(Note to LOK Fans: This is set during Kain's 200-year coma)

ALSO NOTE: This is a crossover between Resident Evil 2 and Legacy of Kain, However, I've tried my best to write it so that you don't really need any prior knowlage of either of the games to understand it, though it could add to the experience if you do I guess... Personally I think lacking knowlege of one of the games makes it better...

The first thing he was aware of when he came to was how cold he was… he was just… so cold… his skin was damp and sticky causing his bare chest to glimmer in the dull florescent lights. He didn't have the strength to pick himself up. All he could do was lie there dazed, the lights painful to his weak sight. He couldn't see. . . everything was so blurred… He had never felt so vulnerable since. . . ever. . .

His head spinned inside his skull and fragments of his memory fell into place … one image was of a man looking back at him through glass ... . a man in a white coat leering at him with his fingers interlaced, studying him like he was some sort of project… and he couldn't do anything to stop him from behind that glass… He couldn't move, he couldn't cry out… like he can't cry out now… He tried to say something, anything, but all that left his quivering moist lips was a slight whine.

A soft metal clinking from the distance got louder and louder until a pair of feet stood next to him. He looked a short distance up those legs but was far too weak to see who or what it was; his vision was blurred with exhaustion.

The feet kicked at him slightly, checking if he was still conscience, a pair of cold, gaunt hands wrapped around his bare arms and pulled him to up to lean exhaustedly against… whoever had pulled him up, though through his dazed state, the aroma of his captors blood struck him like a blot of lightning slicing right through the pain and suffering in his clouded mind.

His captor shook him gently; wiping whatever slime he was covered in off his bare chest and arms and parted his hair from his tired face. Tired from what? He had no memory of why he was tired, where he was or who was helping him recover…

He moved his lips to speak but his captor hushed him with a soft shushing.

"Don't struggle too much just yet;" Said the deep voice of the man whom had plucked him from the cold floor. "Your body's still a bit stiff from the stasis."

"What stasis?" He asked in a feeble, angry panic. "What have you done to me you bastard!"

"You're not dead. Be thankful of that."

"You did this to me, didn't you!"

"I said you're not dead! It was in my authority to have you disposed of before the teams could come and I chose to release you. At least be thankful of that."

"… … I am thankful that you gave me a chance of killing you!" He writhed in the mans grasp but he was too weak to do anything… he was weaker than this man… he was at the mercy of a mortal and he didn't like it. He had never been so aware of true defencelessness… and he hated this man for making him feel this way. "Let go of me, you putrid piece of human filth."

"Your wish is my command." And with that, the man dropped him to the floor, to the slime from which he had plucked him. He felt this head and body smack wetly against the cold steel grating of the floor the man adding to the pain, adding to his humiliation… "I don't have time for this." He heard the man, his voice becoming slightly distanced as he walked across the room, his footsteps clanking softly around a form of a large desk, then a shuffling of papers mixed with the worn-out incoherent complaining of the man as he complained to himself about the state he kept his workspace in.

The slime-covered man pushed himself up on drained, shaking arms and flicked back his hair, sticky with whatever slime that man had put all over him, and took the time to actually see whom it was who was belittling him like this.

An anaemic, gaunt man was shuffling through the papers on a desk of a highly disorganised work surface. The mans eyes were what caught his attention the most… so cold…When He was pressed up against the man the scent of that mans blood seeped into his senses but he would have never would have guessed that such a cold soul rested behind those eyes. There was no mistaking the eyes; they were the windows to the soul…

"I do wish you'd make yourself scarce, as I'm expecting a little company right about now." He said, reaching down below his desk, a shredding sound while he pulled something out that was taped to the underside of the desk. He sighted this small and pathetic black object across the room before sighting it firmly on his slime-covered head.

"And just what is that pathetic item?" He asked sarcastically.

"This" Began that strange man. "is a pistol, or more commonly known as a 'handgun', named after the metal they were manufactured with. It fires six chemically projectiled bullets per magazine and can quite easily kill you with one well placed bullet." His eyes widened and he naturally became very enraged that this psychotic was aiming this weapon directly at his forehead. "Get up. Now." He didn't obey. A slow smile spread across the mans moist lips. "You think I wont pull the trigger, don't you? I set you free out of appreciation of the past few months; you've let me make a fabulous bio-weapon out of your D.N.A and for that I am … mildly grateful, but I will kill you if you get in my way." A long pause ensued.

"Just tell me what's happening…" His voice became low and gruff, seething with an irate confusion "you at least owe me that, don't you?"

The man smiled and nodded, surprisingly. He didn't seem to want to waste time arguing with him, and just thought that if he told him everything then there would be no more need to go in annoying little circles to avoid discovery if he knew all he needed to know…

The man took a deep breath, and then quickly began the tale.

"When you were unconscious and healing in your sleep, we abducted you, sedated you and placed you in a tank where you were pickled in an artificial amnionic fluid, fed you oxygen through a pipe and monitored you in this strict scientifically maintained environment so that tests may be run on your highly mutogenic, highly superior genetic code. We slowly duplicated your physical attributes in an identical chamber to yours, only we patched in gaps with our own set of codes and thus made ourselves a bio-organic weapon of you… only it still remains incomplete and now those bastards from Umbrella want to steal my G-virus; the virus I used to make a weapon out of you and I'm going to try to skip this town with my wife, child and virus in a bid to preserve my life's work… but… You… you're a bio-weapon in your own right; evolved this way naturally, rather than mass-produced. You're a one of a kind, and when they get here they would've pulled the plug on you."

"So assuming all this is true;" He hissed "You so kindly released me out of sentiment." He question was more of a statement punctuating the irony of a merciless scientist, cold enough to abduct him as he slept and run all sorts of tests on him, would be humane enough to set him free when a team was on its way to have him destroyed anyway.

"I suppose your phrasing is true…" He replied all while shuffling through his papers feverishly. "I guess I am kind of sentimental when it comes to this sort of thing…" He brushed back his hair, his thin fingers shaking as they parted his shining dark hair and beads of sweat ran down his ghostly white forehead, accumulated at the bottom of his brow. His eyelashes became heavy with large, salty drops of his unnerved sweat and he wiped it away quickly as he scanned the desks, the shaking palms of his hands and most noticeably of all, a large black case on the middle of the desk. "God, I've wasted my life… " He muttered. "Umbrella robbed me of my youth… and now they want to rob me of my life too!" The rage in his voice was unmistakeable. He slammed his fists down on the desk, shaking all over and then his breathing became disturbingly erratic until it finally choked up into short, sharp inhalated bursts. He let his trembling head droop down onto the desk and brought his hands over him, hunched up, unable to control his breaths; he was slowly suffocating from his hyperventilation.

His former test subject ignored this however. He slowly wept the slime from his inhumanly white skin and examined the draws for his personal belongings that had been taken from him before he had been put in the amnio; his red shawl-like robe and a few harnessed that strapped the loose cloth to him-

-And he smirked down at the object that glimmered back at him in the bottom of this draw; Voradors signet ring that was made of a metal that was compressed human teeth polished to a shine and with runes painted in blood.

Kain took the ring in one clawed hand and felt the bottom of his earlobe with the other, searching for the hole in which his piercing would go into but he did not find it; it must have healed up. No matter; he pushed the needle through anyway, practically used to the pain was he, and wiped his blood from his ear after he was done. All while he did this, that insane scientist was having a freak out only two meters away.

Kain watched in enjoyment as the eerie scientist got grip on himself once more, infact, he got much more self control back than was comfortable for Kain; the man had just had a panic attack and now he had nerves of steel once more… The sudden transformation just wasn't normal in a human…

"You better get going now." Said the scientist in a completely smooth voice, unblemished from fear or doubt. "They are coming with intent on taking my life's work but I shall not give it to them. They'll have to kill me first and I don't want them to kill you too. I've ruined too many lives in my time and you would just be one too many." One of the mans damp hands rested on the large black case and with the other, he pointed the deadly weapon at Kains' chest. "Get out."

Kain took on a mocking attitude. "But we haven't even been properly introduced yet"-

-A bullet whizzed past his arm and nicked the flesh there.

Kain reeled back in feeling pain and shock that that petty human would dare injure him but didn't have the time to maim or roar at the idiot as he just kept pulling that trigger. Bullet after bullet narrowly missed Kain and clanged off the metal behind him.

"Get out Get Out GET OUT!" Shouted that insane bastard firing bullet after bullet at his test subject who dodged bullet after bullet and raced for the door. The mad scientist even bothered to change clips after one ran out!-

-But he ran out of clips after he had unloaded three from firing rapidly at Kain but that didn't stop him from pulling the trigger.

Click click click! Was the only sound in the sterile room. Kain stalked up to the scientist, his disgust and rage for that highly troublesome lesser form building with each heavy step. The scientists clicking gun slowly 'clicked' to a stop. A very embarrassed stop. A stop that was full aware of its impending doom.

He backed up anxiously against the desk as Kain pressedhis pale body roughly against that scientist making his anger apparent, making it plain that he intended to kill him. "Think-of-my-family." He blurted out suddenly

"But I don't want to hurt your family, do I?" Kain hissed. "I want to kill you."

-As Kain finished his sentence many almost silent footsteps in the distance were unmasked. They were systematically searching each room of the facility, the organised thumps slowly coming this way. "They'll kill both of us." He said quickly, jumping at an opportunity to extend his life. "This is a dead end; they're coming and they'll kill us both."

"I seriously doubt that any mortal weapon can take me out; just look at your little pistol there…"-

-"They could be packing better heat than that." He said hurriedly. "I heard that some sub-machine guns can fire thirty rounds per second. I honestly doubt even you would be capable of dodging that."

Kain took a step back from the man, finding his life unwillingly in his hands.

"Then what do you suggest I do." He asked monotoned; barely a question; much rather a statement.

"Hide; That's all you can do. Unless you want them to shoot you down of course."

"I don't 'hide' from anyone, mortal."-

-"It's all right - I wont tell on you." Kain let the argument drop; talking to this man… it was as though he planned this argument long before it even happened…. It seemed there was nothing he could say to escape the fact that he had to do what he was saying.

"They could kill you too…" Kain said, planting once again the prospect of death in his mind and waiting for him to hyperventilate again as Kain rounded the desk.

"I don't care…" William muttered like an ill-tempered child and he continued on muttering as he opened that big black case, gun in one hand.

A white mist burst into the air with a hissing that caught Kain off guard and made him flinch. -

-"It's… sheer perfection…" Said the scientist to himself, as though Kain and everything else that was happening to him was no longer relevant. "My precious G-virus…" The scientist hazy appreciation suddenly took on a more sinister edge, the maternal look in his eyes steadily oozing into an overjoyed and sick smile that spread across his damp lips as he gaze over racks and racks of purple and green tubes. He pushed a rack of greens shielding the purples aside and gradually with great ecstasy, almost orgasmic ecstasy, slipped one sample of mauve jell from its position amidst its brothers and brought it close to his face admiring a God-like beauty that only he could see. –

-William again changed into an entirely different person; now his face became wrinkled in a defiant frown. He swallowed down a lump in his throat, a lump that had an ominous affect on his voice when he concluded;

"No one will ever take you away from me…" –

- Kain's eyes were drawn from the scene as something behind the mad scientist moved… two black objects passed the window viewing just outside the room and instantly later, the whirling of electronics flailed the room as the door to the lab opened. Kain had already ducked behind the end of the desk when the two armed men barged in.

The scientist swiftly clicked closed his black case with his empty handgun and virus sample still in each of his hands but in his haste to safeguard his work, He kicked a chair back across the room. Kain couldn't see weather he had done it on purpose to make them notice him or by accident out of fear of his life but it defiantly drew their attention.

"There he is!" Kain heard, along with a metallic sound, a sound he recognised from when the scientist armed his deadly weapon, only the deeper tone of this noise made Kain become conscious of the fact that these mens' weapons were larger, heavier and capable of so much more carnage…

"So you've finally come…" Kain heard the scientist say, training his empty gun on the two fully loaded machine-guns. The sorry sound that was his voice revealed that he was almost accepting his own defeat… but his reply did not give such impressions. "Sorry, but I wont just… 'hand over' my lifes' work…"-

-Something metal struck the floor with a bang that sounded like a gunshot and the scientist let off a short gasp of surprise. One of the armed men behaved in a much more notable manner, and instead of a light gasp let a hail of bullets rain down on the scientist who fell in sharp, immense pain… And ultimately, the sickly sweet scent of his blood permeated the room.

"Stop it!" Called one armed man to his wildly firing companion. "You might hit the samples!" The firing stopped, and in a very unceremonious fasion, Kain heard them step over the scientists' body to the case that he had given his life for.

"That's it alright." Said the trigger happy one

"Okay; let's move out!" And with that they were gone, their footsteps leaving by far faster than they'd come.

Kain didn't wait to check if the cost was clear. All he knew was the blood that had bombarded and tormented his sense was being spilt on the floors. If he was quick, maybe the body hadn't bled out just yet and there was still a chance that Kain could finally get the blood he wanted from the mad scientist. -

-Only the mad scientist wasn't dead yet.

Barely alive and riddled with holes but alive nonetheless, the scientist slouched in a pool of his dark blood with the most agonising look of defeat in his pale blue eyes. His life-force was so weak that Kain couldn't sense it from his hiding place but only now when he was in his direct company could he feel that faint glimmer of life that he must have felt too-

- But footsteps began again, running rapidly in this direction but notably not heavy footsteps...

Kain hid once more but from his vantage he saw someone run past the window. A woman. A blonde woman in a lab coat.

She gasped in an exhausted jolt of horror at the sight of her fellow scientists on the brink of death.

"William!" She breathed "Oh my…" She ran up to him. "Hold on darling… I'm taking care of that bullet wound first…" Her words were tired; she knew he probably wasn't going to make it but she couldn't stand seeing her 'darling' die and ran back the way she came in a vain crusade for something to help him with.

After she was gone, Kain revealed himself again and slowly walked to the front of William whom was struggling to breath with so much blood leaking and bullets riddled all over his body. He was awash with his thick, dark blood; most of it pouring out of his mouth and nose. Kain was honestly impressed that he was managing to stay alive with such sever injuries.

"No amount of bandages and nursing can heal you now 'William'"

William slid the empty handgun across the floor weakly in the direction of Kain. "Take it… It's like you said; I wont be needing this anymore…"

"I don't need it."-

" I've studied you, Kain!" He yelled, spitting blood out as he went. " I am… full aware of your … skills. I wouldn't be giving this to you … if… I didn't think you … needed it…" Kain took the empty weapon simply to entertain a dieing mans wishes. William continued. "I…" He gargled through his slimy blackish blood. "I … uh intend to … end thu…" He swallowed a mouthful of his blood so he could finish his sentence "this…"

"I can make this stop..." Said Kain. "the pain, this nightmare, but that's all I can offer you... A blow to the back of your head… It'll be painless. It's probably the best way."

"Oh-how-very-noble-of-you" He burble out of his bloodied mouth in angry sarcasm. "And who'll finish you off, Kain? After I'm through, I guarantee you won't make it out alive."

Slowly, William revealed what he had clutched in his left hand, forcing a smile though the intense pain he must have been feeling.

-He was holding a sample of G-virus-

"I don't care." Growled Kain but suddenly after his statement William thrust the virus at him, threatening him with death by his virus.

"I can make it stop…" He repeated Kains words with an ironic smile of his dying face. "The pain, this nightmare, but that's all I can offer you." Kain realised William's determination to make those men pay and for the first time for as long as he can remember, a slight glimmer of unnerved fear knifed through his cold persona and Kain both hated and respected William for that.

"…" Kain moved over to the door, sensing, knowing that what William was about to do was Very bad.

"And by the way…" William panted before Kain left. "My name is William Buh…" He swallowed heavily. "Birkin…" He made a gargled sigh. " I have a wife and a little girl, I worked for Umbrella… and… I died at the age of 32… "


"You said we should get properly introduced…so there you go, Kain… My name…" He raised the sample over his chest with both hands "Is William Birkin!" and with one last huff, he poured all his strength and courage into his final action he would take in human form; he plunged the syringe and the G-virus deep into his body.

Kain knew this was very bad, very very bad but before he could escape the room, William flicked his head up in one sharp movement and stared inhumanly at him with pure red eyes. William slowly rose up on legs that should have been drained of all energy and just stood unwavering… The dozens of bullets no longer had any affect on him whatsoever…

That was it. Kain was out of there. Briskly walking (as he would never run from a human) out the door, Kain felt his guts twist, in what felt like fear when he saw what was happening through the window out of the corner of his eye: William wasn't quite William anymore… Something was terribly wrong with his right arm! It was twice as long as it should be! Kain shot a look through the window and saw… His arm was no longer an arm but a mass of bone claws each as long as his original arm. Kain watched as William slowly turned his clawed fist over and examined its horrific mass with his emotionless face and red eyes. –

- And then those red eyes were placed firmly on Kain.

Kain ran, now satisfied that he was not running from a mere human and that it didn't count as an act of cowardice. Anyone who hung around to see what happened next needed their brain exami-


Kain knocked the blonde woman flying, as well as the masses of bandages and metal instruments she was carrying over to the lab area. He stopped only briefly, feeling unusually benevolent to tell her;

"Don't go back for you're husband, Miss Birkin as you'll find he's not the man you married anymore." Kain felt amusement stir in his being at the jumble of emotions that tore across the woman as she looked up at him; Horror, rage, sorrow all flashed through her at the same time. He knew that women were emotional beings but this one just made him chuckle.

Her array of feelings finally settled on 'angry' when he started laughing at her.

"What the fuck are you talking about! How dare you say those things about my William? What gives you the right to"-

- "Oh just shut up you stupid little woman." Kain rightfully interrupted. At this, the woman plucked herself up off her feet and somehow accumulated the nerve to get up and swing at him but of course Kain stopped her hand before it reached his face. She appeared enraged by his defiance but he could smell her terror she was holding back.

"How did you get out?" She barked, finally aware that he was the project her husband had been working on.

"William released me." Kain explained, talking to her as though she was a child, infuriating her even more. "He injected the G-virus into himself after you left."

"You lying bastard! You killed him!" she scuffled around kicking and even trying to bite him all while he had hold of her wrist, squeezing it so tight that he was on the brink of breaking her bones.

Kain twisted that wrist up behind his back and pinned her painfully up against his body. She moaned angrily but didn't struggle anymore, as he just simply pushed her arm upwards causing her immense pain. "You listen to me, pesky woman." He hissed in her ear. "Your husband is not human anymore. If you were to come into contact with him you will die. Do you understand me?" She nodded pathetically. "Because if I let go of you and you run in the direction I have just come from then I will kill you, because I would be wasting your blood if you died by his hand." –

- Gyraaah!

A horrific, mangled roar filled the air. Kain kicked the woman to the floor "Run." He instructed her. She jumped up straight away giving him a cautious look… she was deciding weather to tell him something…

"If you encounter any employees, don't hang around long enough for them to work out who you are." She told him. "They're instructed shoot any loose experiments." Kain nodded

" I thank you for the information." He started to leave

"There are manholes under certain points in the floor leading to the sewers!" She called to him. "It'll be the only way out of here in an emergency situation!" Kain nodded to himself but he abruptly turned back when he remember the corridor he had come from was a dead end… and that cry defiantly sounded a while away… How did William escape lest through one of theses manhole covers?

With the crazed woman's running footsteps disappearing into the facility, Kain went back the way he came, paying close attention the floor, looking for anything that looked like it might come away…

And smiled when he found what he was looking for; a section in the floor with a small indent where the finders would go in order to haul the panel up, only it was… unscathed. William had to have gone in here but it didn't have a mark on it, which was weird when you remembered that William was now just a mindless monster and not technically a sentient being capable of comprehending its actions… or was it? Was William more in control of his new self than one would presume? He defiantly seemed to have the sense to open the cover and close it when he was done, rather than just smashing it in with his clawed fist, as he would do if he were an unintelligent being …

Kain opened the tunnel and climbed down the ladders into the lower levels of the laboratory. This area was defiantly more pokey than the upper levels; quite possibly where the lesser members of staff worked? The lighting was poor and tainted the white, narrow corridor a faint musky yellow giving this part of the labs an appearance of an old discoloured black and white photograph.

The corridor was utterly silent save for the heavy breathing of the adrenalin boosted Kain as he scanned the catacombs with his enhanced vampiric senses for any sign of life. He hushed his breathing to a subtle blur yet was rewarded with nothing; Not even the faint glimmer of a human heartbeat was detectable to his delicate senses. If William had really come down here, then his humanity should be unmistakable to mask…

"Where are you?" Kain brooded in frustration as the now no longer human mad scientist continued to elude his senses. -


The violent howl sounded once more and Kain used that one instant of terror to locate with his sensitive hearing just where the source of that mangled shriek was, and to his alarm, it was in surprising proximity to the vampire, yet he had previously been unable to detect him…

Kain followed the winding path of the corridors and with each sudden turn in the labyrinth, the anxiety gripped Kain that he might run into the man that had made that remarkable cry. Kain frowned in wry disgust that that hyperventilating, feeble, cowardly scientist was now such a powerful, fearsome animal already… This 'G-virus' of his wasn't to be sniffed at…

Kain came to a thick, steel door covered with strange locks and a blue painted number in a white box that read 'B14'. Was this 'floor 14'? 'B' however… what did that mean…?

"Basement…14?" Pondered Kain. Was this an underground facility? If so, it would explain why Kain hadn't seen a single window to the outside since he began his escape. It hadn't drawn any attention before… and if this was an underground facility, then he had to go up, not down. "So if William is escaping after those wretches," Thought over Kain in his poisoned mind. "Then why is he too going down?" Kain must've been on the right path, if so… The door seemed to have a numerical keypad by its side "and William would have known the combination…" William was defiantly still sentient if he was able to retain knowledge of the combination, and it was unlocked, proving that William knew Kain would have to go this way… but it wasn't opening…

Kain rammed his fist enraged into the large red lock release button yet nothing happened, and he continued to do this up until a cold female voice in the form of an automated messaged spoke out through unseen speakers;

"Warning; non-human presence detected in this area."

- And Kain was non-human.

"Rrrrgh!" He growled in irritation. Birkin had inconveniently forgotten to mention that the laboratory was fitted with an 'Anti-B.O.W (bioorganic weapon)' lock, or so he read from the blinking green letters on the control panel.

Kain kicked the door with all his might yet the thick metal bulk of the entrance didn't buckle even slightly. Not willing to give up even vaguely, Kain rammed his powerful clawed fist into the numerical keypad and sent eerie blue streaks of electricity licking up the metallic walls like creeping, cold fingertips of the dead.

The electric dance subsided and the once sealed and impenetrable doorway opened right up revealing a corridor identical to the one he had just traversed.


He once again heard Williams burble cry from a greater distance away than before and he dashed after it, yet for all his inhuman speed, he never caught up with the mutilated man… He never even caught any hint of the gigantic monsters presence in the sterile corridors… not even a faint glimmer of the scent of blood in which he had been bathed in purely minuets ago… what's worse was that Kain had been greatly weakened by his stasis, so much so that his memory was wanting in places and his former power had been greatly diminished; he could not summon the wolf form and track the mutant that way.

The stasis had left him as weak and as feeble as a human and it gave him all the more reason to hunt down the monster so that he would be able to make him pay for insulting him so. Kain couldn't work out just why he had spared the scientist for so long but he wouldn't make the same mistake twice; Kain didn't think about how much stronger the man was now. All he thought of was making him suffer for weakening him so.

Kain stopped once again with a snarl of irritation; another damn door was blocking his way, but on the plus side of his situation, this was the entrance to a service elevator.

-And it was in use-

Above the closed door were 46 small red square lights that each indicated a floor. Kain watched light number 44 blink on and off, then number 45, then number 46. He felt his hair rise up on the back of his neck as that light stayed on. He knew William was on that ride and it chilled his bones to picture it… -

- But it should -

Kain frowned, regaining his blind confidence when he remembered who he was. He shouldn't be afraid of any mortal. No matter how powerful, no human man could ever surpass his skill; there was nothing to fear from the mad scientist.

Kain watched the blinking red squares slowly descend back down to his level with a self-confident smirk on his black lips. It was no great task to presume how the contraption worked. From the formation of the buttons, Kain easily worked out how to open and close the doors and set his destination to level 36 with the intent of tracking that scientist down like the worthless animal he had become, however, it appeared his task would become more interesting…-

-"Your attention please;" Came the ever cold feminine voice of the labs computers, but in the relative safety of the elevator, the voice was distant and echoing.

Kain raised his eyebrows. Something inside him told him that this was bad… "Unauthorised opening of; cage 3…. … Unauthorised opening of; …cages 5,… 7,… 8,…10…" Kain folded his arms… He thought that it had stopped, then-

-"Your attention please; " Again repeated the icy female voice of the laboratories computer. " Non-Human presence detected; levels, 21,… 23,… 27,…" Kain's sensitive hearing picked up an eerie scratching noise but from where, he couldn't tell.

"14, … level …38, …level,… 39… This is not a drill… Thank you for your cooperation."-


A pair of bone claws scythed through the steel ceiling of the elevator like it was paper and a horrific hissing came through the jagged metal gap it had made. It has missed Kain by only a hairs length and he ducked down hastily, looking up at the jagged hole left behind by the attacker and out into the blackness beyond: Something wanted in bad…

The only movement he could see was the glimmer of whirling cables and the flickering of blackness above but still he didn't let his guard down, watching the opening threateningly with his deadly yellow gaze… yet there was no movement whatsoever…


The bone claws struck again only this time from the walls of the elevator shaft and the claws narrowly missed the flesh of his arm. Kain dived back and span around in time to see something dart past the hole, climbing nimbly around the elevator structure itself, moving over to the wall Kain was against. He dived back to the wall where the gouge had been made, narrowly avoiding the claws again as they pierced the very spot Kain had been leaning against merely an instant before.

Now, Kain was more than a little angry. Snarling with rage like some crazed beast, he stretched up and ferociously forced the claw-made hole wide open, the metal protecting with shrill bleat as it was strained into an unnatural shape. Kain hauled himself up onto the roof of the ascending elevator and out into the bitter blackness of the shaft.

He stood hunched over and ready to move swiftly, mindful he didn't get his feet caught in the moving gears and cables of the mechanism he shared his foothold with. The constant drone of the working elevator impeded his efforts to detect his cowardly attacker by ear but after a few seconds of waiting, he didn't have to.

He turned in time to witness a horrific mass of snarling flesh dive up lunge howling enormously at him. He dropped and rolled out of it path of it's assaulting claws, his boot grazing a rapidly spinning axle causing sparks to burst forth from the clash, yet he forced himself away fro the deadly gears and leapt back up in less than a heartbeat, utilising his inhuman speed to an advantage against the insane creature.

It span around with its seemingly boneless body and hissed wit its saliva-drenched teeth at him. Kain admired it in its sick beauty; it was the size of a skinless man, yet there was nothing human about it's predatory movements. The only weakness he could see was the foolishly exposed brain on top of its eyeless face, the grey matter the only change of colour between its crimson flesh and tarnished claws. It was NOT a naturally occurring beast; that was for sure.

After it had made it's rather clumsy rotation to face him, Kain expected the creature to strike again with its claws, only it didn't… It engaged in a rather unusual attack… It's lower jaw opened wide to an insane length, exposing it's many rows of long, needle-like teeth, but that was not what it was attacking with. -

- Kain lunged backwards and almost fell off the roof of the rising elevator when its tongue lanced at him at an alarming speed and length. Kain has just managed to evade it, but he was now teetering off the edge of the elevator; it would only take a small knock to send him plummeting 40 floors to his death.

The creature howled a strange distorted cry and used its seemingly frail back legs to propel its body through the air in a diving slash attack, but Kain was too good to be defeated by the likes of a nameless and insentient animal. He let himself fall from the elevator and the creature, unable to stop itself fell from the roof and plummeted into the blackness below, out his Kain's path forever.

Kain clutched onto the roof of the elevator with his one hand, dangling over the side, dangerously close to the sides of the shaft that raced rapidly past him. He stared down the blackness below, watching blankly as level after level went past. Looking up, he saw the top of the shaft racing rapidly for him; He couldn't risk going back in the way he came out but that was no problem for him; he drove his free hand into the elevators wall repeatedly, and soon a large hole was formed, a hole he widened and slipped into feet first just as the elevator reached its destination.

The grey double doors of the elevator automatically whirled open and let a disgusting flood of urine stench and he covered his nose in sheer repulsion. For all the accent of the service elevator it hadn't yet reached the surface but instead he was entering a sewer…

-Rapid gunfire resounded in the corridor, which was inevitably followed by-


"Wh…W… W-what was that?" Came a human voice hushed by distance. More sounds of terrified cries "Eat this you freak!"- A hail of bullets resounded through the murky stone labyrinth. "The bullets… arn't stopping it!"-

-A wet ripping then a horrifying mangled human scream of a horrendous goring pain filled the air, then died, no doubt along with the mortal subjected to the sickening pain.

"Hurry!" That voice was remarkably close… Kain was barely meters away from the heart of the action, he had nearly finally caught up with what Birkin had become and wasn't going to give up the chase now; no manner of labyrinth could ever blunt his wrath. -

- But on the turn of the next corner, Kain unexpectedly ran face to face with two black-clad creatures. He couldn't make sense of them at first; he only saw red eyes staring directly at him, and goggles and a gas mask -

- "These are the men that stole the virus" He hadn't seen them entirely when they burst in on the scene so rudely back at the lab, but there was absolutely no doubting who or what they are. Armour clad, cowardly humans wielding unnecessarily powerful firearms to replace a fighting skill Kain knew they all lacked.

"What the?" Gasped one, caught very off guard by Kain's unexpected appearance.

"It's the monster! Instructions are to destroy it on sight!" They jumped back and raised their machine guns, taking aim and Kain knew he wouldn't be able to dodge their rounds, and hoped like hell that the bullets wouldn't harm him as much as they had William-

- But something down the corridor to their right (Kain's left) caught their attention. Kain couldn't see what exactly, because the corridor kinked left just beyond him, but the black-clad armed cowards, they had a direct view of whatever it was down on their right side. Kain didn't take his chance to escape for he had come too far to be chased off now by two idiots, and he couldn't let himself back off so all he could do was just watched them…

They darted their heads round at the corridor just beyond Kain, and they stiffened with fear. "W-What is this thing?"


That same violent cry Kain was seeking tore through the air like a serrated blade. It had been howled from human lungs that once loved to laugh and sing, and now they were full of pain and blood and though the noise was a bloodied and agonising testament to the horrific creature William Birkin had become, the sound retained its eerily human quality, like the ghostly whisper of the wind after an aggressive explosion.

The infinite scream was very, very, very close; at the end of the corridor the humans were looking down even. William was meters away from them and Kain felt his hair stand on end even as the last weak echoes kissed the damp air.

Kain desperately hungered to kill William Birkin more than he even wanted to get back to Nosgoth but he just couldn't shake the feelings that were beginning to bubble up inside him. The knowledge of what he was feeling crept up on him like a snake in the grass, yet he told himself it wasn't; it just couldn't be … Kain hadn't felt fear in his entire life; his insanity made sure of that, but in his current state of extreme weakness, fear was leaking through his insane rage and it made his senses spin in a startling manner, in ways he never felt before. Kain was becoming increasingly frightened, and it confused him so much he began to lose his footing, stumbling back a few paces across the slimy stone floor with his hands gripping his head. It just didn't make any sense… The two armed men now only a brief distance ahead of him where firing down the corridor frantically, like they desperately had only a little amount of time before something horrible would happen-

- One of the men screamed out in pain and was dead on the floor, his shredded corps bouncing coldly off the slimy brick before Kain had a chance to blink. The other black-clad coward dived off to the side and staggered in an attempt of balance, barely giving himself time to recover from the shock of evading the insatiable tornado of starling pain that swept up and tore apart the other man.

"Son-of-a…!" The surviving man opened fire again. Kain, still dizzy and holding his head, was alarmed by the sound of shots trajectory. Even in this vastly weakened state mixed in with this new insanity of fear he shouldn't be hearing them wrong, for they sounded like they were being fired at him.

Kain stopped concentrating on maintaining his equilibrium and took in a deep breath to overcome the disgusting weakness of fear that had overcame him, collecting his thoughts to attain the strength and dispelling the weak humanity which was dominating his heart and thoughts. Before William had shamed him by strapping his unconscious body to scientific apparatus filled with amnionic fluid, Kain would have taken to the beast without a single sentiment of hesitation in his strong soul. Brandishing the Soul Reaver, he would have tore into the monster with full energy, dripping with so much rage and hate, showing his extreme pleasure in killing and maiming that he would even drive the fear of God into even the strongest of creatures. Now, he found himself too frightened to open his eyes to see the monster he hungered to face. It disgusted him. This weakness… it was human. William had infected him with weakness and humanity and had selfishly infected himself with unspeakable power, punctuating Kain's humiliation further. It's like William only let Kain live to suffer this humiliation he had prepared for him.

Kain beheld that unspeakable power at that moment. He saw the, the thing from behind, the monster that was now almost twice the size of the already freakishly tall man. From behind, Kain could see the soft brown hair on top of William's head, almost like a real human man, but the body was out of proportion in a way that couldn't be told accurately from behind. The white cloth of the lab coat across was stretched spotted with blood and filth. The right shoulder where the bullets mostly entered the scientist was bulbous and swollen, the extent of the injuries, Kain couldn't see it clearly from behind, but he was very much eager to see what the 'G-virus' had done to him.-

- The firing stopped and Kain realized the mortal had run out of bullets. Kain knew then the man was dead, and from the way he back shaking against the wall, rolling his head from side to side, he knew the man knew he was dead too. The last sounds of the bullets finished their metallic echo in the narrow stone tomb and the breathing of the monster could be heard. Each breath was raspy, deep and drawn out, panting like an insane beast, but the breaths were getting faster, heavier, harder, and suddenly the man screamed and there was a wet ripping of flesh, but not his flesh; William's. William's shoulder split. A speckled spray of bloody and sinew blossomed forth from the wound as it wetly ripped to reveal a bulbous, slimy, dripping ball discoloured with gore and viscera; a giant eye ball, and it rolled in its socket rapidly back and forth, and then it focused its piercing black beady centre on it's victim. Its victim gave out one last pathetic shriek before William went to work. His right fist exploded into the mass of tainted bone claws Kain had witnessed back and it rammed it into the chest of the man. Then, with his free hand, he slided it roughly into the open, dark oozing wound and then tore the man in two like a rotten piece of fruit. The sticky wet ripping noise was incredible. Black and red blood and sticky, thick guts exploded onto the walls like they had been thrown onto the walls in buckets. The man that had been standing there had disappeared, and now in his place there was only sticky sprayed entrails slowly sliding, dripping thickly from the walls.

Kain didn't know how he was supposed to attack. The Birkin monster, which was still facing away from him, now bent slowly down, his jeans making the familiar rasping sound, and began to examine the torn remains of the dead man as though what had just happened was a trivial matter. It seemed to sniff at the blood on its claws and one normal hand-

- And Kain was suddenly knocked back by the scent of blood all around him. His fear totally dissolved into his bloodlust and he remembered what it was he fought for; the blood of life. He was not afraid. Fear was William's curse; bloodlust was the curse that ruled him and he would make sure never to forget it.

With the thick scent of blood all around him, Kain's desire for vengeance was momentarily preoccupied by the thick lust for the blood of the corps William had left before him on the floor. The syrupy red fluid oozed tantalizingly from the horrendous claw marks torn across the dead figures armour plated chest and for a moment, Kain realized just how long it had been since he had the sweet taste of blood wet his mouth. He was so very hungry, and that hunger was what had primarily drove Kain to seek out William. Crouching, he took the blood into his mouth and almost flinched by the sudden wash of sensation that poured across his worn and tired sense. He fed on the blood of one man and William fed on the wet flesh of the other, soft grunts, slow, damp rips and snapping of bone could be heard from the crouched titan in the corner.

For a moment, Kain and William seemed almost identical in monstrous, bloodthirsty nature. Perhaps this is why William, a scientist of his apparent reputation, had studied Kain as meticulously as he had said; William had apparently spent the best years of his life developing the virus he was now infected with, and it had made Kain realize that William took great pride in his monsters. He saw them like a perfected art, and to discover a naturally occurring biowepon – Kain – must have been an incredible discovery for him. The G-virus would build such extraordinarily powerful biowepons, and Kain might have been the base for William's next discovery… In this way, both monsters feeding at the same time, they seemed almost the same kind of creature… -

- William abruptly stopped his feeding from the now almost bare carcass, bits of tattered, weak red flesh hanging from empty ribs, and it rose to its feet in a motion too quick to be called strictly human. It wiped its mouth ravenously and stuffed in the remaining pieces of flesh dripping from its face, a face that Kain hadn't seen since the lab, since the red eyes that chilled even his cold-hearted soul. Kain too, finished his feeding and wiped the blood dripping from his black lip with the back of his hand, raising up from his crouch to a defensive position: William didn't seem to even know Kain was watching him, and just stood, his back facing Kain in the distance, tilting its head back, looking up as if it was deciding something... -

- And it turned suddenly, its feet scuffing the brick as it span around and its eyes fixed on Kain. The inhuman redness drove into him like two bloodied daggers, and it snarled and bared its gore-stained teeth like a damn mindless animal. The bulbous, orange, slime-dripping eyeball on its blistered and tortured right shoulder rolled around in its socket haphazardly and then focused dead on Kain, and strangely at that moment, William's rage exploded.

Throwing another of those horrific, tormented, fierce cries into the air as well as its disproportioned arms to emphasise the sheer power and abhorrence that stewed unrestrained inside it, the sickening monster threw itself down the corridor, hurtling towards its next victim with so much intense hate and rage that Kain wasn't even sure he would survive this encounter.

The running, screaming creatures' right fist again exploded into a mass of bloodied claws and from its mouth, dripping from a tongue wet with blood and distorted, gagged teeth stained with viscera and bits of entrails, foamed blood and saliva and hissing, putrid vomit that had turned sour in the dead mans guts. It foamed at the mouth like a mad dog and spat and hissed and growled a deep, throaty growl from the bottom of its disgusting heart.

Kain dived out of the insane beasts path and in that same second an explosion of brick and dust boomed out of the wall of his right as William's massively powerful bone claws made contact with the slimy green brick wall. Rolling off the floor and darting to his metal boots, he barely had enough time to dodge the rapid backhand swipe from the claws of the beast itself.

William ceased its attack only for a second to snarl at Kain, blood and dirtied saliva oozing from its gritted teeth, black rotting liquid dribbling across its blistered lips, and gore weeping from William's damaged right eye like a trickling, tainted teardrop. It ran down his tatty bone-white cheek, a skin that was once fresh and clean like a sterile laboratory, and it ran over the bumps in the flesh that were fatty tentacles of arteries, slowly growing over the monsters face to reach the damaged organ. William was healing himself of the bullet wounds that were secreting viscera all over his bloodied body, even now as he stood furiously oblivious of the scientific miracle he had become.

The battle commenced and Kain fended off a barrage of tremendously powerful blows delivered by the swinging arms of the violent beast. Numerous blows were executed every second and every second, Kain dodged, blocked and dived from them at a speed that would be impossible for any other man. William was by far the most physically powerful tyrant Kain had encounter that was still technically a human being. William may have been still a human, albeit a greatly enhanced version, but Kain felt his muscles start to ache from overwork but William however William didn't even appear to be stopping briefly between blows. William had turned from hyperventilating mad scientist to ultimate killing machine with the simple injection of a pathogen. Kain failed to see the pathogenic effect. William had unbelievable moves on him like a true fighter. If this was the effect of the G-virus, then Kain wanted to get his hands on it. The only real side effect Kain could see was the sheer lack of sentient thought, and one can't rule the world without a mind.

But it didn't seem like Kain would get much of a chance to investigate further. As much as Kain detested to the very core of his being to admit it, he was losing, and William was knocking him further and further back into the wall. William thirsted to smash Kain's skull into the brick and destroy him but not for the thirst of blood, and not for the name of his species, but simply because he can. William had no real reason to hate him, so why was he desperately trying to kill him? It didn't make any sense… -

-William's claws struck him across the chest with the force of an oncoming train and he was smacked across the sewer tunnel like a rag doll. Kain rolled across the brick that scratched up the exposed skin on his chest, the loose cloth strapped to his body dislodging from the intensity of the fight. On his fours, Kain coughed up bits of blood, and touching his chest, he realized William had broken a few of his ribs. The skin on his chest where William had struck him was red and purple and bruised, blood vessels rupturing beneath the unbroken skin, and looking startled and angrily at the beast at the end of the corridor, Kain saw almost a flash of pleasure across the deranged façade; intelligence he shouldn't possess.

William was still hunched over in the final movement of the blow, his clawed fist still stretched out almost in a tired delight with his human hand resting on his knee in support. Slowly, it approached Kain's crippled form, scuffling on the brick like a pathetic crippled insect, scuffling, trying to get to his feet in his weakness, and in the fear that was again beginning to leak through his stony heart like an eating acid.

Kain glanced painfully up and William was looking intently down at him with a smile, forced onto his messed up face incredibly to intimidate him. William grinned down at him and his cheek flinched and spasmed twice; some sort of muscle glitch brought on by the mutilation of the right side of his face, and with his one human hand, he clutched Kain by the throat and lifted him up off his feet to meet him eye to eye. Kain's face was only inches away from William's, and for the first time he could really smell the decay that was all over him. His eye smelt putrid and rotten, the throbbing arteries across his right cheek reeked strongly of rapidly decomposing blood, and his teeth were discoloured, jagged and broken from gnawing the bones of the enemies he devoured. It was at this point that Kain noticed the eye on his right shoulder had closed, and now, instead of shredding him apart like the deranged jackal he was literally seconds ago, he merely examined Kain intently. That growth on his right shoulder clearly had a great effect on his psyche. Maybe now he had changed back to the scientist he once was…

Kain slid his fingers up to his neck and gently tried to pry William's large hand from his neck without incurring the rage in the beast, but the strong fingers didn't loosen even slightly. William didn't stop studying him, and now his gaze wandered lower to the large angry bruise he had inflicted across Kain's pale chest. Eyes shining in curious twinkle, William pressed his clawed hand against his handiwork, causing Kain great discomfort. He hissed in pain and it brought some kind of sick pleasure to William's dead, soulless face to see Kain writhe in agony, wriggling in his grasp like a pathetic worm-

-And William howled in pain at the flash of agony that struck him across the face, throwing his toy aside and cradling his injury. Kain was not as defenceless as he had let him believe; He had struck the monster with his own claws across the already damaged right side of William's face. William was now cradling his injury with both hands, wearing a look of shock and disappointment on his monstrous face like an innocent, scalded child. The monster was horrifically mangled with its ribs protruding from bloody, tattered flesh, and twice the size of any mortal man, but now it had whelped like a kicked puppy. When its bulbous eye was closed it had a sentient mind again… Kain found its behaviour erratic and disgusting; it had torn more that three men to pieces and had withstood rapid machine gun fire without even flinching in pain, but now, Kain marvelled as he began to understand that what he had done had hurt its feelings

Kain backed slowly away, unable to work out just what was with this creature… William persisted with the hurt, wounded innocent twinkle in his eye and Kain persisted backing away. What did it want from him? Why did it take what Kain had done so seriously? Why wasn't it the deranged slobbering beast it was a moment ago? With Kain in this weakened state, he couldn't figure out the events that had taken place in these past few moments. He wanted to kill William more than anything, but something was staying his hand…

William didn't stop his emotionally hurt façade as he exited the scene through one of the sewer gates, and Kain didn't stop puzzling over what had stayed his hand that evening as he left the sewer system.

When he came into this new world, this marvellous city that beneath it held a dark secret, he knew there and then that it wasn't going to last for long. What had happened in the bowels of the city, in the secret laboratory that had acted as his womb to this world, was too vast to be kept underground. Kain knew that the death and destruction that was being developed in the depths of the city would rise and transform the city to ashes like a dark phoenix of annihilation. And if that philosophy wasn't enough to convince him, Kain knew that everything the humans ever made destroyed them eventually, and Kain believed he had just witnessed the beginning of the end.