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Enishi woke up early that morning. He slowly sat up and looked around. It was still mostly dark out side with just a few sunrays poking across the desert line. There were little to no clouds that day, and with the temperature already reaching nearly sixty degrees, Enishi knew that today was going to be one of the hottest days this summer.

He got out of bed and put on a new tunic for the day. It was a little worn around the edges but he loved this one, Emiri had picked it out for him and it went rather well with his favorite pair of pants. Heading down stairs he saw his mother making him a small breakfast. Studying her face he could she that she was trying not to make a big deal out of this. She had a small smile on her lips, and she handled the cooking ware with her usually grace. One wouldn't even know she was taking it rather hard unless you knew where to look. People always say that the eyes are the key to ones soul. Nasuada was no different. Her eyes were missing the spark of joy that usually danced within her eyes. They were filled with worry and sadness, all which were poorly attempted to be hidden by a layer of fake happiness. Enishi knew why she was upset, and he could do nothing to stop it.

Today was the day that Emiri, Brom and himself were heading out. They didn't have a true destination, they just knew that they were headed dead North then they would go from there. Though it was a pretty loose plan, they felt that it was the best considering that they had nothing to really go on.

They decided that they were going to meet at the big plains at around seven in the morning to get an early start.

Grabbing a small piece of bread and a cup of room temperature water, Enishi sat at the dining room table and watched as him mother busied herself with meaningless things. His father came and went, ruffling Enishi's hair before saying goodbye and leaving to attend to the day's plans. Murtagh had no qualms about their little, well maybe not so little, adventure. Had he not gone on one himself? Nasuada while agree with her husband, was a mother, had she not the right be worried for her stepson?

Enishi looked up too his mother when he couldn't hear any movement from the kitchen. Seeing his mother with a forlorn look upon her face he could only guess what she was thinking about, and he had a pretty good idea too. She thought about it often when she thought nobody was paying attention. But he knew…

Nasuada closed her eyes; she was trying so hard to be strong for her family. Why? How come she was cursed with this aliment? Why her? Her mother and father had not known, she had only found out when Murtagh and herself had married and tried for children. She was barren. Cursed to never be able to feel the joy of bearing a child. To never hold a bond of love formed between herself and Murtagh. Life sucked sometimes, and it had taken Nasuada awhile before she pulled herself out of her rut. Murtagh had worried for her; he was such a sweet man and a loving husband. She felt horrible that she couldn't bear his don or daughter. But he had told her enough times that it wasn't and never will be her fault that she couldn't bear a child.

Nothing had helped though. No matter how hard she tried she couldn't bring herself out of her spiraling depression. However one day Murtagh came home with a surprise that changed her life. A baby, not more than a few weeks old. A boy, a beautiful boy. Murtagh said that his mother had died giving birth, the father couldn't bear the burden of the child and blamed the innocent babe for his wife's death.

Feeling sorry for the child and hopping that it might help Nasuada, Murtagh brought home the little boy. Nasuada had fallen in love within seconds. She named him Enishi. They had raised him like their own son, but never hid the fact that he wasn't their own by blood. Enishi never held a grudge. He was happy with his family, and to him, it didn't matter that there wasn't a blood bond; no one really needed one if they were a close family.

Coming back to the present, Nasuada looked to her left to see her son watching her with a small smile. She smiled back; no it didn't matter that she couldn't have a child. She already had the best son in the world. And nothing could ever take him away from her. Even death.

Enishi sat upon his best friend, his dragon, Hírador. Enishi's body was literally shaking with anticipation. Hírador gave a throaty chuckle at his rider's expense. But how could he not relate? They had never gone on an adventure this big before. No one knew what lay beyond those northern mountains.

Emiri was seated on her dragon, Isseth, who was almost prancing next Hírador. Brom just rolled his eyes at the antics of the little ones. But he couldn't blame them. He was young once too, and though he may not have as much energy as they do now, that doesn't mean he wasn't just as excited as they were, he just didn't have the spare energy that they did.

Looking at the sky, it was a beautiful blue with little wispy clouds occasionally cluttering the sky. A perfect sky to start out their journey. He looked over too the kids. Their parents were crying, well not the fathers, though he wouldn't voice it aloud but it looked like Eragon was close. Brom snickered. His pupil always was a bit emotional.

"Okay enough already! Jeez, we haven't even left yet and Eragon is already crying!"

The children, though he couldn't really call them that now, giggled behind their hands. Murtagh and Elvina were flat out laughing, Nasuada was giggling like her child and Eragon was doing a rather nice "death glare".

"We need to go if we want to make it the outskirts of Du Weldenvarden by nightfall."

"He's right" Murtagh voiced. "You guys have a safe journey."

"We will." Enishi answered.

"We'll try to find some way to keep in touch." Emiri stated.

"I'm sure you will." Said Elvina. "I love you!" She and the other parents all waved as the three set off towards a new adventure, one that was sure to hold all sorts of surprises.