Balladeer: Now that Sarabeth and Misty were in jail. The Dukes were getting ready to take Lacy to Clayburn. And Jesse thought that all of them should present this pretty package.


Bo pulled the General lee into the wooded area that Mike had told him about. "Lacy who are all those people sitting around the table?" Luke asked.

"They'we my mommy's friends. The couple close to the bue twuck is Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Margie. The man that has his back to us is Uncle Eddie. And the woman beside him is Aunt Nette." Lacy said.

Daisy smirked. 'Well you have a lot of people that love you." She said.

"Uncle Mike's truck ain't here." Lacy said looking around.

Ricky and Eddie came over to the car. "Can we help you?" Eddie asked.

"Hi Uncle Eddie. Hi Grandpa." Lacy said.

Ricky turned back to the group. "RADIO MIKE TELL HIM WE HAVE SOMETHING FOR EM.," Ricky yelled. Ricky pulled Lacy out of the car and hugged her.

"Put me down." Lacy said.

"Oh sweet heart we were worried so much about you." Rhonda said coming over.

"I want my mommy." Lacy said.

"Lacy mommy will be here soon." Margie Grimes said.

"Who are you guys any ways?" Eddie asked.

"Oh we're sorry. I'm Jesse Duke this is my nephews Bo and Luke and Jud and my niece Daisy." Jesse said.

"One of em is Jennifer's biological brother." Margie said.

"And judging by the resemblance of Lacy I'd say it's Luke." Jimmy Grimes said.

"Has anyone called Jennifer and Mike?" Rhonda asked.

Balladeer: I think Luke and the rest of the Dukes have some explaining to do. Meanwhile Jennifer and Mike have a big surprise waiting for em. Where were they. They were picking up a dog.


Mike was driving when the radio crackled. "Break Mike." Came over the air.

"Go ahead." Mike said.

"Where you at?" Eddie asked.

"Coming down Center grade. Why?" Mike asked looking at Jennifer.

"We have people who want to speak with you." Eddie said.

"Be there in 10 minutes.." Mike said.

"Wonder what that's about." Jennifer said.

"Haven't a clue." Mike said. 10 minutes later they pulled into the camp. Mike didn't recognize the car beside Jennifer's.

"Who's car is that?" Mike asked.

"Looks like Bo and Luke's car." Jennifer said.

"Oh yeah General lee right?" Mike said stopping in front of the table. Jennifer climbed down from the truck and was greeted by Ricky and Luke talking.

"Hi mommy." A little voice said from behind Jennifer.

"Mike I think I lost my mind." Jennifer said.

"Why?" Mike asked smiling brightly.

"Cause I coulda sworn just heard Lacy say Hi mommy." Jennifer said.

"Cause I did Mommy." Lacy said.

Jennifer turned around and looked down to see her daughter. "Oh my god." Jennifer said picking Lacy up and hugging her to me.

Jesse nudged Luke and Bo to look at the display. "That is a mother's love boys." Jesse said.

"I missed you so much." Jennifer said.

"I missed you too Mommy. But if you're happy I'm back why are you crying?" Lacy asked causing everyone to laugh.

"Cause mommy's cry when their happy." Jennifer said.

"Oh. Ok." Lacy said.

Jesse Bo Daisy and Luke came up to the duo. "Hey Sugar." Daisy said hugging Jennifer.

"Hey. I guess this was your guys package?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes it was. Pretty neat package huh?" Bo asked.

Jennifer smirked. "Very near and dear to my heart. So I guess you all met everyone?" Jennifer asked not making eye contact with Luke.

"Yes we did. Daisy Bo why don't we go and meet Mike. Give these 2 a minute." Jesse said hugging Jennifer.

"Ok." Daisy said releasing Jennifer.

Bo hugged her. "You're right. She does look just like him." Bo said smirking while walking away.

"I can't thank you enough for bringing my daughter back to me." Jennifer said.

"No thanks needed. When I figured out who she was I had to do it." Luke said. Jennifer just hugged him and held him for a few minutes.

"There's something else I want to show you." Luke said wrapping his arm around her shoulder and walking her back to the group of people.

"Jud come here." Luke said. Jud walked over and nodded to his older brother and younger sister.

"Jud Kane this is Jennifer Macy. Jennifer this is Jud he is I think 3 years older than you." Luke said.

Jennifer was confused. "Is he a cousin?" Jennifer asked.

"No Jud is our brother." Luke said.

Jennifer just shook her head. "I go look for my brother and gain 2 cousins and an uncle and now another brother. Will wonder ever cease." Jennifer asked. Everyone laughed.

Balladeer: Luke Jud and Jennifer got to know one another better. And Bo and Luke were indeed a couple. But that's another story. Sarabeth and Misty got prison time right along side Donny and Bethany. Boss never did get his money. But he did get Roscoe back on the department parole. Or what is left of it. And the Dukes got a few more friends. Yall come back ya here.