The temple

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Author: Saraparis

Paring: Alexander/ Hephaestion

Rating: Frt-13

Warnings: mild slash

Notes: Alexander, Hepaestion, their future and their doubts!

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The red sun was setting behind the hills, the silence only broken by the grasshoppers heralding the morning. Alexander was awaited at the banquet in the palace: the departure for the Asian campaign was impending and everyone wanted to sumptuously celebrate the days that could have been their last moments in their land. But the young King couldn't enjoy the feast if he hadn't found as soon as possible the person he was looking for.

"Alexander, come, what are you waiting for?", Kleitos shouted staggering against him: "We want to start the party!".

"Judging by your state, my friend, you have already started it…", the King answered with a faint smile: "And I think the others have done the same".
Kleitos laughed sonorously.

"I will join you very soon, don't worry, but I must find Hephaestion first", Alexander added, anxious.

The look of his general became serious: "Hephaestion wants to stay alone, Alexander, I don't know where he is but I think he needs some time for himself".

Alexander stared at him with an inquiring look, he thought perhaps Kleitos wasn't so drunk. Kleitos added playfully, with a naughty voice, realizing he had been out of place: "Anyway, I don't think he would refuse the company of his King!".

Alexander nodded and left him: he didn't notice the eyes of his general, suddenly becoming intense and maybe sad.
"I knew I would have find you here", Alexander whispered holding his lover from behind.

"Did you really know it?", the young man answered, amused: "Then why have I been awaiting for two hours?"

"I went to other places first, I think I would have been happier if I had found you elsewhere".

"I guess something is escaping me" Hephaestion laughed.

"This is our place and we come here to talk or we come here alone, to think", the King sighed, sitting near him.

"And do you fear my thoughts?", Hephaestion ironically asked.

"Off course not, never. Kleitos said you wanted to stay alone".

"And since when do you care about what Kleitos says?"

"Maybe since he stays around you more than he should do…"
Hephaestion laughed, looking at the sky: "You know…"

"Or maybe because I had the same feeling", Alexander said suddenly.

The beautiful general became serious and he didn't answer, staring at the reddening sky:
"It's so beautiful here, isn't?" he asked after a short silence.
Alexander looked round, smiling. Their temple, he tenderly thought.
They had found the ruins of that old building when they were still children, they didn't know what it was, but it became very soon what they wanted to believe: the ruins of a deserted temple, from the times of Akylles and Patroklos, maybe destroyed after a battle or by the rage of an angry god.

Clinging to a hill, some ivy still interwoven along the fallen capitals, a little pool, the ruins covered by flowers. The view was wonderful: they could make out every surrounding place, the brooks and the woods.
The stars were so shining that they once believed they had found the Olympus and not only a hill. The temple was far enough from the palace to allow them to meet each other undisturbed and to be their refuge when they wanted to run away from duties and pains.
They had spent so many nights there, entwined, trembling, thinking of their future, and yet no one had never found them, so they thought that place was special, only for the two of them.
Their first kiss, their first time, had those ruins as witnesses, no other place would be so sacred.

"Yes", Alexander whispered. Hephaestion rested his head upon the King's shoulder:

"What was waiting us, over there, Alexander?". His voice was odd, not sad but maybe pensive. Alexander held tightly his hand and as always, when they were talking about dreams and projects, his eyes flared up: "Don't you see it, Hephaestion?", he said, getting excited: "The world, over these hills I see the world, ready to be conquered, it's waiting only for us! There are people to overthrow, cultures to know, shining palaces, gold and silver and a thousand riches, exotic places, seas and rivers we have never seen, then we will build something, I know, and it will always be remembered. I want to see those places the ancient tales were talking about, I want to create our legend. I want to write the history, Hephaestion, and at the end…" he broke off, breathless.

"Are there really the edges of the world, my love?", he continued, "Because I want to find them and to go beyond them. Will you stay with me, then?", he asked, needing reassurance. He turned slowly and he felt a painful anxiety seeing Hephaestion's eyes barely holding back the tears. He was about to ask for explanations, but his lover got in first: "It's nothing, Alexander, really", he whispered: "Every time you tell me about your dreams, you manage to make them mine too, with such an intensity…I'm afraid, sometimes". He added, hugging him: "I will be with you, you know, I will be at your side whatever you will do; but now, I'm fearing…I'm afraid", he admitted. Alexander didn't know how to answer, he knew his lover too deeply to think he was afraid of the battles, of the dangers they would face, he knew he feared something else, and honor and courage had nothing to do with that. He let Hephaestion explain himself.

"Sometimes I think the world is not enough for your dreams, Alexander. You have a passion inside you that makes you restless when you stay too long in a place, your soul burns and I want the same things you desire: glory, honor, riches, the unknown. And yet, in this moment I feel I need nothing but you. I wish the world and the time could stop here, with the setting sun, holding you. When we'll leave there won't be our temple any longer. We will never come back here, we know it but we haven't admitted it yet".

Alexander lowered his eyes, listening to Hephaestion: "You will be the King, I will be the general, and we'll have to think of so many things, maybe we'll have these moments again, but no one knows what the fate has in store for us, what changes, what destiny…".

Hephaestion's words upset the young King; holding his lover's face with his hands, Alexander looked into Hephaestion's eyes and whispered: "Enough with this, my love, please: our feelings are beyond the love, they are deep, so deep that they belong to my soul. My soul wants to conquer the world but it couldn't bear a day without you". Hephaestion avoided Alexander's eyes and he said bitterly:
"How many lovers have said these words, have exchanged these oaths and promises and how many times has the fate respected their wishes?".
Alexander suddenly stood up, crying: "Do you not believe my words? Do you not believe I love you more than my life?".

Hephaestion sighed, holding him with all his strength: "Off course I believe you, Alexander, but don't promise something you can't fulfill. This venture could change us, we could forget who we are now, you could be away from me, you will need an heir…". Alexander cut him off with a passionate and ravaging kiss, his hands through the hair of his lover. After some moment they parted, panting.

"I'm not promising you what I can't fulfill", Alexander whispered softly: "Maybe the things will change, you're right, we could change…So I don't promise you we will never fight, we will never part", another passionate kiss before speaking again: "But I promise you I will do everything to have you again".
Hephaestion stared at him, his heart pounding in his chest.

"Can you promise me this?", Alexander asked, caressing his lover's cheek.

"Yes, I can", Hephaestion answered softly.

"I can't know what will happen, but if I look into your eyes I'm truly sure I will love you 'til the end".

"I will love you until the end, Alexander".
The King smiled happily before bending his head, joining their lips in a soft touch.
Hephaestion felt happy: Alexander had wiped out the doubts and the fears tearing his heart. Maybe the fear was still there, in a little, dark spot of his soul, ready to come back a day, but it was his human nature and he would face it again, always, for his Alexander.
The banquet went on without the King. They made love all night under the starry sky. When the dawn came, Hephaestion quietly slept in his King's arms, and Alexander looked at him, stroking him, so as not to lose any moment of that invaluable morning. He would miss this place, he thought. He secretly wished the Elysian Fields to be like their temple, and a life spent looking for honor and eternal glory would be repaid with the eternity together, with Hephaestion, the only place where he had ever found peace.
His lover's heart.