Summary: Kagome has been hesitating on what to do. Naraku is dead, the jewel is gone, and the well is still open. There are worse problems than just that, though. These new problems about the man that she truly loves. Getting around to realize the emotions is tougher than anything else...

Rating: T (Oh my gosh! My lowest rating ever!)

This will be in Sesshoumaru's journal (AKA: Diary). Remember the thing that Kagome found but she couldn't open it? It had something to do with the poison content in his claws needed to open it. Well, these are all entries from his journal (AKA: Diary) about what happens.

Let's all laugh. Not only does Sesshoumaru have a journal (AKA: Diary), but he actually writes in it! Tee hee hee hee hee!

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Epilogue: Sappy Love Ending


Thirteenth Day of Winter:
I will soon have a family of my own. At least, that is what I hope of my Kagome. I proposed to her in the human way, and she accepted. She had the most beautiful smile on her face. I hope I never forget the look she wore.

Yesterday I asked her to stay with me for eternity. That is marriage for demons. We will be bound together by the ways our societies believe us to be bound.

My beautiful Kagome was wonderful during the human ceremony. We held it at the village her human companions live in. She wished for them to see it. She was also very specific on details that I knew nothing of. Perhaps this is the tradition of all humans from her home village.

In a week, after the human 'honeymoon' is, we shall be united in a demon's eyes. I cannot enjoy the pleasures of her body until the ceremony. I am content in this rule, though. I do not mind preserving my splendid Kagome. I just want to be with her as we age.

There is only one thing that concerns me. It is time. I am full demon, that's how I was born. I will age very slow. Even if my Kagome undergoes the demon mating ceremony, she will not be like me. She will age as my brother did. She will age as a hanyou.

Our children will be half breeds, just as my brother was. I do not know if I should despise their human blood or rejoice for the fact that they are on this soil. I will have to contemplate my hate for all things human. The hate doesn't even seem to exist anymore…

Twenty-Third Day of Winter
My Kagome was everything that I had hoped for, but better. I had hoped for a mate who could satisfy my true demon lust. She did just that. She carried just as much energy as I, which meant much to me.

She claims the marking is a tattoo. I bit the back of her neck to mark her as mine. Then I told her that I wanted more from her so every male would know she was taken before they attempted to touch my Kagome.

Like I had written, she claims the marking is called a tattoo in her home village. I don't really care, because it doesn't change what I think of it. I had a purple crescent moon created on her head. Then one small, red stripe on each cheek to show that she was indeed mine.

No male will be foolish enough to touch her now. The bite and these symbols let every male know she is mine. Not that demons would want to mate with a human. It is a sign of weakness in their eyes.

I see it as a sign of strength, now that I am with Kagome. She has helped me understand more of my brother's and father's decisions. To choose a human means to show that you will be strong, no matter what.

Female demons will fend for themselves when they wish or find it useful. Humans cannot, on the other hand. They must have someone caring for them at all times. This is hard work, especially since some humans don't know when they should stop.

I love my Kagome, but she does not understand that she shouldn't insult a demon. She had insulted the Lord of the Northern Lands. He nearly attacked her. I could see, smell and sense his strain to keep himself still.

I must remember to thank him for this. He had done a wise decision for himself, though. If he had harmed my Kagome in any way, I would not have hesitated in taking his life right there. She is my Kagome, and I will harm anyone who trifles with her.

Thirty-Fourth Day of Spring
My Kagome fell ill today. She had thrown up before food was placed through her lips. I do not quite understand. She had been very upset, and she won't tell me why. I shall stop writing and seek a human's advice on this matter.

Thirty-Fifth Day of Spring
I understand now. My Kagome has become with child. She has my children in her womb. I had spoken to the old lady Kagome had once lived with. I believe her name to be Kade, or something along that nature. I do not care for her name. She is old and she is missing an eye.

This woman told me of the way a human reacts to pregnancy. Demons are much different than humans, from what I learned. Humans do not know right away. It takes them a bit of time. It also takes them a half season longer to give birth.

They get sick in the mornings. I was given a special drink that is said to cure this problem. Kade said that the herbs were picked by my wonderful Kagome herself. I do not know why this piece of information is relevant.

I have given my Kagome the remedy today. She did not fall ill before eating, to my relief. I took a careful survey of her condition. I smelled a slight stranger smell on her. She did not smell entirely of herself. If I had not known she was with child, I would have thought one of my male servants had used her for his own purposes.

Kade says that my Kagome will take another half season before she gives birth. She also said that my perfect Kagome will be more emotional than before. If she is upset, she will carry much rage. If she cries, she will feel like there is no reason for living.

Human females require much more work than demon females. It takes a very strong and noble demon to take care of a human. Especially when she is with child.

I only hope that I do not fail my Kagome and our children.

Ninth Day of Autumn
My Kagome was no longer able to stay with me. One of the servants who had been studying humans (I had told him to do so. I needed someone to advise me on my Kagome's body conditions.) had told me she was about to go into labor. My spectacular Kagome was breathing hard.

I do not understand why she was so out of breath. She had done no exercise, for fear it would harm the child within her. My servant told me that it was natural in human child birth.

He also said that half demons are harder for their human mothers to bear. I will have to make sure my Kagome is alright once I am allowed access to her.


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