Dearest Readers-

It is my pleasure, and simultaneously my displeasure, to inform you that soon "My Father, My Daughter" will be taken down. I am already in the process of rewriting the fanfic, and I hope to have a great deal of help from my good old friend, Celebony.

I have already devised a new plot, new beginning, and a new ending. The entire story has been changed, and a possible sequel has been concocted.

I am posting this last Author's Note so that you, as my faithful readers, will be aware of the take down, and so that you may keep on the look out for the new, revised version of "My Father, My Daughter." The title may change, though it is doubtful. If the title does change, you will still be able to find me by my Penultimate account. That name will not change.

I bid a last thank you to all of my faithful readers who continued reading this fanfic through its ups and downs. I hope to revise and renew this story for you, so that you may enjoy it.

Yours most sincerely,