Chapter 4 Goodbye Alex.

" Rise and Shine sleepy head. We have a long journey ahead of us".

Elisabeth sat up and pulled the covers of her bed off. Ignoring her Mother she ran into the bathroom and changed into her clothes quickly. She raced past her and into the kitchen , where Elsie their maid was working.

" Are you ready for the trip , Miss Lizzie. Your Father has been waiting for you. "

" I am , said Elisabeth. I just have to finish a few things." Elisabeth tore into the living room , where her Father was waiting.

" Ah Lizzie , you are awake. I hope you have everything packed. We dont have much time."

" I need to say goodbye to a few people said Elisabeth , I never got a chance at all last night".

Her Father laughed. " You better not be going anywhere near that boy. We are bringing you for a reason my girl. It better be someone else you are saying goodbye to."

" I can say goodbye to him , if I like yelled Elisabeth , and I will". She fled past her Father who grabbed hold of her wrist. Spinning around she slapped him in the face , and ran.

She rushed towards the woods. " Alex , Alex" she called.

He was waiting beyond the trees , as soon as she saw him. She fell into his arms , and cried bitterly.

" Please kill me , she begged , anything is better than having to leave you today".

" Do not say that said Alex as he wiped away her tears with his hand. You do not mean that at all."

Elisabeth stamped her feet angrilly. " How can you be so calm , so understanding. Why is it , that in this time of trouble , only you can be stable and relaxed".

" Lizzie , I assure you , you will not go through this alone. We will meet again. America is not so big , that two people , you and I can not seek each other out."

" My Parents are bringing Tom along on the trip. They want us to marry. Do you understand what I am saying."

" Perfectly" said Alex.

" Is this a joke cried Elisabeth , if I marry him. We are through , the both of us."

" Do you love him Lizzie , like I love you , or you love me."

" Of course not , you silly boy. Why would I be spilling my heart out to you , if I loved him."

" Well then , it's settled , there is no need to marry him , is there."

" It doesn't work like that Alex. I dont get to decide anything in my life. I will be married to Tom within a few months. You wait and see."

" You wont"said Alex softly.

" Who are you to say that wont happpen". cried Elisabeth.

" I dont give up that easilly Lizzie. I wont let any person take something from me , and I'll be dammed if they take the girl , I love from me as well".

Elisabeth's heart skipped a beat.

Suddenly a group of people walked out from the shadows. Elisabeth's Father and two men who worked on the tools in the other side of the shop, her Mother and a few maids appeared. Her Father pulled at Elisabeth. Elisabeth screamed and clung to Alex , who kissed her deeply before she was torn away. Her Father bundled her into the cart that awaited them by the woods edge. Alex was held back by the two men. Elisabeth banged and yelled desperetly. Alex tried to break free , he managed and he ran up to the side of the cart. His hands tipped gently against Elisabeth's and for a moment , they looked sadly at each other. " I will find you " yelled Alex. Elisabeth nodded as the cart began to leave. Her tears stained her dress , and slowly Alex and the figure of the two other men began to disappear.

Chapter 5 will be added soon.