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I hate airplanes. Hate them. It may have something to do with my insane fear of heights, but the majority of it comes from my need to know what's going on and be able to have some sort of control. I don't like sitting back in uncomfortable seats and letting some stranger bring me to my destination in an extremely big and heavy metal plane. It doesn't help that I know something that big and that heavy definitely should not be freely flying through the air. It's un natural and to top it off, when something's wrong, they won't tell you. You're supposed to just sit back and enjoy the rocking and jerking movements that are occurring thousands of miles in the atmosphere.

But guess where I'm currently situated at the moment. Yep, that's right, I'm in an airplane thousands of miles in the air, on my way to Italy for my summer holiday. And instead of the sweating businessman sitting next to me I get my worst nightmare. No, worse then my worst nightmare. My worst nightmare's worst nightmare. James Potter.

Man do I hate him. And because I'm an idiot and can't think under pressure, he's also on his way to Italy to ruin my summer. I don't even know how I agreed to this insane idea. I must have not been thinking clearly, or at all. Actually I know I wasn't thinking clearly. Otherwise I definitely wouldn't be sitting next to the bane of my existence.

Of course I'm perfectly comfortable in saying that he is completely to blame for our current situation. He kissed me first and it's not my fault my parents assume that every guy I kiss in public is automatically my boyfriend.

Potter and I attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, yes we're wizards as in we wave wands around and say weird words and make seemingly impossible achievements possible. Our 6th year had just ended and everyone was headed to the school's train (yeah, the school has it's own train, pretty snazzy, I know) to bring them home for the summer.

I wasn't exactly ecstatic to be going home since, yeah I was going to Italy, but it was for my older sister's wedding. And her fiancé is such a- well; let's just say that he's not a very nice person. Or good looking. Plus my parents had sent me a letter a few days earlier saying I had to entertain this man's cousin because I didn't have a boyfriend that I could take. I got a picture of the man sent with the letter and let me tell you, this guy gave Free Willy a run for his money. How much he actually looked like a beached whale with his clothes on is just scary.

And to give you some background on mine and Potter's relationship...there is none. Only the one that takes place inside that idiots head. He's been asking me out since the second day of our third year and I've been turning him down since the third day of our third year. He really gets a kick out of pissing me off. And his friends are no better. That Sirius Black, the ladies man and apparently Potter's best friend. Remus Lupin isn't that bad, but their shadow, Peter Pettigrew, him I really just don't get. The four of them are the jokesters of the school. Black has the most detentions and is hoping for a trophy when he graduates. I really don't understand how any of them could fathom that I think their jokes are actually funny.

Well okay, when they changed Malfoy's hair pink I might have chuckled a little bit, but only because he deserved it for pushing my friend in the corridor earlier that day. And charming McGonagall so she couldn't change out of her animagus form was rather brilliant and even a little funny, but all the other ones really aren't that amusing. Okay, most of the other ones aren't that amusing.

So anyway, Potter somehow got word of my letter and it's contents, so the entire ride to the London train station he kept walking by my compartment and talking to me and my friends in Italian. I don't think it was real Italian. I'm pretty sure he was talking in Swedish with an Italian accent so it sounded genuine.

It was rather weird, although the rest of the girls thought it romantic. But I knew he was only doing it to be annoying and get everyone's attention. Like he actually has to do anything to get people's attention. All that's needed is a nice smile on his face that creates the cutest dimples on his cheeks and a bright light somewhere shining down on his eyes to make the almond color stand out even more. Maybe some ruffling of the hair every once in a while and he has every girl (and guys) watching him. But it's not like I've thought about it or anything.

When we were in London I was waiting for my parents to pick me up. They mentioned that they might be a little late, so I didn't really worry about it. What I was worrying about was the way Potter and his friends kept looking in my direction. I knew they couldn't really do much damage since they weren't allowed to do magic out of school. But of course I forgot that Black turned 17 before everyone else and, being the legal age, was able to perform magic.

So when my trunk started levitating and moving away from my side I didn't have to look to see who was working the wand behind the spell. Instead of losing my cool and completely going off at them, like I knew they wanted, I took a deep breath and mentally asked no one in particular why, out of all the girls in school, did Potter have to choose me to pick on.

Casually walking over to the four boys. I noticed that they didn't even bother to hide my trunk (like they normally do when they take something of mine). They all watched me walk over, which they never do, and it was a bit un-nerving since the four of them are quite taller and more dominant looking than short old me.

"Potter, can I have my trunk, please?" I said trying to act like I wasn't ready to bolt out of there. I had stood up to him before, but it still unnerved me everytime.

"What trunk, Evans?"

"The one next to you, idiot."

"That's mine."

"The other side." I said through clenched teeth. I wasn't going to let a 16-year-old boy get me worked up.

"Oh, this trunk, why of course you can. If you take me with you to Italy." He had a stupid smirk on his face and I was real tempted to slap it off. But I held back. See, I do have morals.

"Why would I take you to Italy? I hate you, remember?"

"Evans, hate, is such a strong word."

"More like not strong enough."

Black, as usual was laughing at his friend's misfortune. Obviously he knew this type of transaction was going to take place when I came over and to be honest, I don't blame him. My own friends have told me on many occasions that the two of us look like idiots when I'm yelling at him to jump off the astronomy tower and he's asking me to spend the night with him in the astronomy tower. But you'd think after how many years of rejection, he would just get the hint all ready.

"Look," He suddenly got serious, well as serious as he can get. He always has that air of not caring and looks like he's thinking up some hysterical new prank. "I know you don't want to spend the summer watching over some ugly kid you don't even know and I don't want to spend the summer helping my mum keep up her garden. So I can help you by going to Italy as your boyfriend and saving you from whale boy and you can save me from a summer's worth of weeding and pruning. What do you say?"

I opened my mouth to immediately turn him off, but then his words caught up with me. Now, I have to admit that it's not a bad idea. It would get me out of lots of uncomfortable and awkward moments with Vernon's cousin, but it would also put me in lots of awkward and uncomfortable moments with Potter. And did he say boyfriend?

Forgetting all previous considerations, I was about to tell him where he could stick that plan of his, when suddenly he was much, much closer to me then I remembered him being. And his face was definitely moving still, getting closer.

Before I could react at all, Potter's arms were around me and his lips were on mine. For a closed mouthed kiss, it was pretty good. I didn't see fireworks or anything. I didn't really expect to, not that I was expecting to kiss Potter, ever. Oh, and he's still kissing me and why am I not moving away? Well, his arms holding me in place are a good excuse in case anyone asks.

"Lily Marie!" Oh, and that would be my mother.

So if you haven't figured it out, my parents assumed that Potter was courting their daughter (at least that's the way Black said it when everyone else was to shocked/embarrassed/amused, depending on where you were standing, to say anything). Now Potter's plan to get out of the garden for the summer followed through pretty well. Woo hoo for him.

"You know, I've never been on one of these plain things before, but it's pretty cozy. Better then the knight bus." Potter said from the seat next to mine.

I looked away from the clouds outside and gave him the best 'are you seriously talking to me right now?' looks I could pull off.

"It's plane, not plain and how could you possibly think this is cozy?" I asked pointing to the reclined seats in front of us making it impossible to put our drinks on the tray and it being just a little cramped in the leg-room department.

"It's not the setting, it's the company that makes all the difference." He said in a sweetly fake voice while grabbing my hand that was resting on the armrest.

"You better not be holding my hand Potter." I might have said it a little harshly, but I didn't care. One might even say that I growled a little. Okay, yeah, I pretty much growled it at him, but the important thing is that he got the hint and let go of my hand.

He sighed overdramatically and looked away from me before saying anything. What a drama queen.

"How are people supposed to know that we're going out?" He asked when he got over his mini-pout.

"People don't need to know." I said. "Not all couple's flaunt their togetherness to the world. They prefer to keep the relationship private and intimate. With little touches and knowing looks. How about we be one of those couples only without the little touches."

"But the intimacy can stay?" He asked in a suggestive tone. His voice even got all sexy-like. I swear it practically vibrated through me. But it could have been the plane.

"I didn't mean intimacy like that."

"Well people might get a little suspicious if we don't even hold hands."

"I think people have a right to be suspicious since we're not actually going out." I said shortly.

"But everyone thinks we are."

"So what's your point?" I noticed that he tensed up when I wouldn't give in on the whole touchy feely aspect of the 'relationship'. He answered me with an obvious bitterness in his voice.

"My point is that you should at least act like you can stand to be within 100 feet of me."

"But I was never that good at acting." I said with a fake a smile then I turned back to the glass window, to look some more at the clouds.

I heard Potter sigh quietly, not dramatic and stupid like before, but more actually sad, or hurt. So my response may have been a little harsh. Okay, it was a mean thing to say, but we've both said way worse stuff in the past, so I'm not even going to feel bad about it.

But I kind of do.

James shuffled around in his seat a few times, then reclined it a little, so as not to disturb the person behind him. I stole a glance in his direction when I was sure he wouldn't notice and saw him trying to go to sleep. Good luck, he's on a freaking plane. It's impossible to fall asleep.

Staring at his peaceful face, my guilt and conscious got the better of me.

"We can hold hands and small kisses on the cheek. No mouth on mouth and no touching other than dancing or small things when my parents are around." I was hoping he had actually fallen asleep, then maybe I wouldn't have to hold his hand. My hand actually twitched at the thought of touching his (and I'm almost positive it was a bad twitch. Almost, positive).

There were a few seconds of silence where I thought he actually hadn't heard me. For some reason I wasn't as happy at that prospect as I thought I would be.

"It's a deal." He said with a small smirk on his face, like he knew I would cave eventually.

What a jerk.

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