For the Family

Rating K+

Disclaimer: I do not own the monopoly on any TMNT or their related friends.

I do it for my family

though they may complain and groan,

about how I push them and urge

them on for more.

I do not want to see,

a single member fall

so I will do what it takes

until they can stand tall.

You do it for the family,

Protection is a must,

But can't you see my son,

that you aren't the guardian

of us?

You are hurting. And now you shun,

the words I try to say

But I must try to reach you

and bring you to the light of day.

For though you are a ninja

and our ally is the night

The heart lives better

when it is unburdened and light.

I try to be flawless

in all that I do

the perfect son

must do this

to see it

all come true.

I push myself for honour's sake

for perfection, I do strive,

knowing a single mistake

Could cost one I love to die.

I refuse to lose a life

and so must push for more,

not just from myself

but those I do it for.

Ah, my son,

heed not the words I say?

Perfection is a gift,

and one that is near impossible

to obtain

and to do so,

you must be ready to fail

along the way.

Those you view as weak,

Are stronger then

the link you forge

within the chain.

You go against my wish,

and anger's your domain.

You shut us out and act too quick,

this has never been your way.

To say that it concerns me,

is troubling, though not the

least I could say.

Why can't you understand?

Why don't you see?

This is my weight to bear.

My responsibility.

You placed it on me

Now tell me that what

I do, is wrong.

Don't you know who I do

it for?

I've done it along?

I can not make

The same mistake,

the fear of it

grows strong

I will see to it,

that no more

can go wrong.

To protect those I love,

I can do no less,

but I must insure,

they too can pass

the test.

Still the wall grows higher,

and I fear this path

you tread.

Your brothers see

the changes you have wrought

It makes them wonder and fear

at where it will stop.

You seem to shut yourself,

from all we say and do,

so I must hope an old friend

may be the one to get through.

Though Usagi spoke of

failure and of fear,

you did not listen to

his advice with open heart

and ears.

My son,

I reach for you

though your path

grows dark,

and I know I may lose you,

and that hurts my heart.

You don't seem to understand,

what it is I need,

For you only repeat

the things I learned

while at your knee.

I want to learn

something new,

so that I may be strong.

But you hold me back

and refuse to teach

that which I often long

It is hard for me to see,

how it came to pass,

the one that I

honoured so

Can not go

beyond the basics

of the past.

Our enemies grow stronger,

And I know , to survive.

We'll need more then what

you give, and so it must be

if you want us to stay alive.

Now the blade strikes,

and blood is spilled.

The flesh wound is not as bad,

as the wound that is caused,

to heart and soul when

you strike so at me.

I realize now, that

there is naught I can do

I tired my best, my son.

But I can't reach you.

You build the wall,

of hatred ,fear, too high

and too strong.

You do not see,

your worst enemy

lies in you.

Those you long to protect,

will be destroyed by you.

It seems I have lost you,

my son, and don't know what to do.

It hurts me so to do this,

but know that I love you.

Though the words pain me,

I tell you, you must leave.

Find a new teacher, and hopefully

return to me.

With heavy heart

I leave them.

Far must I roam

A new sensei I must find

no where near my home.

I hate to leave my family

Knowing they need me.

Can't understand why I'm sent away.

I can only hope and pray,

that no harm

comes to call.

Still I wonder,

why they do not

seem to understand.

What I did, I did for them.

I love them all and need them.

In the end all I can say,

is I did it just for them.