It was Christmas Eve morning and Harry still hadn't gotten Lucius a gift. This was harder than it should have been. So, not completely knowing where to start, Harry decided to go to Diagon Alley. All he needed to do was convince Lucius to let him go.

"Why do you need to go to Diagon Alley?"

Harry sighed heavily, not necessarily wanting to tell Lucius that he was the reason.

"It's personal."

Lucius narrowed his eyes, obviously not liking that answer.

"I need to go to Gringotts."

Lucius waved his hand, dispersing the importance of that statement.

"You do not need to go to Gringotts, I'll cover the expenses."


Lucius looked surprised and mildly curious at Harry's vehement reply. Harry was just glad the man wasn't angry.

"I don't need to be monetarily indebted to you like that."

"You are my—"Lucius didn't get to finish that statement as Harry interrupted him.

"Technically, I'm just a guest until the bond is made official. So far, you've done nothing to further the bond you forced in September, and I'm not ready to let you. Therefore, I would like to go to Gringotts and get some of my money."

Lucius sat back in his chair, hands crossed. Harry was beginning to hate the study, he felt like some recalcitrant child sent to the headmaster's office.

"Alright, you may go. I don't suppose you would oppose if someone accompanied you, would you? Or does that cross the guest/host limitations?"

Harry fought a smile at Lucius' wry tones. If the man let himself relax, he might actually be tolerable.

"No, I think that should be fine. Thank you sir, it's just some last minute things."

Lucius nodded, not looking the least bit interested. Instead, he said, "Draco will accompany you, as will Severus. I believe they need to go to Diagon Alley also."

The man's voice brooked no argument, so Harry nodded his ascent.

The trip was welcomingly uneventful. Draco spoke infrequently, and Snape, not at all, not even to deliver some disparaging remark. The best part was, as it turned out, Harry didn't have to stop anywhere other than Gringotts. Thankfully, Draco and Snape's errands weren't time consuming.

When Harry stepped into his vault, he found a package that he had never noticed before. Curiously, he picked it up. It was a small brown box with a bright blue ribbon wrapping it and a tag attached. Written on the tag was, 'Break Open in Case of Emergency!' Not knowing what would necessarily constitute as an emergency, he ripped off the ribbon and opened the package.

Harry gasped in surprise and delight when he saw what was in the box. Another note inside the box said, 'Keep it safe. Give this to someone special.' Harry didn't exactly know what it was, but it was large, shiny, pretty, green, and practically hummed with magic. Harry knew it would be perfect for Lucius.

He turned to face Snape and Draco with a wide smile on his face.

"I'm done, we can go home now."

That earned him surprised looks from both Snape and Draco.

"I thought you needed to go shopping?"

Harry smiled and shook his head, saying, "Nope, I found the perfect gift for your father."

Snape snorted, "I doubt your definition of perfect is different from his."

Harry smiled secretly and motioned the two Slytherins into his vault.

"I'll show you."

The gasps of shock from the two were priceless and Harry reveled in it.

"Where did you get that, Potter?" Snape's words were barely more than an awed whisper.

"From in here."

Automatically, Snape and Draco's eyes scanned the vault, seemingly ignoring the Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts.

"What would something like that be doing in a minor's school vault?"

Harry's interest was piqued with the 'minor's school vault,' detail, but ignored it in light of Snape's overwhelming surprise.

"It's rare, priceless and dangerous, I take it?"

Snape looked at Harry as if he'd grown two heads, so Draco answered.

"Potter, that's a dragon's heart. They're near impossible to get."

Harry wondered how the box had gotten in his vaults when he first saw it, but now; now the question of how it got there was overwhelming.

"Then I suppose your father will appreciate the gift."

With that, Harry walked out of the vault. The trip back to the manor was quiet, which, again, Harry appreciated. He didn't say anything to Lucius when he saw the man, merely nodded. He made a brief stop to his room, and then walked straight to Selene's room.

"I found the perfect gift for Lucius, one more suitable than I'd thought."

Selene smiled fondly at Harry fondly from her place on the wall.

"I'm glad. What did you get my childe?"

"Apparently I'm giving him a dragon's heart."

Selene's eyes widened in surprise as she responded, "He will definitely like that. Now, tell me more about your day. Today is Christmas Eve, right?"

Harry nodded, then launched into a narrative of his day. Then, he and Selene jumped to other topics. Harry truly liked Selene; he felt comfortable and peaceful while in her presence. He really wished he'd been able to know her as more then a portrait of a beautiful woman.

Time passed unnoticed by Harry, and the next thing he realized, the door slammed opened, revealing a truly angry Lucius Malfoy.

His voice, when he spoke after taking in the scene, was very quiet and controlled.

"I thought I made it clear that you were not to go in any rooms that were locked and warded."

Harry stood up slowly, as if faced with a predator about to strike. Looking at Lucius, he realized that description wasn't that far off from the truth.

"I didn't."

Lucius narrowed his eyes, clearly disbelieving the young Gryffindor.

"Obviously you have the same disregard for telling the truth as you do for following directions."

Harry's eyes widened at the threat he heard in the man's tone of voice. Speaking slowly and clearly, harry tried to reason with the older man.

"I swear I did not go into any rooms that were locked or warded. I got lost the other day and found this room, unlocked. I've been speaking with Selene—"

Harry stopped abruptly when he saw Lucius' eyes widen and his nostrils flare in anger.

"Selene? I should have known."

Lucius hadn't been happy when he'd learned Harry was in this part of the manor; it was the family wing, where aunts, cousins, parents, or other close relatives would stay. However, thankfully, Lucius didn't have any, so this portion of the manor was unused. Moreover, Lucius thought, up until now, unknown.

When he'd learned Harry was speaking with Selene, his unhappiness became even more prominent. He honestly didn't know why Harry being in these rooms disturbed him, other than the fact that Harry wasn't supposed to be there. The wards should have kept the boy out.

Suddenly, and strongly, the Incubus wanted to claim its mate. It could sense confusion, fear, and anger rolling off Harry, and the want was so strong that Lucius let it have some control.

He stalked the boy, crowding him, pushing him back towards the armoire against the far wall. His hand came up and gently encircled Harry's throat, his thumbs rubbed against his pulse point.

He nearly purred in satisfaction when he felt Harry's heartbeat speed up. The unfinished bond poked at the Incubus like poking at a sore tooth. The beginning of the bond was set, but it resonated wrong. It just begged to be completed and set to rights.

"Lord Malfoy?"

Such trepidation in those softly spoken words, wary curiosity in those sparkling, emerald eyes, yet the fear lingered. Lucius was surprised to realize the Incubus didn't like the fear, wanted to get rid of the fear, replace it. It had never cared in the past; indeed, it had gloried in that bit of fear.

Slowly, Lucius lowered his head and nuzzled just behind Harry's ear, sliding his lips lightly across the sensitive flesh. He smiled when Harry's knees buckled and the boy gasped in surprise. It was an obviously, previously unknown erogenous zone for Harry. Perfect. He settled his hands at Harry's hips, helping to stabilize him.

The powers inherent in an Incubus included the ability to stimulate, to arouse his victims. Lucius rarely used it, finding that his past lovers/victims were easily aroused merely by himself. He didn't want to give up control to the Incubus, even during that act meant to feed it. Even then, sex was for Lucius, for the Incubus, not the victim.

Now, the Incubus didn't merely want to feed, it wanted to pleasure its mate, and Lucius was along for the ride.

He bit down on the tendon along Harry's neck, worrying the flesh, then sucking, drawing the blood to the surface. The Incubus wanted to mark Harry; it wanted to satisfy the too stretched bond.

Harry grabbed onto Lucius biceps, and held tightly, his eyes squeezed shut. The Incubus steadily pushed its power into the boy, drawing quiet moans and short gasps forth. Those, as much as Harry's growing arousal, fed the Incubus, making it want more.

Lucius pulled back from Harry's neck, licking the tender flesh one last time as he did so. He looked at Harry's face, flushed rosy and glistening with a fine sheen of sweat. The boy was breathtaking in his Incubus induced arousal, and Lucius was actually imagining the boy aroused from only him, instead of the Incubus.

He wanted to see the boy reclined on lily-white silk sheets, blood red velvet tying his hands above him; Harry's hair a stark contrast to the sheets. His breath coming short and fast, his sun-kissed skin flushed all over, his muscles quivering.

Yes, Lucius could see it in his mind's eye, clearly. He could see his hands soothing over impatient limbs, taunting and teasing the boy. He'd always touch achingly near to his need, but not touching the arousal, not yet.

His lips would follow his hands, mapping out the same journey.

Lucius' Incubus pushed forth more of its energy into Harry, causing him to moan louder. The Gryffindor started rocking his hips, trying to find friction to help remove the pressure he felt. He felt tense, coiled tighter than a spring; Harry felt like he did just before a steep dive on his broom. He felt ready to burst.

Lucius' Incubus was in a feeding frenzy, happily gorging itself on the heat waves of arousal coming from Harry. His hands tightened on Harry's hips, helping them find a rhythm.

He felt the bite of Harry's short nails in his biceps, even through his shirt. Harry tipped his head back and Lucius watched his Adam's apple bob as he swallowed, watched that pink tongue wet his lips. Unable to resist, Lucius leaned forward and licked a trail up Harry's neck, tasting salt and chocolate. He reached Harry's mouth and licked at the glistening lips, tracing along the path Harry licked moments earlier.

Something about that action snapped something in Harry. Where seconds before, he was pulling Lucius closer, now he was pushing him away, struggling to free himself from the man.

"Please, stop. You gave you word to Dumbledore."

Slowly, the struggles permeated Lucius' brain, allowing him to wrest control from the Incubus. The mention of the headmaster's name was like pouring a bucket of cold water on him. He forcibly wrenched himself away from Harry, watching the boy crumpled to the floor.

Both individuals were breathless, but one was fearful and the other angry. Harry stood up, his eyes blazing, not in passion, but in anger. He ran a hand through his hair and tried to straighten his clothes. Pulling forth every bit of Malfoy pomp and pride he had learned from Draco, Harry addressed Lucius.

"I'll thank you not to accost me without my express permission."

Lucius lost that edge of fear he'd had at losing control so easily when he heard Harry. However, he couldn't exactly and truthfully get angry at the hurtful words. He did accost Harry. Therefore, Lucius went with a different attack.

"And I'll thank you not to enter rooms that you are not invited into, especially when they are locked and warded."

The brat had the audacity to roll his eyes.

"We've been over this already. This room was not locked or warded against my entrance."

To Lucius' dismay, he could feel his anger getting the better of him. He had a tremendous temper when roused, but his self-control usually prevented it from manifesting. However, when in close proximity to Harry Potter, that legendary control fled, leaving Lucius at the mercy of his more terrifying and base emotions.

Harry, on the other hand, was strangely calm. His legendary temper was nowhere to be seen. In fact, the more Lucius lost control of his emotions, the more in control Harry was of his.

Lucius took a step towards Harry, but the brat stood his ground. The movement, or rather, lack thereof, spiked Lucius' anger further. He was also losing control over the Incubus. It was upset that its mate had shut his emotions off. Again. A mate should have been unable to prevent its Incubus from reading his emotions.

"Get out!" The words were spoken through clenched teeth and tightened jaw.

Harry didn't need to be told twice, but he did not run from the room; rather, he walked steadily out.

As soon as the boy closed the door behind him, Lucius rounded on Selene's portrait and fired a blast of pure, wandless energy at it. It didn't hit the portrait, but a barrier of some sort.

A tinkling laugh echoed through the room. A puff of smoke burst from the portrait settling before Lucius. When it cleared, Selene was standing before Lucius.

"Temper, temper, my childe. One of these days, you're going to regret destroying something."

Lucius leveled a stony glare on Selene before retorting, "Today would not have been such a day, I assure you, my dear."

Selene threw her head back and laughed a full, rich, throaty laugh, and Lucius felt himself reflexively relax. He sighed as the woman wrapped her arms about his neck.

"Seriously, my Light, you need to control your temper. It will hurt someone, especially yourself."

Lucius gentrly removed Selene's arms from his neck and went to sit in the chair Harry had been sitting in.

"I usually have much better control, but Potter is not conducive to that control."

Selene brought a snifter of brandy to Lucius, then sat on his lap.

Lucius grunted, then glared. "Must you attach yourself to me like a limpet, woman?" But he made no move to remove Selene.

"It's easier to have a conversation with you when I can be assured that you can't go anywhere."

Lucius didn't say anything, just took a sip of his brandy. Selene turned serious and made sure she had Lucius' attention.

"The bond between you and Harry is different; off somehow."

"I know." Lucius wished he could get up and walk around, but even though Selene was small, she made sure Lucius couldn't move from the chair.

"I'm serious, Lucius. I'm worried. You lost control much too easily earlier. You have to finish the bond before you can fix it. Otherwise, I fear very bad things will happen."

Lucius gulped the rest of the brandy, closing his eyes against the burn.

"The boy is 16 years old, Selene. Even I am not depraved enough to fully consummate the bond with a child."

"Not such a child, that one."

"True as that may be, he is still a minor, and I promised both him and Albus Dumbledore that nothing would happen until he was of age, and when I had Harry's permission."

Selene ran her hand through Lucius' hair, causing the blond to sigh and lean into the touch.

"How noble."

Lucius snorted in ironic amusement.

"He is untouched, Lucius. He will make a good mate for you, much better than Narcissa."

Lucius rolled his eyes and pushed Selene off his lap.

"I have no choice who the Incubus chooses as its mate."

Selene frowned at Lucius' words, but didn't say anything about it.

"You did not tell Harry who you are did you, Selene?"

Selene sent an amused and teasing glance Lucius' way, and watched his face cloud in suspicion.

"I told him I was your mother."

Lucius laughed at that, and Selene pouted playfully.

"Well, it's true…sort of. I didn't birth you myself, "And her face of distaste showed what she thought of that idea, "but, I did create you."

"Yes, it's your fault I have an Incubus attached to me."

"Lucius, how many times have I told you? The Incubus was in you the whole time, it's a part of you. I just woke it up and made you aware of it."

Lucius sighed in exasperation and replied, "I'm not having this conversation with you."

Selene growled in annoyance and said, "Fine, be immature about this. But, you're going to have to accept it eventually."

Lucius rubbed at his temples.

"I'm leaving now. I'd appreciate it if you left the boy alone, Selene."

Selene glided back towards the portrait and looked at Lucius.

"I happen to like Harry, and he likes me. If he returns here, I will not turn him away. Harry needs someone in this house who truly likes him." She said this with a pointed look at Lucius.

For some reason, those words hurt Lucius, no, not Lucius; the Incubus.

Selene's face softened at the emotions running through the man.

"If you want to make it up to him, apologize for the accusations, and for frightening him."

Lucius sent her a disgusted look, which darkened further when Selene smiled.

"Apologizing isn't that hard, Lucius. You should try it sometime; it won't kill you."

Lucius rolled his eyes as he walked out of the room. He stopped just inside the doorway, looked back as Selene, saying, "Maybe not, but why risk it?"

Lucius closed the door to amused laughter.