"Raven, what is it that Terra is wearing in her hair?" Starfire asked timidly one afternoon. Upon hearing her name, Terra raised a hand in greeting before turning around to glue her eyes upon the television screen once more. The boys were all out ordering takeout for the party Beast Boy had insisted upon. This was in commemoration of Terra's acceptance into the team.

"Oh the butterfly? That's a hairclip." Raven replied, her eyes never even glanced at the Tamaranian girl before her, remaining instead on the pages of her book.

"What is its function?" Starfire persisted.

"I don't know… girls wear them sometimes if they want to look nice."

"Ah, but you haven't…" Starfire stopped for a moment, then smiled brightly. "We shall go shopping for clips of the hair! Then we may wear them tonight and look… 'nice.' I am sure everyone would admire them." She sighed in pleasure.

Raven felt a small blip of heated anger… and something else, rather foreign, jealousy? They fluttered through her brain before she shrugged it off. "You know what? How about you go out alone. I can stay here and have a little peace and quiet for once."

Confused and a little hurt, Starfire exited through an open window. Raven was a little regretful, but she had forgotten the incident by the next chapter.

That night, the party was in full swing. Raven had managed to avoid Beast Boy's enthusiastic attempts to force tofu down her throat. Beast Boy's solution was to focus instead on Terra, who ingested everything he gave her in the manner of a garbage disposal. Good thing to know the girl had purpose. Robin and Cyborg were having an animated conversation about video games, who could kick who's butt and so forth.

Starfire hadn't yet returned, the titans had noticed this and interrogated Raven. She replied that Starfire had gone out on an errand. Now Raven was assaulted by little pinpricks of guilt. She knew she shouldn't have lost her temper, but Starfire could be so irritating! Still, if Starfire got hurt, it would be Raven's fault. She was suddenly seized by the urge to go looking for the stupid girl.

"Starfire, you made it!" Terra exclaimed in delight. Raven whirled around. Starfire had practically skipped in, wearing a broad grin of self-satisfaction and carrying a small bag. The titans gathered around her, chatting happily and pushing food on her. Standing off to the side, Raven glowered in a corner.

After a moment, Starfire left the group festivities and made her way over to the corner in which Raven lurked. Instead of striking up a conversation as she normally would, Starfire simply stood there smiling. Raven frowned, and finally burst out: "Well, I hope you're happy with yourself. Worrying everyone like that."

"But everyone knew I was out, and I sent no distress signal that would have been cause for alarm." Starfire replied, tilting her head to one side, "Did I do something wrong?"

"No… yes! I mean, after I snapped at you, I thought-" Raven reddned when she realized she had been on the verge of an apology. She was even more mortified when Starfire laughed at her.

"Friend, I've been wanting to show you this all night!" Reaching into her little bag, Starfire pulled out a set of silver hair clips, each in the shape of a small bird. "They are not ravens… but I think they are very nice all the same." She slid one awkwardly into her brightly colored hair, then tentatively reaching forward, she pushed Raven's hood back and slid its mate into Raven's darker locks. "There, now we are… twinsies?"

"Hey guys, what are you doing all alone over- Whoa! Raven… interesting look for you." Beast Boy laughed, "Hey Terra, Robin, Cy, check it out! Raven's a girl!" Starfire embraced Raven happily.

Raven opened and closed her mouth a few times, utterly speechless.