Title: A Brother's Love

Author: Vanagristiel

Rating: T (violence)

Genre: General, Angst

Disclaimer: No… they are not mine... only in my dreams:)

Summary: Something bad happened, but Legolas won't tell Aragorn what it is... What will the man do when he finds out the truth?

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Ok... enough of that! Here is the story!

A BROTHER'S LOVE - Chapter 1

It was another beautiful morning in Imladris when Aragorn woke up. Rising from his bed he went to the window and just admired the beauty of the elven realm. Even after so many years, he still stayed in awe of the sight that greeted him from his bedroom window during the spring.

The early morning sun crowned the gardens with streaks of light giving the place an almost ethereal feeling.

He closed his eyes taking a deep breath, inhaling the inebriating smells of the many exquisite flowers in blossom, and feeling somewhat reinvigorated by them. When he opened his eyes again, he was pleased to see a much known figure making his way through the flower adorned paths, coming from the gates. He had to smile at himself. Legolas was coming from the woods... again! Even though they were almost inside the forest the elf seemed to always have the need to actually be in there, amongst the trees! It seemed to him that if the elf could simply become a tree he would probably feel good. He laughed at the thought of Legolas as a tree.

He kept looking fondly at his friend, thinking back at the many adventures that they had gone through together, and all the things that made a human and an elf who didn't know each other at first, become closer than brothers.

Legolas stopped in front of a tree, looking at it intently. The elf reached his hand pulling an arrow that was embedded in its bark. Aragorn frowned, not having noticed the arrow there before, and finding it even weirder for he knew it to be forbidden the use of any weapons around the house, unless they were under attack or serious threat, which hadn't happened for as long as he could remember.

Someone probably must have fired it by mistake, or it may be just the work of some reckless elfling trying to impress their friends with some archery skills. He thought to himself, as if trying to make sense of the presence of said object on that unlikely place.

He noticed that, after pulling the arrow free, Legolas brought it close to his face studying some sort of parchment that was stuck to the reached for its tip, getting some sort of parchment that was being held by the arrow, starting immediately to read it. Estel found it even weirder.

Who in the world would leave a note stuck to a tree by an arrow? That is quite dramatic. He thought, a small smile gracing his features. But now his curiosity was getting at him. He liked mysteries and that looked very much like one to him.

He was still pondering over it, when something he did not expect to see happened.

Legolas went pale, staggering backwards, sinking to his knees, as if in great distress.

Aragorn was immediately alarmed. He didn't even think twice, running out of the door as fast as his feet would take him, heading for the place his friend was at.

Getting at the gates of the house, the very place were he last saw Legolas sinking to the floor, he found nothing but empty space.

His concern was now at its peak. He just stood there for a few moments, trying to think where the elf could've gone, especially in the state he clearly remembered his friend was in.

A she-elf passed by glancing at the human with a inquisitive look, who then realized that he was still in his nightclothes. Not wanting to waste any precious time, Estel went back to his room changing quickly, for he desperately wanted to keep looking for his missing friend.

He woke before the sun rose, just like he did every morning. One of his favorite things of the day was watching the sunrise while listening to the sounds of the waking nature all around him. He loved to listen to the voice of the trees singing about the beauty of the forest, see the way the birds played in their branches, and the falling of the leaves every autumn.

He made his way to the woods outside the house, heading for this specific tree, which long ago had become his favorite one, for its trunk would offer him shelter almost as a friend's embrace would offer him comfort.

He sat at his tree, that welcomed him as an old friend, and just enjoyed the life that surrounded him, feeling the gentle breeze caress his face and play with his hair, and feeling the first sun rays making their way through the trees' canopy, landing right on his cheeks, lending him warmth, making him feel alive.

Legolas stayed this way for a while, until he lost track of time, being deeply absorbed in his own feelings and thoughts.

He was pulled out of his inner world when a delicious smell coming from the house got his attention. The cooks started their work, he though making his way down the tree, I should make haste, or there will be nothing left after the twins and Estel have their share. He thought, laughing quietly to himself.

He wasn't really hungry, but it was impossible for him to just pass by on the wonderful delicacies that the Rivendel cooks were able to prepare.

In no time he was passing the gates, and entering the beautiful gardens of Imladris, when one thing caught his attention. Embedded on a tree nearby, there was an arrow with a parchment stuck to its tip.

"How unusual…" he said quietly pulling the arrow free, and opening the small piece of paper, finding a note that, to his surprise, was addressed to him.

As he read the note, he felt his heart constrict in his chest. Fear mixed with anger and anxiety filled his mind and all of a sudden it was like he couldn't breath and the weight of his thin body was too much for his legs to hold.

He felt his steps falter, and his knees buckled beneath him, sending him mercilessly to the ground.

Tears threatened fall down, and he just knew he had to get out of there. He didn't know what to do but he needed to get out of that place.

Somehow finding his strength, he got up and ran. Ran until he felt he was about to burst and he felt that he couldn't take another step, feeling exhausted from the physical and emotional exertion. Letting out a heart wrenching scream, he let himself fall to the ground again, panting heavily as if he had just ran the distance between Rivendel and Mirkwood non-stop.

He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply, letting his emotions settle in, for only then he would be able to figure out what he was supposed to do.


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