Don't Own. Fervently wish I owned Glinda, but don't, so leave me aloneā€¦:sigh here: Angsty one-shot, once again, get used to 'em, folks.


They're both so confused.

Sometimes they hate and sometimes they love and sometimes they want nothing to do with each other. Sometimes they're inseparable and sometimes they're just such intense hostility that they have to avoid each other before the overpowering green girl causes harm to tiny Glinda.

No matter what the case, the issue is never addressed to themselves.

The issue is ignored when rose tinted porcelain clashes with grass speckled emerald. The issue is ignored when oceans of azure focus with glazed orbs of forest. The issue is ignored when thin, slender fingers slide delicately over meadows of rolling green.

But the issue is always there, looming like a thick, black cloud. Neither acknowledge, both refuse.

The Shiz inhabitants remain ignorant to the relationship; no tone is raised above a whisper. Rumors float through musty library books and narrow cracks.

Deny. Day by day and night by night, they live by that word. Deny. Pretend.

'Lie rhymes with deny,' Glinda half reminds, half muses.

And that's what it is. A lie. A huge, blatant untruth. But this isn't like her other lies, this one hurts. This one burns and stings her deep within her chest like sharp wildfire.

Pretend. Lie. Lie with elaborate facades and elegant masks, pretend with clever falsities and diamond speckled denials.

And they rise and they fall, just like the stars in the nights sky Glinda loves to stare so intently at. Sometimes, she breathes gentle "I love you" 's and Elphie just stares with those vividly green eyes.

And sometimes it hurts. Sometimes Glinda thinks about what she's worth. And then there are times when she cries, those heart wrenchingly pitiful sobs that don't seem to ever end. Elphie listens outside the door, carefully hearing each painful sob her Glinda tries so violently to chokingly suppress. Glinda stops when Elphie takes notice and, in the hasty yet timid voice of a child, "I'm fine. We have a sorcery exam tomorrow"

And a-lot of the time there's love; the kind of love that baffles and frazzles and confuses and hurts and breaks. It takes away a little piece of each of them.

And for Glinda, more often than not, it hurts.

But they have nothing aside from each other, so they refuse to let the other go. Glinda makes Elphaba feel trapped and guilty, like an emerald tinted Leopard locked in an iron cage.

"I love you," Glinda tries every time. Elphie's black brows furrow and she tries to make herself smile, just for Glinda.

Sometimes, it hurts.