Summary: What is a sunset, really? Is it an illusory joke the Gods play on the minds of humans? Or is it as real as those around you? Draco and Ginny are about to discover the power of sunsets as they embark on inner battles that may bring them together, or push them farther apart. Together, they will discover the Sunset.

Draco knew he wouldn't cry. He was so numb, his soul so detatched that it just didn't seem to matter whether or not he cried, because he simply couldn't feel it. Couldn't feel the tears whell up in his eyes, couldn't feel the sobs as they choked his throat. His body was crying, in the way any person's would, but his soul was just there, and at the same time...wasn't.

Part of him was dead.

His way out onto the roof of the Manor was a shakey one, his legs, like rubber, wobbly and unsure like that of child newly learning to walk. He felt fragile, like he could just fall to the floor and shatter into a thousand porcelain pieces...but he knew he wouldn't, he knew that he couldn't--that his mind would just guide his broken body to the roof, turn him due west and open his eyes to the fiery sight before him. And thats just what happened. Draco stepped out onto his windowsill, and jumped, falling a mere two feet before his rear hit the black tiles of the Manor's roof. He carefully picked his way along the gentle slope, until he reached one edge of the huge house's roof. It was the western-most edge of the house, and by far Draco's favorite part of the whole slab of hellish brick and cement.

And so he sat, trying to forget, closing his eyes in reminisce...

He'd been four when he'd found this place. Four, an innocent child, young and oblivious to the world.

Nevertheless, he'd had his first beating.

What had it been for?


"Malfoys don't sneeze , you ingrate!" his father had snarled, and Draco had seen his mother turn away with tears in her eyes...right before his father's hand had come down on the back of his neck, knocking him out cold.

When he'd awaken, he was in his bedroom, the silken sheets clasping onto his body, like a million cold and unfeeling hands. Draco had kicked them off, running a hand on the back of his neck. It was still sore, and after checking his appearance in the mirror, the many bruises and oozing cuts showed that his father had no where near stopped after lending him that blow to his head--the one that had caused a concussion, he now knew, remembering how his pupils had been dilated.

He had crept silently to the window, had opened it and lain his head on the sill, peering straight forward...On one of those four-year-old-whims, he'd carefully removed the mesh that served as a barrier from him and the roof, and slipped nimbly out of the window, all his nerves on fire with the knowledge that there would soon be discovery.

He had automatically walked towards the light, the light that had led him to the western side of the house...the light that had taken away his breath in sheer awe, sheer wonder...

The sunset.

Draco re-opened his eyes, his jean-clad legs dangling over the edge of the roof. Then he looked up, and found his breathe stolen in much the same way it had been all those years ago, when he was four.

The sunset gleamed a rich array of colors, pink, yellow, orange, red, all blended together upon a baby blue sky that was quickly turning navy. Draco could see the background of stars waiting to burst out into the sky, and it added even more to his fascination. The sky was endless, it was was pure. The sunset was gorgeous and luminous, shining a path of light through his darkened soul, awakening him, causing his numb soul to rejoice.

The sunset.

Draco's sunset.

Draco smiled.

AN: Here it is, Sunsets rewritten. Bound to be angsty, if anybody knows anything. :P...I've incorporated so many new ideas into this, I can't want to see what you guys will say. Reviiieeewww, pleeeeeaaassseee!