Prologue: A time to live...

The two stood face to face, both bearing swords. One, encrusted with gems, sparkling with power. The other, a simple blade. Both are obviously experienced with the blade, and they each size the other up, before beginning to parry.

"You've improved, I see. Still not as good as me."

"We both know that won't happen for some time, General."

The parrying goes to a new level, and the first, a young woman with long blonde hair pushes a slice off from her opponent, then moves away.

"But, it will. I promise."

"I know. You've always shown great potential."

The blonde warrior jumped into attack, and the second, another woman, with light brown hair defends easily.

"You can't attack me like that. You know better!"

"I do know better, General."

The blonde warrior quickly ducked, slicing open skin on the brown-haired warrior's legs.

"Impressive. Improvisation in the head of battle. Quick thinking, quick attack change..."

"You approve?"

"I do."

The two warriors stand away, and bow to each other in reverence; a time honored tradition between friendly combatants.

"You know..." The brown-haired warrior began.

"What is it, General?"

"There may come a point when we may keep opposing viewpoints."

"We're both here to protect this land from those who would seek to destroy it! How can it be that this viewpoint would change?" The blonde warrior asked.

"I don't know. But.. I want you to remember something."

"What is it?"

The brown-haired warrior sat down, and began to clean her blade.

"When you face me... ask yourself a question. Ask yourself, 'Do I believe this... with all of my being? Would I be less than what I am if I were to deny this?' If you can answer this question with yes... than no force in the world will kill you. Not even me."

"..And if you kill me anyway?"

"Then no grave will hold you. I promise you that."