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As Draco Malfoy walked through the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry he pondered the errors he had made in his past years. He really wished he had not made fun of Harry Potter on their first day. He wondered if he would have acted on his instincts in the robe shop if things would have been different between them.

Suddenly he got his wish and his surroundings began to spin, then he was back in Madam Malkins (A/N: is that right?). back during their first year. He saw his younger self on the stool and went over "Draco" he said, his younger self spun around to face him "before you ask I have to tell you this, a boy with messy black hair and bottle glasses will come in here become his friend he'll be a good companion" then he disappeared from sight.

Just as he did said boy walked in "hi Im Draco who are you?" he questioned deciding to follow the strangers advice "hi Im Harry are you going to Hogwarts to?" he asked shyly "yes Im going to be in Slytherin where do you think you will be?" he replied kindly "I don't know but I hope Im in Slytherin" Harry replied blushing softly "yes I hope so as well friends?" Draco questioned 'hm I have never had a friend before' he thought "okay friends" was the reply before they shook hands.

Back in the present Draco awoke and looked around. Harry was sitting in a chair by his side holding onto his hand gently speaking "come on Dragon please wake up" he begged and began petting his hair gently. Draco sat enjoying the touch for a minute before squeezing his hand back "Draco" Harry yelped and flung himself onto his friend clinging to him desperately.

"Harry why the tears" Draco asked softly stroking his back gently "oh Dray I thought you weren't going to wake up you scared me so bad" he sobbed "of course I would" he replied "oh by the way what house are we in Harry" he added as an afterthought. As a reply he got a blank look which soon turned into a worried one "Dragon did you hit your head or something we have been in the same house since year one Slytherin" Harry replied blinking 'looks like I listened to myself good' Draco thought as Harry cuddled up into his side where he wrapped his arms around his friend. Draco smiled gently down at the boy 'friend' he thought before drifting off to sleep his...friend by his side.