To Have You Once Again

So this is the first fanfic I've ever written. I've been writing it for the last two or three years. So R&R please. Enjoy.

UPDATE: (12.16.08)

Okay so it's been a few years since this story was first published. I'll let everyone know I was maybe 15 or 16 when I started this story, so it DOES get better in the later chapters. Lol, this is mainly regarding the writing style. Lol. I'd just like to clear that up! Love, Lindsay.

Chapter 1:

" To you I hold myself,

To me I hold you.

An endless flowing river,

Of love for you and me.

...I only wish you knew."

She sat by her window, her long dark hair flowing to her feet. Her soft pale skin lightly higlighted by her soft white gown. She sat by her window watching the birds flutter by, listening to their joyous songs, as the sunlight danced happily on her face.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in." she said softly without turning her dreamy gaze away from the window.

The door opened, "Highness..." she slowly turned towards the voice...


Serena's eyes popped open and saw infront of her, her cat Luna. Luna's orange eyes staring into her.

"Alright! I'm up, I'm up!" Serena said sleepily as she rose from her bed stretching. She rubbed her eyes slowly, "Oh I wish it was Saturday."

She looked at her clock reading 7o'clock, "Oh Luna it's only 7o'clock. I can still sleep for another half hour," she said to Luna as she got out of bed.

"Well its better to rise early then be late for school everyday," Luna replied as she hopped off the bed and walked out the door with Serena.

Serena made her way downstairs and into the kitchen where her mother was making breakfast.

"Well good morning princess. You're up awfully early this morning," her mother said cheerfully.

"Yeah well, that all goes to the cat who cant sleep on her own side of the bed," Serena said glaring at Luna as she ate. Luna just meowed and continued eating. Serena's mother placed her breakfast before her and smiled at her father as he came into the kitchen.

"Good morning dear," he said to her mother with a kiss. Serena was eating her breakfast as her father sat down beside her while her mother placed his breakfast before him. "Well princess, you decided to wake up with the sun and join us for breakfast I see," he said happily.

"Yeah, Luna woke me up," Serena replied, again glaring at Luna who was finishing her food.

"Well, that's nice," he said, before taking a bite of his pancakes.

Serena finished her breakfast and gulped down her orange juice, "Thanks mom, thats was great," she praised getting up, "'Kay, well I'm off to take a shower," she said walking towards the stairs. Serena's parents nodded as she walked out of the kitchen.

Her parents looked at eachother, and her mother asked quietly as her father took another bite of his pancakes, "Do you think we should tell her?"

"Tell her what?" her father replied, taking another bite, "Mmm, dear, these are excellent."

"Thank-you," she said,"but we should tell her."

"No, we should let her find out on her own," he took another bite, "that it's Saturday," he said as he heard the bathroom door close. "Besides, it's too much of a beautiful day to be sleeping it away," he explained as he finished his pancakes.

"WHAT?" Serena gasped as she tried to open the door to her school, "I can't be THAT early," she looked at her watch,"it's 8:15, school should already be open," she pondered as she sat down on a bench and waited for other students to show up for school.

While Serena waited for school to open, across town, in a fairly large apartment building. Sat a young man who was holding his head in pain. 'These dreams. What are these dreams,' he sat thinking, 'Everynight the same dreams,' his fingers running through his dark raven hair, and an exasperated sigh slipping from his lips. He had been having strange dreams about a young maiden, or a princess. She always wore a long flowing white gown, and had ghostly but beautiful pale skin and had dark as the night, brown-black eyes that he felt he could stare into forever. In every dream is this woman and she is always sitting infront of a window. Silent as the beauty captivates him. He can't stop thinking about her. He knows he must find this woman, and...make her his own.

As some of the pain withdrew, he felt he could finally stand without falling. He walked into the bathroom and turned on the water to have a shower. Removing his clothes, he stepped into the shower, closing the curtain behind him.

"Serena, it's 9 o'clock. What are you doing up this early?" Mina asked Serena, as her, Lita and Ami turned the corner. By now Serena had started walking back home.

"And on a Saturday too," Ami included.

Serena' s jaw drops, "It's...SATURDAY?" Serena slowly and calmly turned an evil gaze on Luna. A sweatdrop forming on Luna's head as she gazed up at Serena, "It's SATURDAY? AND YOU WOKE ME UP AT 7 O'CLOCK? ON A SATURDAY?" Serena asked as fire started forming in her eyes. Luna quickley jumped up into a tree branch before Serena could do anything drastic. The other girls laughed.

"Well, we're on our way to the cafe. Wanna come?" Lita asked Serena.

"Sure, but I have to change first," Serena said as she continued walking home, now with her three friends.

He entered the doors of the cafe and took a seat at a table, farthest from the door and windows. He ordered a coffee and a banana muffin.


He looked up and saw a young woman with long dark raven hair. She was scoulding the young waiter for spilling coffee on her. "HOW DARE YOU! NOW WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO? I CAN'T GO ALL THE WAY BACK HOME TO CHANGE!" she yelled grabbing the towel that the waiter was offering. He chuckeled lightly to himself as he took a sip from his coffee and turned back to the newspaper he was reading.

"Hey Darien!" he looked up from his paper and found the girl was standing infront of him.

He smiled lightly, "Good morning Rei, dry already?" he asked with a hint of sarcasim in his voice.

"Well no, not really. But oh well," she said carelessly, "What can you do, right?" Rei replied as she looked over her clothes.

"Would you like to sit?" Darien offered.

"No, I can't. I'd love to but, I'm meeting some friends here soon," Rei explained, "I just wanted to tell you that Grandpa wanted to talk to you about something. He said he couldn't get a hold of you this morning so he figured you'd be here," she smiled, "and since I was coming here this morning, he asked me to tell you."

"Well, okay. I'll stop by after I'm done here," he smiled back.

"Okay, I'll..." she began.

"Hey Rei!" Some girls came in the door and hollared across the cafe, waving.

Rei turned towards them and Darien shifted his gaze from Rei to the girls.

As if in slow motion he watched one of the girls walk in. She wore a white flowing dress the wrapped around her ankels with every step, with a white, see-through shirt on her shoulders. Her long golden hair flying behind her as she walked. Her blue eyes drifted from the one she was talking to, to Rei and Darien. She smiled and waved to Rei as the four girls sat down at a table by a window.

"Okay, well my friends are here." Rei said, giddy all of a sudden, turning back to him.

"...Yeah..." he said dazed for a second. Then shaking out of it, "Oh, okay I'll see you later then Rei," he said turning his gaze back to his paper and muffin.

"Well would you like to join us?" She smiled, "You know, since you're here alone and everything."

"No I'm fine Rei. Thanks but I enjoy having the morning to myself," he replied with a slight smile.

"No problem. See ya later then," she winked while turning on her toe and walking to the table to sit with her friends.

After the girls had walked in, the cafe had become alot louder. The girls were laughing and giggling, teasing and telling one another to shut up. It sounded like a friendly bunch to Darien's ears. Through out the time that Darien was there, he could not stop glancing at the girl with golden hair. He finally decided he had had enough coffee and got up to pay his bill. As he got up to the counter, the golden haired girl smiled as she walked past. He stopped and watched her walk by but when he heard giggling he quickley turned to the counter to pay. He handed the money to the cashier when Rei hollared over to him. He walked over to the girls' table and smiled.

"I noticed you were leaving," Rei said as she stood up, " I wanted to introduce you to my friends," she said, "This is Ami,"

Ami raised a hand, "Hello."

"and Mina,"

"Hey!" Mina nodded with a smile.

"and Lita,"

"Hi, hows it goin'?" Lita said with a little wave.

"And Serena left but she'll be back any minute now," Rei said looking around.

Darien looked at his watch, "Well I kind of have to go Rei. I have to go to talk to your grandfather and I have a lot to do today."

"Oh, well okay, see ya later then," Rei sad with a smile, "Well this is Darien," she said to the girls with a smile to Darien as she sat back down.

Darien nodded to the girls, "It was nice meeting you. Now if you ladies would excuse me I have to go," he said nodding again then walking out of the door.

"Nice to meet you too," Lita said loudly just as the door shut.

"Nice to meet who?" Serena asked as she sat down.

"Oh Darien," Rei answered, "Just a guy who comes over to the temple once in a while to talk to grandpa," Rei said as she sipped some of her coffee.

"Oh that guy you were talking to when we came in?" Serena asked.

Rei nodded yes and then they continued talking, teasing and giggling.