Hey everyone! I know you must all think I died, but I live! I am so sorry about the delays to this story and I feel horrible. At the moment I have two other stories up; one for Naruto and another for Star Wars. I was reading them over and I found that compared to this, they are much better in terms of writing and I figured that after two years of not working on it I want to try this story again. I'm going to leave this one up until chapters 1-10 and chapter 11 are written. It probably won't be until the summer, because I have SATs, ACTs, SAT IIs, etc. I have started rewriting it and I like they way it's coming out. I'm also adding a few more chapters to the beginning so it doesn't start so abruptly.

Before I go though I would really really appreciate it if you would go onto my profile page and vote on a name for Susan's (future) daughter. She won't come into play for a LONG time (and she will be realistically placed in the story), and I have names for the children of Peter, Ed, and Lucy, but Susan's daughter eludes me. It has become really annoying. If you have any suggestions then just PM me with the name. My only guideline is that it must begin with an "S."

Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck by me and I apologize for the wait. Rest assured, this story will be busy in the summer. I LOVE YOU ALL!



P.S. The Names of the other children are:

Peter's Son—Perrin

Edmund's Son—Erimon (I got permission from Schmo and Sushi to use this name)

Lucy's Daughter—Lyra