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Skulblaka Yawë

Chapter one: A Dream

By Du Weldenvarden Farcai

Emiri looked out of her bedroom widow. It was a long drop. She was leaning on the railing, watching the sun set. Her bedroom was huge! It was lightly decorated; she was into a lot of clutter and frills in her room. The main color them was silver and blue, her two favorite colors. There were also plants here and there. Her bed faced the window and her dresser was on the right side of the room. But there was something that, if you saw, would most likely confuse you. It looked like a giant dog bed. But in truth, it was a Dragon bed. Yes, Emiri was a Dragon Rider.

That's why her bedroom was ten times the size or regular bedrooms. Her ceiling was at least thirty feet high. Her Dragon wasn't that big yet…but she was getting there.

Emiri looked up as she saw a silver, almost white, Dragon appear on the horizon, headed for her room. She smiled. Her Dragon was almost white she was so light, unlike her father who was a deep silver. Her Dragon's eyes were a brilliant blue. Just like her mother's body and eyes. Her Dragon's name? Isseth. Isseth's mother was none other than Saphira; her father was Roslarb.

Emiri loved three things in life. One: her parents. Two: her Dragon. Three: her best friend, and boyfriend, Enishi. She loved to hang out with her best friend. He also was a Dragon Rider. His Dragons name was Hírador. Hírador's parents were Thorn and Kalith. Kalith was Nasuada's Dragon. Hírador was a Dark blue, almost black color with silver eyes. Both Emiri and Enishi swear that their Dragons like each other, though they would never admit it. Stubborn butts. But then again…Saphira and Thorn were both very stubborn, so it must be a genetic thing.

Emiri was waiting to go for a sunset ride with her parents. As Isseth landed, Emiri walked up and hugged her neck.

To think that I have to stand on tippy toe, while you bend down your head, to hug you now.

I know. Isseth replied in a smug voice.

Don't get hotheaded.

I wont. She retorted.

You ready?

Yep. Isseth bent down so Emiri could reach to put the saddle on her back. It was a nicely made saddle. Light, but very durable. It was a light chestnut color and was soft and worn from being ridden in.

Emiri jumped on Isseth's back and urged her to the open sky. They were to meet her parents, Enishi and his parents on the hill near her home.

Emiri watched the ground disappear beneath them as they flew higher and higher into the setting sky.

We had better hurry up if we want to beat them.

Yeah, yeah I know.

They always liked to beat the others. Well…they never did it alone per say, since Enishi always had the same idea. So in the end…it started a sort of game. The two kids always got there at least fifteen minuets before head and hung around talking about their day until their parents arrived. Then they'd all ride around in the night sky.

They made it ten minutes before hand. Enishi was already there. He was sitting next to Hírador while stroking his head. They were on the edge of the cliff, which was their favorite spot to hang out at. That is, both of their favorite spots. They loved to hang out here together.

Isseth landed right next to Hírador and lay down next to him. Emiri walked over to Enishi.

"You're late." Enishi watched her as she sat down next to him. He took her hand while she leaned against him.

"I know. I'm sorry. Isseth had to hunt, and she lost track of time…again." She responded. She put emphasis on the again. Isseth had a problem with hunting for to long. She tended to lose track of time while flying through the sky.

Enishi chuckled. He knew Isseth's problem, and he found it funny that the serious Dragon tended to forget time all together.

"So…what did your father say about your little adventure?" Enishi asked.

"He said that he'd think about it. I think that he's just worried about my safety. I mean, all of those bad guys are gone, but that doesn't mean that I won't get caught in a snow storm or something."

"But I would be there."

"You would? You mean that you'll go?" Emiri was shocked. She had wanted to do this ever since she was little. But Enishi had said that it was a childish dream.

"Yeah. I won't leave you. I promised that I'd always keep you safe. And I can't do that if you're thousands of miles away."

Emiri turned to him and looked him in the eye. He had the greenest eyes you had ever seen…does he really want toor is he just saying that…?

Enishi seemed to have read her mind. He leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips. His hand came up to her face and cupped it.

"I told you…I'm coming no matter what." He whispered.

"Thank you." Emiri let one solitary tear fall as she looked up to the sky. Suddenly she stood, as did Enishi. Their parents were here. Finally.

They landed next to the two young lovebirds. Murtagh was astride Thorn while Nasuada hopped off of Kalith and stood there watching as Eragon and Elvina got off their steeds.

"You guys finally decided to show up?" Enishi teased his parents.

"Ha. As if little man." Enishi scowled. He hated it when his dad called him that. "You think that I would miss the race?"

"Race? Is it that time already?" Nasuada asked. The race was one where eight Dragon Riders would race in the night sky. It was always on a full moon, for better seeing advantages for the spectators.

Emiri looked at the sky, they had probably an hour before the race began. Those in it were, Nasuada, Emiri, Enishi, Eragon, Murtagh, Elvina, Brom and Oromis. They had had one every year since Galbatorix's demise. This was the eighteenth one. Emiri had competed three times so far; the same went for Enishi. Each time they both came in third and fourth. No one was able to beat the two Saphira's. It was Enishi and Emiri's goal to beat her dad and their uncle. (They consider, Brom even though he's not related, an uncle since he's such a nice friend.)

"Well, we had best be going if we want to make it in time." Eragon said.

Since they lived close to the race 'track' they didn't have to hurry. The 'track' was none other then the Hadarac Desert. That's why, at least this is what Emiri and Enishi suspect, the Saphira's always win. Because they love the desert so much. Sure Isseth and Hírador like it too, but they don't love it like Saphira and Saphira do.

They all hoped on their Dragon and headed out to the Desert. Isseth and Hírador had grown since the last race; they were now about three-quarters of the size of Eragon's Saphira. So they hopped that this was the year that they would win. This race was a clean race. No magic, just you and your Dragon. Enishi and Emiri had agreed, as long as one got first and the other second, they'd be happy. The race itself was about thirty miles long. A nice medium length. Many people lined up and the start to see the Dragon race, but even more were at the end of the thirty miles, waiting to see the end of the tiring race.

When they arrived, Brom and Oromis were already there. They lined up and the Dragons stared to stretch, so as not to get cramped before the race began. The line up went like this, starting from left to right. Brom, Oromis, Eragon, Elvina, Murtagh, Nasuada, Enishi and Emiri.

Good luck hon. Eragon said to Emiri.

You too dad. You're going to need it.

I don't think so.


But they didn't get to finish their little squabble because they were called to line up on the line.

Arya was the one to start the race off. As she looked to make sure that everyone was ready.

Hey, beat your dad and uncle this year guys. Arya said to Emiri and Enishi. She loved to watch this two work together.

You bet.

Of course.

"Ready." The Dragons crouched down low, ready to push off. "Set." The Dragon Riders lay as flat on the Dragon's back as they could.

Eragon looked ever to Brom, then turned back to face the Desert before him.

You know, they have a good chance of winning this time. Eragon said.

I know. They were close last time. But we'll just have to see. Brom replied.

"GO!" Arya flew the flag that she held in the air, down. The Dragon heaved their massive bodies off the ground and into the air.

They were a bit shaky at first, but after a few seconds, the Dragon leveled out and the race was on.

Emiri and Enishi knew that her dad and their uncle would be in the middle of the group, saving their energy until the end. So they did the same. But they always stayed a little behind them. Actually, they were right behind them. They made it look like they were having a hard time getting around them, but in reality, they were using the Saphira's wind to help them glide, that way they were using half the strength that the Saphira's were.

The came to the half way mark. Nasuada and Oromis were lagging behind. Their Dragons were not the racing type, they were stocky and battle type, not he slick and thin that you want for a race. So they always dropped out early, but they enjoyed the race nonetheless. Murtagh was on Eragon's right, fighting for the lead. Brom was also neck and neck with Eragon. Elvina was on Brom's left. Emiri and Enishi were trapped behind the wall of bigger Dragon's.

Arya stood at the end on the race. She was able to transport herself to the end on the race. When she saw the wall of bigger Dragon's and no small white and blue one, her heart dropped. She knew that those two kids and trained hard for this day. They wanted so badly to win…now it looked like they weren't going to win.

Roran walked up to Arya. She had a sad face on, and he knew why. He also wanted his niece to win. "Don't look so sad yet." A small voice said with a slight chuckle.

"What?" Arya asked. Selena was there next to Arya.

"Yes, they have no hope of winning this on." Selena jumped in.

"Don't give up on them yet. I'm sure that they'll win." This small voice came from Miya. She was older now. Though she was older then Emiri, she had never lost her small quiet voice.

Arya looked up at eh sky. Wait…what are they doing…? From somewhere in the crowd and voice shouted. "Look! Look there! The two young ones are flying higher!" And so they were. Then it clicked to Arya. They used the backwards wind to save energy, and then they flew higher then the others to pass them! Those two have really grown up fast.

Just when Arya had made the connection, so did Eragon and Brom. They urged their Dragons to head to the finish line faster, which was in sight now. So soon, it was just Enishi, Eragon, Brom and Emiri.

Eragon and Brom looked at each other. They knew what the two had done. And they both thought the same thing…. why didn't we think of that…?

Emiri and Enishi laughed and smiled as they neared the finish line. They were going to win! Two seconds later, Isseth flew past eh finish line, with Hírador a foot head behind. The crowd held onto their hats and cloaks as the Dragons flew by. When Isseth landed Emiri hopped off and hugged her Dragon's head tightly.

Thank you! I love you! You were great tonight!

Thank you small one.

Emiri looked over to see Enishi walk ever to her. He hugged her.

"You were great." He whispered.

"Well so were you. You were the one who thought of the plan in the first place."

"Yes, but you were still great." Emiri looked up at him. He stood maybe two inches higher then her. He bent down and kissed her lightly. She returned it a little more deeply.

But the crowd and others who were praising them interrupted them.

That night, Emiri lied in her bad, thinking of her plan. She hopped that her dad would say yes. She so badly wanted to. And Enishi said that he could go, so that meant that he could protect her if need be.

I wonder…she turned over. He mother and Arya had been teasing her about when Enishi might propose. They were seventeen. That was quite a suitable age to get married. (Olden days people) They thought that he would tonight. After all, they had been dating since they were fifteen years old. But Emiri didn't care when he proposed; she just wanted him to stay near to her. She didn't want to lose him for anything in the world.

I promise to always protect you. No matter what…that's what he had said.

With that last thought, she finally drifted off into dreamland.

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