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This story was fairly sad to start out with. I love this idea, but how I put it to words...I'm not so sure about.

A not-so-simple oneshot, the titans realize who they would be without BB, and how they treat him.

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"Good Morning, Jump City. Today is a tragic day in our wonderful city; we have lost a great hero," The anchorman said, shuffling several papers on his desk into one pile. He clenched his jaw and held a death grip on his water glass. "Last night, a man, under the influence, crashed his 4x4 Chevrolet truck into teen titan Beast Boy's moped.

"Beast Boy had taken his 'T-ped' to a wrestling match, when his beloved moped was rammed into a building, crushing our green hero. The Titans have not yet given word to whether they will give Beast Boy a funeral, since his body was so destroyed in the crash. The leader, teen titan Robin, has confirmed that Beast Boy's death will not keep the titans from patrolling our city and keeping it safe. The driver is now behind bars and is serving ten to fifteen years in prison, if not more, for the death of our beloved Beast Boy…"

Robin sighed and ran a hand through his hair, turning off the television. The last day in the Tower had been tense and silent.

Each titan took Beast Boy's death differently. Starfire, the most emotional titan, had shut herself in her room and cried for nearly a day. Cyborg had become cold and reclusive, only coming out for meals. Right now, he was in the kitchen cooking tofu. Raven appeared to be in denial. She went on with her daily habits, refusing to show any emotion whatsoever. Robin, on the other hand, blamed himself; of course.

And the last words he'd ever get to say to him…he didn't even get to say goodbye.

And now that their comic relief was gone, the tower would be a quiet place eternally.

Beast Boy had many sides; not that he'd let more then one show.

Robin now realized how for granted he had taken Beast Boy. Sure, he was annoying, immature, and was the cause of many of their problems. But he was also a dedicated member and fairly good fighter when he wanted to be.


"DUDE! Check this out, I got us front row seats to the wrestling match tonight!" Beast Boy screamed, crawling over Robin's table and shoving two tickets in his face. "I was gonna ask Cyborg, but I know you like it way more so—"

"Beast Boy, look what you did! I was on a lead!" Robin fumed, pointing at the ripped papers and now crushed evidence. The color drained from Beast Boy's face.


"I think…you…should…go, now…" Robin said through gritted teeth.

Beast Boy gulped and darted out the door, not bothering to say 'good-bye'.


Cyborg could not believe what he was doing. He, Cyborg, lover of all things meat and dairy, was cooking tofu. He didn't even like tofu!

But he wanted to eat it anyway; despite the fact it made him almost want to hurl. A part of him had not yet accepted his best friend's death. Maybe he was trying to fill in Beast Boy's place, he wasn't really sure.

Beast Boy had been his best friend. He and Beast Boy shared a strong bond; one stronger then the word 'friend' could ever describe. They were both very similar, in some respects. Both blamed themselves for at least one of their parents' deaths, both were not fully human anymore, and both would never have the option of a normal life ever again.

Of course, there were the times when they would bicker. Cyborg was the master teaser, and Beast Boy was his main target. How many times had he rubbed it in his face that he'd beaten Beast Boy and denied cheating when in fact he always managed to distract him while they played video games? Or how many times had he teased Beast Boy for interrupting him and Raven from their 'moment' after the Malchior incident? Beast Boy kept denying time after time that something had happened and Cyborg was only put to a stop after Raven came after him.

And who could forget their daily breakfast fights? They both, of course, loved it, but neither of them would admit it. Cyborg, the meat-lover, and Beast Boy, the meat-hater. One would only need to add two and two to see what would be the outcome.

Not to mention all the pranks they'd played on the rest of the titans; on each other. Oh, sure they were pissed at each other at the time, but neither of them really meant it.

And, out of all the things they'd been through together, Beast Boy had left this world with his best friend mad as hell at him.


"You're gonna love me!"

"AHHH!" Cyborg screamed, falling over and ducking behind the T-car.

"Relax, Cy. It's only me," Beast Boy coaxed, scratching the back of his neck.

"Jeeze, BB. Scared the living daylights out of me," Cyborg replied from behind his car, wiping off his face with a greased up towel.

Beast Boy sniffed the air. "Is that…ahh…ahh…" His voice trailed off and his face scrunched up; he looked ready to sneeze.

"Uh oh." Cyborg gripped onto his car for dear life, knowing what would come next.

"Ahh…ahh…ahh…CHOO!" Upon reaching the actual sneeze, Beast Boy subconsciously morphed himself into an elephant, blowing himself backwards. Something seemed to have softened his fall; however. He looked down to see a crushed T-car and a wide-eyed, near-tears Cyborg.

"BEAST BOYYYY! OUT! Now!" He bellowed, eye twitching.

"But…wrestling…front row…tickets…"


Beast Boy hung his head and exited the garage quietly, leaving Cyborg to his car.


"Silkie, please do not go!" Starfire called to her pet moth larva, who had grown tired of Starfire's sobs and hard strokes. "I need you…"

As soon as her head hit the pillow, something shiny caught Starfire's eye. She leaned over her bed and grasped it. It was a green shard, from the necklace her sister had given her.

Hugging it tightly, she felt more tears well up in her eyes.

Please, no more…


Please, please…Stop…I do not wish to cry anymore…

Drip, drip, drip…

They were here now; nothing she could to but let them pour from her body. Each tear that splattered onto her already soaked sheets felt like a memory being washed out. It had been sixteen hours, twenty-three minutes, and fifty-six seconds…

Whenever Starfire lost anyone dear to her, and I mean anyone, she would mourn for twenty-four hours exactly, and then pay her respects by eating the pudding of sadness for an entire month.

She remembered the game of daring and of many truths that the team had played while waiting for the backup generator in a particularly nasty storm.


"My turn! It is now my turn!" Starfire squirmed in her seat and waved her arm wildly. "I do the truthing to Beast Boy!" She exclaimed, clapping her hands together.

Raven looked up from her book; ears perked.

"I truth you," She began. "To tell us your real name!" She pointed a finger at him accusingly.

Beast Boy gulped. "Uh…Garfield…" He mumbled.

"As in the orange, fat cat occasionally seen in the day Sunday's newspaper?"

Beast Boy scowled for a few moments before realizing it was his turn. He turned to Raven, evil glare included, and rubbing his hands together maliciously. Raven's eyes widened and scooted away from Beast Boy, who let out a small cackle. She half expected flames to burst up around him, in a fiery, desolate scene.

"Raven…truth or dare."


Starfire chuckled softly and grasped her pillow harder, burying her face in it. Oh, she should not be laughing. She might as well have knickbarg her scolrbag!

Galfore would be disappointed in her, for laughing. He would know what to do. He would not have been so rude to her friend on his last day of living. He would have stopped Beast Boy from leaving the house alone. He would…he would do something!


"Oh, Starfire!" Beast Boy sang, swinging the door open.

"Not now, Beast Boy. I am currently—"

"C'mon, I know you'll love this! It's wrestling!"

"Beast Boy please, I am—"

"Hey! That's that necklace, shiny moon-thingy Blackfire gave you!"

"Please, do not—"


Starfire gasped at the now broken necklace, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Beast Boy…" She warned, her eyes glowing a threatening lime green.

"Heh…heh…I'm just gonna go now…!" He dashed out the door, fearing for his life.


It was quiet; too quiet.

In normal situations, Raven would have savored the silence. But this was not a normal situation.

He…would never be there again. He wouldn't interrupt her during mediation, he wouldn't prank her with foolish, immature high jinks, and he wouldn't comfort her secretly when she needed it…

She, of all people, had treated him the worst.

Why was it? He only tried to help her, even if they were pathetic and useless. His heart was only in the right place, despite the way his ideas always turned out.

Sure, he wasn't the brightest bulb in the pack, but he could be deep and insightful when he wasn't trying to cover it up. Raven had once tapped into his mind, after he had become 'The Beast' and was healing herself. What she saw was something unforgettable, something that changed her view on Beast Boy forever.

The pain, the torture he endured…it was immense, to put it shortly. She was surprised at how he kept it bottled up; she herself would have difficulty doing it. Perhaps that was the reason why he always laughed his way out of problems. Because, if he didn't laugh or use comedy, it could escape and the team would see something that scared even him.

He wasn't strong or tall like Cyborg, or witty and deductive like Robin, but there was something about him, something different…he was unique.

He was somewhat handsome, she supposed, although his shortness altered how attractive he was.

Oh, dear Azar. She did not just think that.

Breathe Raven, breathe…

It's alright, Raven…

All those times you threatened to end his life…that must have been a subconscious way of saying you didn't care whether he lived or not…

You can finally be at peace, Raven…

No more of his pathetic jokes or awful humor, no more…

No more of his smiles, the twinkle in his eye, no more…

No more of his laughter, his shenanigans, no more…

No one to secretly make her laugh, to interrupt her when she wanted to be, no more…

No more of her sobbing nights where he would knock and say comforting words, no more…

No more of him, no more…

No one left for her to love…

What could she do now? Denying emotions only resulted in them getting lose through her powers; she did not even need to rethink the 'Wicked Scary' event.

But he was gone, gone forever. And, as usual, she had pushed him away.



Ugh, Beast Boy. Just go away…

"Yes, Beast Boy?" Raven cracked open the door slightly, allowing him only to see half of her face and one eye.

He looked uncomfortable. Rubbing the back of his neck, a small hint of rose flushed across his face, he managed a small smile at her.

"Uh…since no one else wants to go with me…Wanna go to the wrestling match tonight with me?" He breathed, looking to his feet.

Raven blinked. Was this some idea of a sick, cruel joke? Who had put him up to this? Cyborg? She wasn't so sure why she was so offended. Maybe he was mocking her that no one wanted to date the ugly, creepy girl of the team?

"No," She scowled, closing the door. He caught it with his hand.

"Aw…c'mon Rae…"

"Is this your idea of a joke?"

"What? No, Raven…"

"If you think this is funny, I'm not laughing. Grow up, Beast Boy," She hissed, extending the pronunciation on 'grow up'. "You are immature, unintelligent, stupid, idiotic…"

She yelled out every insult that came to mind as he stared, wide-eyed and looking hurt. But she didn't stop. She slammed the door in his face, leaving him by himself.


She buried her head in her hands. Oh, Beast Boy, I'm so, so sorry….





"Raven, wake up!" The world blurred into focus. Starfire, Robin, and Cyborg were all leaning over her, concerned looking.

"What…what happened?" She sat up, putting a hand to her head to steady herself.

Cyborg glanced at his arm, now acting like a scanner. "I'm not sure. We just kinda…fell asleep." His shuddered; he couldn't shake the awful dream he'd had.

Starfire clasped her hands together and held them at her chin. "And I cannot locate Beast Boy," She added sadly.

The rest looked at her, half in fear, half confused.

"He went to the wrestling match by himself, Star. Remember?"

"Oh, yes…" She trailed off.

They all fell silent. Finally, Robin spoke up.

"I had a strange dream when we slept," He said.

The other threes' eyes widened. Raven choked on her words. "What of?"

He shrugged uncomfortably. "Well, Beast Boy was in this accident and—"

"—He was killed," Cyborg finished. The rest looked at him with awe.

"How did you know that?" Robin asked suspiciously.

"Because we all had the same dream," Raven slowly stated, as though thinking.

"How is that possible?" Starfire asked.

"Remember when Beast Boy brought home Wicked Scary after defeating Control Freak, and my powers manifested to create something of a—"

"The residence that is ghostly?" Starfire supplied.

"Yes, Starfire. A haunted house. Well, for some reason, my powers got out of control. I think they put us to sleep, and gave us all a glance of the future…"

"You mean…Beast Boy is going to die?" Cyborg slowly asked, fear glistening in his eyes.

Raven had no answer.

Robin's eyes narrowed and he punched on hand into his fist. "Not if we help it."

Beast Boy sighed, slowing down as he neared the red light.

Just like before, when Soto had captured him, his friends never really cared about him. He was the comic relief; that was it. That was all he was good for. And he wasn't even good at it. He wasn't even funny.

They wouldn't really care if he left. Cyborg or Starfire might at first, but Robin would say that he had only been holding them back, and Raven…well, Raven could only say negative things if it involved him.

No matter how hard he tried, no matter what he did, it just seemed to blow up in his face. He didn't know why he always tried so hard for her, maybe it was just that he wanted to see her happy. If he couldn't be truly happy, she should at least.

Asking her if she wanted to go the wrestling match with him had been the weirdest, definitely the most awkward, but a part of him secretly hoped she would say yes; consider it at least.

But of course, she yelled at him and made him feel like dirt; as usual. His green eyes softened sadly. It wasn't like he wanted to always be this way; it just came to him whenever he didn't want to let other feelings show. But today, Raven was not the only one to make him feel unwanted.

Both Robin and Cyborg, even Starfire had yelled at him and told him to leave. They probably wouldn't even care if something were to happen to him…

His thoughts were interrupted as two bright white lights mirrored in his eyes. A car was headed straight for him. He comprehended what would happen immediately. The driver was swaying in his seat, sticking a head out the window, he yelled, "Uh…you might wanna…wanna move…" His voice was drowsy and drunk.

Oh god…I'm going to die…So this is how it ends. The world, my friends turned against me…He closed his eyes and braced himself for the impact.

But the impact never came.

"AHHH!" Cyborg yelled as he darted in front of the large red truck, using all of his enhanced strength to keep it from hitting Beast Boy. Starfire levitated above, starbolts charged. Robin's rope was tied around one end of the bumper, with Raven's dark light also acting like a rope to keep the car from moving any more.

Cyborg yelled again and grunts from Robin and Raven could be heard. Starfire swooped down next to Cyborg and soon the truck went to a complete halt.

Cyborg shot her a somewhat annoyed glance. "You coulda just done that in the first place," He grumbled.

Fallen off his white moped, which he had christened the T-ped, and lying in the street, Beast Boy stared at all this with the classic 'deer in the headlights' look.

"Dude…" He breathed. "What just happened?"

Raven raced around the truck and grabbed him in a death grip. "Oh, Beast Boy…don't ever do that again…" She whispered, burying her face into his neck.

Beast Boy blinked in surprise. "Uh…does anyone else see Raven hugging…me?"

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