Title To die for Love.

Chapter 1 The new Boy

April 1912

Elisabeth Kelly smiled at the young officer ,when he walked into the shop. He smiled back tipping his hat respectivly. Elisabeth laughed to herself , again she realised this was another one of her Mothers attempts to get her married by sending handsome men into the shop. Well it wouldn't work , Elisabeth had her pride she was not an item in a store to be sold to anyone who fancied her.

" Look Lizzie screeched her Mother. A young fellow. Where do you come from young man".

" County Kerry , Madam just next door to you here in Cork". He looked at Elisabeth. He was very confused and obviously not sure what he was doing on the shop.

" The door is that way Sir said Elisabeth".

" Right said the man who was clearly embarassed. I'll go , bye".

" No shrieked her Mother. She turned on Elisabeth . the moment the man had left. You did that purposely she yelled. What was wrong with that one. Was he too tall , skinny perhaps. I cant get it right all the time you know".

" The problem is Mother . that I am only seventeen and I not ready to marry someone I dont love , never mind know".

Her Mother flung her arms up in the air, " I dont know Lizzie , you shall grow up a poor ugly spinster".

" Money isn't everything Mother. Sometimes I detest being wealthy".

" It is everything when you are pennyless on the street , my child".

Her Mother left the shop in a bad mood. Elisabeth sighed as she left. It was time her Mother respected her wishes. She opened the till and began to count todays money , when another young man walked in. Sighing she closed the till and pondered on how to turn this one down. The young man walked up to the counter. He looked more than eighteen. He had wavy blond hair , deep blue eyes , and an attractive body build. Elisabeth heart gave a thud. Her knees felt suddenly weak , and her stomach light and nervous.

" Look she said , my Mother is a twisted evil woman. She has led you on a wild goose chase. I am not availiable".

The young man laughed , and picked up the bag of flour beside the counter.

" I'm sure your a fine gal and all Miss , but I came here for this bag of flour. I wasn't aware that I was getting a free girl with it".

Elisabeth froze , and applogised. " I'm so sorry , my Mother she...well if I told you , you'd laugh trust me".

" My names Alex O' Connor , my family and I moved here from Dublin".

Elisabeth introduced herself. She tried to stop herself from looking into his eyes , because they were so handsome. Her heart was racing wildly , she was falling in love,

Elisabeth walked out from the counter , and held out her hand. Alex took it and smiled. He looked at her face and then ran his soft fingers across her cheek. Elisabeth stood motionless. She knew Alex was special , because she had never let a boy come this close before. He pulled her towards him and she tilted her head to the side. She waited for the moment , the moment when they'r lips would meet.

" What on earth are you doing".

Elisabeth pulled away. Her Mother was standing gobsmaked at the door. Alex let go and ran for the door. He looked back and blew a kiss at Elisabeth , who smiled and pretended to catch it.

" Elisabeth that boy is of low class. His family live on Lord Grishams land. They are tennants for christs sake. I swear to you child if I see you with him again, I will tell your Father and you know how cross he will be. My God associating with the lower class. I fail to understand you , my gir"l.

Elisabeth nodded and nodded , for she had only being thinking about one thing throughout her Mothers lecture and his name was " Alex O' Connor.

Chapter 2 will be posted tomorrow.