Seven years have passed between the times of the war and where the great 'Jedi Ayden is now. He has a wife known as Kareen. He is much exited to start a family. He has the feeling though that he is being watched after all these years. His wife is being trained to become a Jedi because of Ayden's feelings.

Ayden senses life. Life so extraordinary that the world will watch in awe, but until then he must figure out what his feelings are. He has nightmares of Crusifidge returning one day. He's has nightmares that he has returned. He also feels hope. Hope for something to come or someone. Ayden knows that he will hold a heavy burden in the near future. His responsibilities as a Jedi have improved. He is the second most powerful Jedi living next to Leia Skywalker, but Ayden knows there is much in the future.