Vercetti's Pet The Sequel: Daughter Of The Don

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A/N: Hey! It's me again, so yeah I did decide to archive this volume as a different story, you know, as a sequel, something I'd never imagine myself writing. If you enjoyed "Vercetti's Pet" then this is where it continues. If you haven't read it, I highly suggest you do so. Not that you'll be entirely lost in THIS story if you don't but you'll be left asking questions...a lot of questions...a lot of DUMB questions.

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Chapter 1: Daughter Of The Don

"Ole!" the Cubans in the cafe cheered loudly. "Salud!" Umberto wanted to say something as well but needed everyone's undivided attention to do so.

"Okay, okay...sientense amigos..." (A/N: "sit down") There was still cheering and drunken laughter. "Escuhame! Hey!" (A/N: "listen to me!") Umberto shouted. Fed up, he grabbed his beer bottle by the neck and smashed it against the wall. It shattered leaving beer and tiny, bronze, beer-bottle shards on the wall and the floor nearby. "I said callate you bunch of putos!" (A/N: "shut up" and if you didn't know "bitches")

The room was silent. Umberto cleared his throat and put on a happy face again.

"I'd like to propose a toast..." he said.

"With what? You just slammed your drink onto the wall!" shouted an anonymous Cuban gang member.

"Shut up! Anyways, a toast..." everyone in the room held up their drinks again except Moda and Claude who weren't thirsty anyway. "To my brother...who is also like a son to me..."

"Twiiiiisted..." Moda muttered sing-song. (A/N: like if you were to say "awk-warrrrd...")

"To the man with the biggest of alllllll cojones!" everyone cheered. "and to his beautiful new hija who has brightened his and our days! Ole'!"

"Ole'!" everyone shouted.

From that time till near two in the morning, there was eating, drinking (except for Moda and Claude), cheering and joke-making. Almost everyone was either full, drunk or some intricate combination of the two but everyone was happy but none more than Tommy Vercetti.

The three, tired of partying and stuffing their faces, exited the restaurant. However, Tommy was very unstable so Moda and Claude had to help carry him outside.

"Tommy...hand me the keys, I'm driving tonight." Moda said.

"Noooo, I'm fiiiiiine, I can driiiiiiiive..." Tommy said searching for his keys. "Oh, herrre they are..."

"Uh-uh, you ain't in no kinda shape to drive now gimme the keys." she reached for Tommy's hand but he pulled them away. Soon they were playing a small keep away game until Moda was finally able to snatch them away from her drunken father.

"Claude, help him into the car, pretty-please?" Moda requested from her bodyguard.

Claude looked around and shrugged his shoulders. Moda noticed as well. The Cuban Hermes was nowhere to be found.

"Son of a bitch..." Moda whispered. 'Haitains most likely...' she thought.

"Don' currrrrse, kid..." Tommy said then dozed off into a drunken sleep.

"Well, Claude...We may have a bit of walking to do." Claude nodded and the two put each of Tommy's arms around their shoulders and started walking. "Sunshine Autos is just around the corner from here, we can get another car from there and drive home." she said.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Sunshine Autos (2:49am)

After about forty-five minutes of walking, the kids, fatigued and ever so ready to crash, finally reached the Sunshine Autos car showroom owned by yours truly.

"We'" Moda said, panting. They walked into the building. Moda ran to the nearest couch and plopped down on the cushion. Strangely, Claude (whose head was hanging down) was still shuffling along the floor carrying Vercetti.

"Claude, you can put him down now..." Moda said.


"Claude?" she got up and walked over to the young boy who was actually sleeping. 'This is weird, he's knocked out but he's still walking. Could he have fallen asleep on the way over here?' she thought. She used her arm to guide the sleepwalker and her father to the couch she was resting on. She opened the car doors to thecanary-yellow Sentinelin the showroom and shoved Tommy inside, face-down on the leather seats. Suprisingly, he didn't stir.

She laid Claude upright on the two-seater couch while she sat down. Eventually, she dozed off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Morning...(about 10am)

Tommy opened his eyes halfway but they shot open after he realized that he was in the back of a car. He raised up, wiped the drool (both wet and dried) from his chin and got out the car rubbing his temples to ease him of a minor hangover.

"The hell? How'd I end up at Sunshine Autos?" he questioned himself. His eye caught the couch where his daughter were still sleeping. His face twitched at the posistion they were laying in. Claude was laying down while Moda was sitting upright with Claude's head resting...face her lap. Tommy felt his skin turn white and his eyes turn red as he marched to the front door of the Sentinel and blasted the car horn.


Moda jumped up causing Claude to fall off the couch and onto the cold, hard, floor. Moda looked around frantically, not remember where she was for a split second then saw Tommy leaning against the car with a mean look on his face.

"Was thatreally necessary!" she yelled.

"Was it really necessary for Claude to have his face buried in the muff of your shorts all night, huh!" Tommy shouted back, his face turning red. He walked up to Claude (who hadn't even stirred despite being dropped on the floor) and kicked him inthe arm. He groaned and sat up rubbing the bruised spot and frowning.

"Yeah..." Tommy said menacingly to Claude. "I'm on to you..."

Moda ran to Claude's side and helped him off the ground, scowling at Tommy.

"For your information, pops..." she seethed. "YOU were hung up on Tequila all night and morning and the Haitains had stolen our ride home!"

Tommy stood and listened carefully.

"So you can thank Claude for helping me carry you from the cafe' all the way here!"

Tommy looked at the kids and blinked his eyes a few times. He looked from Claude, whose eyebrows were almost touching his cheeks because he was frowning so much and then to his daughter, whose fat cheeks were red from yelling and face turned up in frustration as well. Tommy rolled his eyes and sighed.

"ThankyouClaude..." he hung his head down and muttered almost inaudibly.

"What?" Moda questioned with her hand by her ear.

"" Tommy said through clenched teach a little more clearer. He looked at Moda who nodded accepting his bogus thank you on Claude's behalf.

"Good, now let's get the hell out of here!" Vercetti threw his handsin the air.

"Okay, but I'm driving!" Moda said. "I don't trust that you're 100 sober yet..."

"FINE." Tommy sighed.

"And we're taking the Deluxo!" Moda smiled. Claude's eyes lit up as well and ran to the passenger seat of the never-been-driven, pine-green car as if to say 'Shotgun!'.

"W-what? Not the Deluxo, kid! I just got it!" Tommy cried.

"" she asked.

" 'SO!' If you wreck it, I won't be able to get a new one until next month!"

"Um, there is a little spot not only underground but in four other locations in Vice City...It's called the 'Pay n Spray'?"

"You don't understand, kid! This is a limited-edition model! Do you know how long it takes..." Tommy trailed off into a lecture that Moda was not paying any mind to. She dug in the desk drawer for the keys to the car and walked up to it, opening the door and unlocking the other side for Claude. They both got in and Tommy who was still lecturing was not aware that the kids had gotten into the car until she started the engine and honked the horn. He scrambled to the car and managed to cram himself in the tiny backseat of the car.

"Whoooooo-hoooooooo! I've been wanting to drive this boy for months!" Moda squealed, turning up the volume on one of her favorite Vice City radio stations: Fever 105.

"Hey, turn the music down, I gotta headahce!" Tommy whined.

"Sorry, can't hear ya!" Moda pretended to ignore his plea and drove out the showroom through the glass window.

- - - - - - - -

Vercetti Estate

(10:40-something am)

"Oh God, it feels so good to be home..." Moda said, heading up to her room.

"Hold on, kid..." Tommy said and Moda froze in her place. "C'mere..." He said. He looked at Claude who got the hint and went off into the bushes. He had to pee anyway...

"Yeah?" she said, watching Claude retreat then turning back to Tommy who had sandwiched her into a wholesome, hearty hug.

"Welcome to the family, kid..." he said softly. She hugged him back.

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How was that for a first chapter? Okay, I hope. Well, you know the drill!