Aijou and Kagome walked back to the well but not in silence. Kagome talked to Aijou even though the demon miko would have prefered her not to. Though she was sorry about the way she'd treated the girl she didn't want to become friend with her, especially now since she was about to be sent back to her own time.

"Why do you want me to leave so badly?" Kagome asked Aijou after a few minutes.

You're annoying. she didn't say. "Because," she began to explain. "You're not from this time. You don't belong in this time. You have a family waiting for you at home. Waiting to love you and give you anything you want. They'll miss you."

"I know they will," Kagome said, looking at the well and running a hand over the wood again. "And I know I have to go back, but, I love Inuyasha. Won't he miss me when I leave?"

"I'm sure he will," Aijou told her. "All of them will." Except for me, she didn't add though she wanted to. "But they'll understand. They know you have to go back. Even Shippo, though he'd rather you stay here. They all know you can't stay forever and so do you." she folded her arms and looked into the sky. "You have to do what's right. Not what you want to do. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices for the good of people." she sighed and looked back at the girl. 'That's just how it is. Do you understand that?"

Kagome understood that all too well. She nodded. "Yes," she said. "I understand."

Aijou nodded. The school girl had finally said the right thing. She was finally doing something selflessly. The miko could respect her for that much. But she had to make sure the girl would change her mind at the last minute. She had to make sure she went where she belonged, even if it ment helping her along with that descition a little. "Then there is one last thing I have to apoligize for," Aijou said.

"What?" Kagome asked, looking up at her.

'This," Aijou said, raising her hand and shoving the girl back.

Kagoem lost her blance and fell back into the well. The last thing she heard Aijou say before she returned to her own time was. "Don't take it personal. I just wanted to make sure you returned home."

Aijou watched Kagome disappear into the depths of the well and when she couldn't see the girl anymore she turned from the well and sighed half in relief and half out of sadness. Kagome was gone now. She wouldn't be coming back anymore. The miko didn't have to put up wth her anymore. She sighed again and headed back toward the villiage.

Kikyo and Inuyasha were just entering the village, hand in hand, when they saw Aijou come out of the woods, alone. They both started to wonder where the school girl had gone and ran up to their daughter with questions.

"Aijou," Inuyasha said. "Where's Kagome?"

Aijou dropped her eyes as she said. "She went home. She's not coming back. I'm sorry."

"You're sorry?" Kikyo asked, confused. "What did you do?"

"I pushed her down the well," Aijou replied, refusing to look at her parents, lest they be angry. "She said she was going to go back. I was just makiing sure she wouldn't have time to change her mind."

"Oh." the miko's parents looked at each other. "You should have at least let her say good bye."

"She didn't want to!" Aijou exclaimed. "At first she did. Then she wanted to stay forever. Then she changed her mind again and said she would go. Then she said she wouldn't say good bye." now the miko did look at her parents. "She kept on changing her mind! I knew she was stalling. I didn't want her to stall anymore. I just wanted her to return home." she looked away again as tears came to her eyes. 'To her family."

Kikyo and Inuyasha looked at each other again then back at their daughter. They didn't know what to say. Kikyo asked. "You sent her home because of her family?"

"That's one of the reasons," Aijou admitted.

"What was the other?" Inuyasha asked.

"I didn't want her to stay and make you feel guilty about being with mother," Aijou replied. "I noticed how whenever you are around Kagome after you see mother you act like you did something wrong. I didn't want you to feel that way anymore." she loked right into the half demon's eyes. "Father, you've done nothing wrong. You love mother. I know you loved Kagome too. But who would you rather be with? A girl who makes you guilty and yells at you all the time or-" she looked right at Kikyo-" a girl who doesn't stir up those feelings in you. A girl who doesn't make you feel as if you did something wrong?"

Inuyasha thought of that then smiled and put an arm around Kikyo's shoulders. "No contest there," he said, smiling at Kikyo, making her blush. He looked back at Aijou. "I should be mad for the way you made sure Kagome went home but I can't really. I did that once too. So..." he put his other arm around her. "Yeah, I admit I'll miss her but, I'll get over it. She returned to her family and now.." he smiled at both of his girls. "I'll return to mine."

"Really, Inuyasha?" Kikyo asked.

"Really," he said as they walked into the village. "I should have known you wouldn't ever betray me like that. It's time I made up for all those lost years." he looked at Aijou. "And be the father I should have been."

Now it was Aijou's turn to smile and she did. "Arigato!" she exclaimed hugging both parents. 'Thank you!"

Kikyo kissed Inuyasha and took his and her daughter's hands. "Let's go home," she said, glad to finally have her lover and daughter back.



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