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Things you need to know:

Finn has been going to Chilton since Sophmore Year. He lives with his Dad, since his parents are divorced.

Tristan and Finn were really good friends, and Rory and Finn were really good friends

Tristan and Rory liked each other, but were both to afraid to do anything about it, Hence Rory dating Dean.

Rory and Dean have broken up. (It will be explained)

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Tristan DuGrey walked up to the front door of a huge mansion in Hartford.

'Here goes nothing' He thought as he took notice of several changes around the place. 'What's with that new Jeep in the driveway? Finn and Finn Senior only like really flashy cars. Wait, what's with the light blue beemer, hmm odd licence plate. CFFEGRL1, it matches the Jeep."

Tristan sighed deeply and rang the doorbell. A young looking, slightly pregnant woman answered.

"Hello there Mr. Brad Pitt Clone." She said cheerfully.

"Um, Hello Ma'am. Is Finnegan Rothschild Junior here? Or did they move?" Tristan asked politely.

The woman gasped and all of a sudden Finn Senior came from the Kitchen.

"Love, who is at the door?" He said while wrapping his arms around her waist, looking over her shoulder.

"Evil boy who called me 'Ma'am!" The woman pouted.

"I'm sure he didn't mean it." Finn Senior soothed. "Tristan? Is that you?"

"Hey there old man." Tristan greeted, jokingly.

"Hey, I would kick your ass for insulting my wife, but I don't want to embarrass you since you should be a good fighter after military school." Finn Senior shot back.

"Who is this devil child?" The woman wined, obviously feeling left out.

"Sorry Love, This is Tristan DuGrey-"

"TRISTAN DUGREY?" She shrieked in delight. "Damn, she never told me this." She said as she ran up the stairs.

"What was that?" Tristan asked confused.

"That was my wife, Lorelai."

"I can't believe you tied the knot, Mr. I'm never getting married again."

"Me neither. She is great. Now I assume you are looking for Junior?"


"I think he is in the media room."

"Media Room?" Tristan asked before they heard a shriek come from upstairs followed by Lorelai's laugh floating down the stairs.

"What was that?" Tristan asked.

"I don't ask. I'll get Junior." Finn Senior said with a shrug.


Tristan followed Finn Senior upstairs to the media room.

Tristan gasped when he saw it.

"This has changed." Tristan observed.

"Yea, Lorelai and her daughter love movies."

"I can see that."

Tristan looked around the room. It had a screen about half the size of a movie theater's screen, and hundreds of movies lining the walls. There was seating for about 15.

"I wonder where Junior went." Finn Senior wondered.

"He went to Logan's about 20 minutes ago." A familiar voice said. "I'm heading over there now."

Tristan looked at Finn Senior and then turned around to see Rory standing in the doorway.

"Mary?" Tristan choked out in shock

"Still don't know my name bible boy?" Rory said with a smile as she went up and hugged him.


"Hey man!" Logan shouted as Finn walked into his house.

"What' up mate?" Finn asked as he sat down on the couch

"Guess who is back in town?" Colin said.

"Who?" Finn asked

"DuGrey. His parents picked him up from the airport today."

"No way! That wanker didn't even let me know!" Finn cried.

"Hi parents called him and told him to pack up his stuff, the plane was going to be at the airport in an hour." Colin revealed.

"He's probably at your house now. Lets go get Ace, and see if he is there." Logan suggested.

"Alright Mates, lets head to my house. Even if he isn't there, The media room was finished yesterday. Lorelai and Rory were flipping out at it."

The boys agreed and headed into their cars to go to Finn's house.

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