Just to show I am still alive...

"Nick?!" "Are you okay?"

De Brabant opened his eyes and realized he was on the ground looking up into a pair of concerned faces. The concern changed into relief as he gave them both a wan smile to show nothing was permanently broken though his back hurt a bit. Felt like splinters digging into his back "Just a few bruises I think." He started to get up immediately winced in pain.

Natalie and Merlin reached to help him up—then removed the few pieces of wood that were sticking in his skin: apparently he'd shattered the door a bit when he'd been tossed into it. The wounds closed up as soon as the offending pieces of cellulose were gone.

A scream of defiance rang out just as Nicholas felt his blood stir in rage. Looking up he saw the mage was being held in a crushing grip by one of the Enforcers while the second was approaching with some sort of netting that appeared to be made of something other than rope or metal. Wizardmon pointed his staff at the second Enforcer as he shouted again something that sounded like "Magical Game". A blue lightning bolt sprang from the staff's flaming egg icon. Thinking that would buy him enough time, the digimon had already turned his head to face off with the Enforcer who had his arm and thus didn't see what De Brabant saw: the netting absorb the blast. The force of it pushed the Enforcer back a little—but he quickly came forward again.

"No! Wizardmon—look out!"

Hearing the warning but unable to free his arm, Wizardmon spun around giving the Enforcer the choice of either letting go or getting turned about as well. Instead of hitting him, the netting fell over the Enforcer holding him. The vampire growled in annoyance but still did not let go. Nicholas let out his own growl and launched upward. He barely dodged Lacroix who instead grabbled with Merlin. The computer wizard had decided to help out De Brabant if only in keeping Lacroix occupied for as long as he was able to. Nicholas flew on towards the Enforcers--- only to be blocked by Demidevimon who was wielding a hypodermic.

"You're not going anywhere," Demidevimon snickered, "except to Slumber land!"

Remembering what Wizardmon had told him about the Rookie, Nicholas used his superior speed to grab the claw with the needle, break the cylinder, and then transfer his grip to the bat's two ribbon-like mask antennae.

"I think you need beauty sleep far more than I do!"

"Hey—watch that—those are delicaaah--whaddya think you're—waaaaaah!" Demidevimon protested as he was twirled around like an Argentinean bolo. The virus's indignation was cut short though when he was suddenly let go to collide into the face of the Enforcer who had been wielding the net. Wizardmon shot his friend a grin as the grip on his arm slackened. Nicholas flashed him a 'thumbs up' sign and both flew backwards, wary eyes on their adversaries.

Intent on the battle nobody paid attention when Merlin's laptop jerked and a blue light shone from the seam between the monitor lid and keyboard base.

"Oh dear... is anyone here? Hello? Maybe I should have gone with the satellite DSL option rather than cable..."

Dr. Lambert felt useless. Stuck on the ground, she could only watch and pray Nick would be okay. Finally her ears registered the muffled voice and looked around. No one else seemed to be there with her... everyone else was involved in aerial combat. Then she noticed the faint light coming from the laptop. Natalie knelt down and touched its smooth exterior wondering if she should...?

Oh hell. Like being killed by Merlin for touching his property was of big concern right now. She picked the laptop up in her arms and hit the release switch. The lid eased to an open position, its miniature video camera pointed at her face. On the screen was an icon of a wizened old man who looked just as startled at seeing her as she was of the seemingly sentient document-inserted gif.

"Why hello! Who is it I'm speaking to this time?"

Natalie cleared her throat. "Dr. Natalie Lambert. And you must be...?"

The .gif seemed to smirk at her. "Gennai, m'dear, my name is Gennai. Now I don't mean to be rude, but this is a long distance call after all and I'm running short of online minutes."

"Long distance..?" Natalie cleared her throat, striving to regain her professional equilibrium. "Long distance doesn't mean anything on the internet."

"Who said I was on the internet?" the Gennai icon snapped. "This is connection is interdimens... oh, skip it! Where is Wizardmon? I'm running out of time."

A bit frustrated as well as flustered, Natalie simply flipped the laptop around and pointed the screen up to where the fighting was.

"Quite zipping me around— are you trying to give me whiplash? Oh dear," Gennai's aggrieved voice softened after Natalie managed to hold the device still, "I take it those humans are unfriendly?"

"You could say that," the doctor agreed. "They're vampires—very strong ones."

"Vampires always are a pain in the neck."