. When Sango would die of a chest wound, Sesshoumaru would revive her. The same went for everyone. Even Inuyasha was revived by Tensaiga's powers.

Jaken helped, even though he was annoying. He told them what was happening. He was able to tell them Naraku's plans before it was too late. Then he kept talking, and they tried to listen. Useful facts came out of his mouth at random. It was hard to pick out any useful information and focus on Naraku at the same time.

At first, Naraku had let his poisonous insects protect him. Miroku asked Sesshoumaru if he'd revive him, and the demon lord nodded. Miroku had taken all the insects into his wind tunnel, and died shortly after closing it. Sesshoumaru kept his word and revived him.

Kagome had been shocked, but then she scolded herself. The demon lord kept to his word, unlike some other people she had known. After she recovered from the shock, she had shot an arrow at Naraku. He simply deflected it and it went strait for her. Sango threw her boomerange before Kagome, protecting her.

And so it went like that. Someone would die, and Sesshoumaru would revive them. Every time one more was brought back from the dead, Kagome was baffled all over again. The demon lord who used to kill them, was now bringing them back to life. They had gotten used to his company, and even seen him smile once during the last six months. Still, it seemed unlike him to be doing this.

Perhaps Kagome was just unable to get over the Sesshoumaru she was used to. The ice-cold demon who would slay any humans in his way. He would laugh if a demon challenged him, and he thought of Inuyasha as a pest and worthless of life. Worthless of the Tetsaiga.

Even though Sesshoumaru wanted the sword, he no longer aimed to steal it. He wouldn't be able to weild it, and he had managed to cope with it. He would create his own sword that could become a legend, just as the Tetsaiga was.

The battle raged on for hours, and Kagome died. She was swimming in a sea of darkness as her body vanished before her. She was struggling to stay together, but her body left. Soon, she came back to life and was relieved to see that she was alright. When she looked up at the demon lord, she could almost swear that he looked relieved too. She quickly dismissed it. She was a good archer, or so she liked to think, and he was just happy that she was brought back in time.

The battle finally ended, just after Inuyasha's death. This time when he died, he was gone. There was no way to bring him back. Naraku had attacked him, and his body had been torn apart. Kagome knelt by the rosary that Inuyasha had around his neck. She picked it up, and cried.

Naraku aimed to attack her, but she didn't move. She was already dead in her mind. Her guilt killed her quickly, and she was ready to finish dying. Sango had stepped in front of her, protecting her. Kagome took the rosary beads and placed them around her neck. That was her reminder of what Naraku cost her.

She stood up and picked up an arrow. She held it for a long time, charging it with her powers. It woudn't have been able to pierce Naraku hard enough to kill him. Miroku wason the other side of Naraku, though. He opened his wind tunnel and pulled the arrow faster. Kilala and Sango worked on keeping Naraku busy. Sesshoumaru used poison whips to keep Naraku from moving.

The arrow hit Naraku's heart and Naraku dicintegrated. Everyone felt at ease and Kagome watched the pink jewel float down. She picked it up and put her pieces to it.

"Kagome, you can wish Inuyasha alive, you know." Sango had tried to convince her friend.

"No... Inuyasha promised Kikyou that he'd go with her after the battle with Naraku. Inuyasha is with her now, and I know he's happy. I don't want to disturb him." Kagome managed to say. She didn't want to let him go, but she did.

The guilt is what forced her to let him go. Kagome and Inuyasha were always fighting side-by-side. They were always looking out for each other, even if they never said that to each other. Kagome had let Inuyasha down. She had let him die and he was unable to be revived.

Inuyasha would be mad at her if she brought him back. She had dealt with Inuyasha being mad at her before, so that wasn't the major problem. She knew she wouldn't be able to look at him once he was alive. She had let him down, and she'd never forgive herself for it. The least she could do was leave him alone.

Inuyasha always wanted to be with Kikyou. He always wanted to avenge Kikyou's death and to be with her. They had loved each other, but their love never had a chance to fully blossom. Kagome didn't love Inuyasha, like she believed. She cared for him and wanted best for him, but she didn't love him.

She wanted what was best for him. The best thing that he was able to have was Kikyou. To stay with her in hell so they could finally be together without Naraku interfering. It was the only thing she was able to do for him now.

Kagome took a deep breathand closed her eyes. She opened then once again, giving the pink jewel a steady look. She looked at Miroku and gave the jewel to him.

"I have nothing to wish for. My wind tunnel is gone." He said. He passed the jewel to Sango, then left for the village. Sango looked at it for a while, before looking at Shippo.

"Kohaku is dead, but his death had been avenged. Here, Shippo." She said. She placed the jewel in the fox's small hands. He looked at it, then shook his head.

"I don't want to use it. It's touched Naraku." He complained. Kagome smiled then Shippo handed off the jewel to Sesshoumaru. He blinked then looked at the three.

"I have nothing to wish for. The man who kidnapped Rin has paid." He said regally. He dropped the jewel in front of him, and it started to glow. Everyone was startled as Midoriko's spirit made an appearance.

"Thank you, for putting the jewel back together. I want to thank you even more for ending this battle that I have held for too long. In turn, I will grant all of your wishes..." She said. She vanished, and the jewel began to shine. Everyone was somewhat startled. They didn't want to use the jewel, since they believed there to be better wishes. Now they were using it, but no one knew what would come out. They hadn't wished aloud, and they hadn't been aware of their own desires.


Next Chapter...
After all the requests have been placed on the jewel, Kagome is stuck with a choice. She will live at her home and finish high school, or she will live in teh feudal era and visit home. She doesn't know what to do, since Inuyasha is no longer aliev. She doesn't want to burden anyone, but she doesn't want to go home either...


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