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Italics- Thinking



Chapter 1: Kidnapped

"Just leave your coats over by the hearth dearies." Mrs. Beaver said to the four children as she went over to start fixing up a suitable dinner.

"You have a lovely home." Susan complimented as she went over to help the she beaver.

"Oh, why thank you dear." She put the teabags in the pot and hurried over to the fish. Lucy, having adjusted to her surroundings, came over and sat down next to her sister; seemingly in thought.

"Susan?" Susan turned and looked at her younger sister in a response.


"Do you think Edmund is acting strangely?" The older girl shifted her view to her little brother.

"You mean stranger than usual?"


"Well, he does seem a little quieter," Susan turned to he sister and caught her worried glance. "But I'm sure it's nothing to worry about."

"You sure?"

"I'm sure." It seemed to cheer Lucy up a bit, but she still seemed worried.

"Don't worry about it Lu, he's probably fine." The younger child attempted a smile and walked away, leaving Susan to ponder her little brother. No matter what she said, Susan had seen Edmund's nervous glances and she was starting to doubt her own soothing words.

A fidget here and there was one thing, but Edmund seemed scared, like he had seen a ghost…or the pale witch that haunted his nights.

Edmund's P.O.V.

That sound; I can't get it out of my head. I know it seems foolish, but the voice was colder than the snow on the ground.

One hour earlier

"You don't want to be caught out her after nightfall." It was odd hearing a beaver talk. I mean, it's not everyday an animal comes up to you and starts talking like a human. But then again, it's not everyday you find yourself in a magical land inside a wardrobe.

However, it did feel nice to be able to enjoy nature without having to worry about air-raids. Not that I'm a naturalist, it's just that after a while, a person starts to miss the feeling of safety. Home isn't safe, outside isn't safe, and school…well, let's just say that I would rather face Adolph Hitler and his Nazis than go back to the bullies (A/N: Hitler shall forever burn in the fiery pits of Hell yay).

We were passing a large rock bridge when it happened. Peter, Susan, Lucy, and the beaver didn't seem to notice the unnatural wave in the bushes, but I did. Every step I took felt like someone was watching me and I kept hearing horrible words like "kill" and "death for the humans." My pace slowed until I stopped; the others not noticing.

Then came the voice again, but it was clearer now and I could hear everything.

"Hello Son of Adam. Are you cold? Are you scared?" The voice spoke. "You should be scared. I'm going to come and I'm going to take you far away. And then your pathetic family. You shall die, ALL OF YOU!" The voice laughed a high cruel laugh and vanished.

I was alone now, not that I wasn't happy about it, but I still stood frozen in my spot. The others must have noticed I was gone, for Peter had come back and pulled me along, telling me how I should be a bit more considerate.

Well, I'm sorry Peter that I'm scared! Sue me!

Present time

Peter is looking at me. I can tell he sees something different about me. What does he see? Please don't tell me I look as scared as I feel. Oh great, now they're all staring at me.


"Are you okay Ed?" Peter turns to me concerned. Wow, he's concerned. I must look bad to get even him concerned.


"WHAT?" He looks taken back, but then settles to his patient-angry face.

"I was going to ask you if you were okay, but you seem fine." He turns away and goes over to the table with the others.

I'm not fine Peter… I'm scared. Not that I would ever admit it. He wouldn't care anyway; he never cares. All he cares about is Susan, Lucy, Mum, Dad, and his stupid perfect image.

But…he used to care. Didn't he?

Normal P.O.V.

"Aslan is on the move." There was a moment of silence.

Edmund got up, a confused expression on his face, and said, "Who's Aslan?"

"Who's Aslan? You've never heard of Aslan?"

"Well, we haven't exactly been here very long." Peter's voice sound like he was stating the most obvious thing in the world(s), which, in a way, he was.

"You've got to be bloomin' jokin'!" He turned to his wife. "They don't even know about the prophecy!"

"Well, than…" She beckoned for her husband to tell them.

"Look…" Edmund had tuned them all out and instead turned to look out the window. There wasn't much to look at; just white, white, and more white. How thrilling.

"EDMUND!" He turned around to see Susan's annoyed look. "Pay attention! This is important!" She turned back around and apologized for him. Edmund just glared and looked back out the window.

Edmund's P.O.V

Stupid Susan. Stupid Peter. Stupid Lucy. They all think they're so good. I'm always the bad one; the black sheep.

It's always, 'Edmund, you idiot!' or 'Edmund, apologize now!'

I wish they would all die; then I'd finally be free of them for good. That would be great! Wouldn't it?

"EDMUND!" Now what did I do? Offend them by thinking.


"Did you just hear a word we said?" So sorry Susan, I didn't mean to think of something more interesting. Did I offend you? Good.

"Yes." Okay, so I lied. What else is new?

"Oh really?" And of course they don't believe me.

"Yes, really. If I hadn't I wouldn't have said yes, would I?"

"Alright, then…" But she was cut off. Usually I would be happy about that, but I don't particularly think that the howling of wolves is a good sign.

"AHH, the secret police!" Definitely, not a good sign. But if they're called the SECRET police, how does everyone know about them?

"The secret police?"

"Yes; led by Maugrim."

"Isn't he the one who took away Mr. Tumnus?"


"Umm…not to interrupt, but shouldn't we get going." They all looked me. "What? Shouldn't we?" Still looking. Idiots; I don't think anyone wants to die tonight.

"Ed…" Peter looked like he was trying to gather his words. "That is most likely the most intelligent thing you have said all day." Gee, thanks. I feel so wanted. NOT!

"Just one question. How do we escape without being noticed?" Just like Susan, always has to be logical.

Mr. Beaver smiled and waddled over towards a little cabinet made of wood. He opened it and beckoned for us all to enter. It turns out to be a secret door, which now isn't so secret. Just as I see Peter enter, the walls if the little house burst open and wolves with sharp needle teeth enter.

We all start running and somehow I end up at the end of the line, which isn't good seeing as the wolves have entered the tunnel. Just my luck.

Well someone must REALLY hate me, because now the baby has tripped and I'm the only one behind her. For some odd reason I pick her up and carry her towards the rest of our little party at the exit. Don't I want her to die?

It's now official; someone truly hates because now the wolves have caught up with us. Great. Just great.

"Edmund! Hurry up!" Hey, that's a great idea Su! And you know what, I would really like to, but the wolves seem to have me surrounded. Isn't that wonderful! Uhh… let's think, NO!

Normal P.O.V

The wolves had surrounded the two siblings into a corner. Peter, Susan, and their new friends had been blocked out so they had no way of getting to their younger siblings.

Lucy was clutching tightly to Edmund who, surprisingly, was clutching back. The wolves were baring their long fangs and saliva slid from their mouths as the slowly advanced towards the two youngest children.

Tears were forming in Lucy's eyes as her heart started beating faster and faster. Then, for the first time in years, Edmund did something without hate and without malice. Putting his mouth to Lucy's ear he whispered the few words that would seal his future.

"When I say run, I want you to run as fast as you can towards the others and whatever happens, whatever you hear, do not look back." Edmund paused and without even realizing it, the old Edmund, the one from before the war and before the boarding school, came out of his prison. Then he whispered one last thing, "No matter what I did or said to you I will always love you." He set her down slowly, looked around for a gap, and found one. After making sure Lucy saw it too, he said it.

"RUN!" She bolted. Dashing through the gap she clamored up the exit and out into the snow where her family and friends waited. Well, most of her family; her very worried family.

The last thing she heard were many howls and barks. Then it came; Edmund's agonizing scream. And then they heard no more.

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