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Chapter 12

"Your new clothes are beside the mirror." Those eyes were fighting back that want that Daisuke was so afraid of. "I believe they will fit you." Then those blue eyes tore themselves away and his master turned to walk out of the bath, leaving Daisuke feeling quite small and alone inside the large, fluffy green towel around his shoulders.

Daisuke's skin prickled as the cool air of the bathroom gently wafted by. He pulled the towel tighter around himself as he stood staring at the doorway through which his master had just disappeared. Why had he been left alone? Was there someone outside the door waiting for him?

The boy's small feet padded across the tile, making sure the huge towel was wrapped securely around himself. He poked his red head out into the hall and scanned both ways but found nothing but empty hallways and large open windows letting in lazy sunlight and a soft breeze.

Daisuke quietly retreated back into the bath and proceeded to dry off as quickly as possible. The clothing his master had mentioned was indeed beside the mirror and seemed to fit rather well. The billowy white tunic was a tad large but the brown knee-length slave trousers were just right. He tucked the tunic in and almost coughed at what he saw in the mirror.

Never once had he looked so normal. If one didn't know his past, one might mistake him as a simple commoner, not some sort of house slave. His fire-red hair was even more vibrant than ever and a healthy flush showed on his cheeks. If not but a bit too thin, Daisuke was a regular boy with an extraordinary hair and eye color. Daisuke allowed himself a little chuckle as he smoothed out some wrinkles in his shirt.

He then proceeded to look around the bath again, craning his neck around to see all there was while his hand came up to ruffle his drying hair. What to do? Daisuke supposed he was to sit in the bathroom until his master, or some other slave, came to get him so he padded over to the chair his master had sat in to watch him bathe and slid onto it.

Daisuke sat up straight with his feet as flat as possible on the ground, the chair was a little tall for him. He sat this way for quite awhile before his back began to hurt so he slouched a little. A little while later he started to fiddle with his hands and ruffle his hair some more, all the while letting wayward glances stray into the hallway. Several times someone would pass by outside but only once did someone come inside.

A small blonde girl came in and only glanced at the smaller boy once. She settled down on her knees beside the bath and reached into the water to pull up the plug of the bathtub. The water slowly receded and the girl went to work scrubbing the outside of the tub lightly before rinsing it once with a pail of water she had brought with her. She tossed the scrub back into the empty pail and exited the bath without another glance Daisuke's way. The boy found it only normal to be ignored in such a way; he was, in fact, a new slave and new slaves were usually treated as such. Just a blemish in the wall.

Daisuke remained seated until his bottom ached from being sat on so long. His hair was completely dry and he was actually starting to nod off. He only woke up when he started to slip from the chair and had to right himself again on it. Finally, he decided that he'd been forgotten and as such, had to find someone or something to busy himself with. Slaves do work so he must find some of it to do.

His red head poked out of the doorway of the bathroom and into the hall and once again the halls were completely empty. Daisuke's bare feet made no noise at all as he left the bath and stepped out onto the glossy smooth marble of the hall. The hallway was quite a bit longer than he thought once he entered it from the bathroom. He slowly walked up to the first window on his right and found it open, dazzling sunlight pouring through it and onto Daisuke's face.

Daisuke found he was on the second floor, right level with the trees. Far off he saw hills of the most vibrant green. The immediate surrounding grounds were pathways of flowers and bushes, white fences and chirping birds. The warmth on the breeze was just right, almost lulling Daisuke to sleep on his feet. A large herd of white animals was rounding the closest hill, coming toward a fenced in area off the main grounds a little. A kid with a staff was following close behind them, ushering the herd through the fence gate and closing it behind him. Daisuke smelt the warmth of spring in the air and caught the light cool scent of wet earth, signifying a rainstorm brewing.

The soft click of heels on polished stone alerted Daisuke that someone was coming. He turned on his heel and stood straight as a board, waiting for whoever it was to pass. Daisuke kept his eyes low and only saw the bright flash of polished shoes in his field of vision before whoever it was rounded a corner and softly clicked away. Daisuke breathed a sigh, perhaps they hadn't seen him. Either way, the small slave decided standing around wasn't the best plan of action.

Before he knew it, Daisuke found himself at the foot of the main staircase, he supposed, which led past two rooms, one most likely a living/smoking room, and opened up to the foyer and front door. He looked forward and noticed the front door wide open, probably to help circulate the nice spring breeze to cool out the house. A fleeting sensation in his stomach alerted Daisuke of the thought that had occurred to him.

Would it be that easy?

Could he just walk out the front door and into the woods beyond the main grounds? Could escape be so simple? His feet got a head start on his brain and started to carry him slowly toward the large wooden doors. Yes, I could just run away easily. No one is here. No one would know. I could just hide in the woods and try to make it to the nearest town. No, that's too easy. Too simple.

No, it's perfect. No one is around. No one is watching. Just a little farther. Just a litt-


Gah! Caught! And so close to freedom!
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