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One regular school day Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez was hand in hand walking down the halls of East High. Home of the WildCats . Troy had everything he wanted, a wonderful beautiful, Girlfriend, a Basketball scholar ship to Harvard, And great family and friends. Gabriella had everything she wanted as well. She had the wonderful handsome Troy Bolton, a scholar ship to Harvard, and a great mom and friends.

"Gabi?" Troy said still holding her hand and stopping wright by a bench and sitting down and bringing her down too.

"Yes Troy. What's wrong?" Gabi asked looking into his nice bold eyes. She was getting a little worried

"Well you know that dance that's write around the corner…" He stopped and took a deep breath "Will you go to the dance with me?" He asked hoping she would say yes.

She sighed then she thought about it for a second "Of course I'll go with you Troy!" she said hugging him then pulled back and started to kiss him.

Troy was amazed how Gabriellatook the question. He started kiss her back intill he heard the school bell ring. He then broke the kiss and opened his eyes.

Gabi looked at Troy "I think we should get to class before Mrs. Darbus gives us a detention." She said getting up from the bench and holding out her hand to help Troy up.

Troy took her hand that helped him up. They then made their way hand in hand to the class room.

"Mr. Bolton, Ms. Montez nice to see you join the class." Mrs. Darbus said a bit angry

"Sorry." Troy and Gabriella said as they let their hands go to go sit in their seats.

With The Boys:

Chad looked at Troy. He had his 'happy' face on. "Psssst." Chad said trying to get Troy's attention. It worked. "What?" Troy asked quietly "Where were you?" Chad asked seeing Mrs. Darbus turning around. "I was with Gabi." He said. "Why what did you guys do?" Chad asked trying not to get slapped. "I'll tell you later Chad!" He said then turned around in his seat.

With The Girls:

Gab where were you?


I was with Troy




He asked me to the Dance night Monday night!




I know!


They stopped passing the note noticing that Chad and Troy were behind them.

"Hey guys." Taylor and Gabriella said at the same time. "Ready?" Troy asked the both of them. They both nodded and they walked out of the classroom. Since it was their last class they all went home. Taylor went to her house, Chad went to his. But Troy walked Gabriella home. It was silent all the way there. Intill they were at her front door step. "So I guess I'll see you on Monday?" Troy asked

"Yes you will." She smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck, And he wrapped his arms around her waist. They started to kiss intill someone was standing in the doorway. "Hi mom."

Ms. Montez looked at Troy then back at Gabi. "Gabi…..Troy….Dinner will be ready in a half a hour Gabi."

"Ok mom." Gabi said as she watched her mom step back inside. "Troy I should go inside." She said as she took her arms out from his neck.

"Yeah I should be getting home…I'll see you on Monday." He said unwrapping his hands from her waist and walking off of her porch onto the sidewalk that led him home.

"Troy?" She kinda yelled Troy turned around and nodded. "I love you." She said quietly so only he could hear.

"Ella?" He said as she turned around and then turned back around to Troy. "I love you more." He said walking away from her house, to his house. His mom was the only one there so he just went upstairs and waited for Monday.

Ella went into her house and ran upstairs she now couldn't wait in till Monday!

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