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It was a few weeks after the five of them had arrived in the Hidden Village of the Forest.

Everything had changed.

Tsunade and Kitsu were done pussy-footing around each other and now openly displayed their… whatever it was that they had for each other. Whether it was love, lust, or affection they now held for each other. It had been rather amusing the first morning after their arrival; finding the two of them entwined around each other, naked, would be forever burned into both Kyuubi's and Maki's memories.

But that is neither here nor there.

What really matters in the story is Naruto and Hinata, or, more accurately, their training in the Forest village.

And when it came to training these people took it seriously, there was just no stopping them. As soon a person could see well enough to run through the village, they did just that; though Naruto and Hinata could never figure out how so many people could run through a village and not run into each other.

Their own training started the day after they arrived in the village.

They thought that the village was trying to kill them. They were forced to wear weights on their arms and legs that started at 50 pounds and went up every day. That was just the endurance training, after that came weapons; how to use various weapons, their individual weaknesses, and how to combat those weapons with other weapons. Then strength, accuracy, basic medications and healing, Chakra exercises from Tsunade and Kitsu, TaiJutsu, and all-around combat.

They had a 24 hours of work/training and 24 hours off.

Or in other words it was hell.

But they knew that it would all pay off in the end.

Though the effects of their training wasn't immediate after the first few weeks they were moving faster and faster, getting stronger and stronger, and more and more proficient with the weapons.

Everything seemed to be perfect.

But something was bothering Kyuubi.

It was the "other" techniques that Naruto and Hinata were learning. When Kyuubi had left the village, she burnt away their Chakra pathways, hopefully preventing the village from ever using their body's energies to commit such evil ever again, and here they are now still with the ability to use Chakra. This "Genstsatsu" that they had come up with should not have been possible without outside help.

This kind of help required some kind of sacrifice, but she didn't want to think about it, though if she did find out, there would be hell to pay.

In its primal essence, the Genstsatsu was just a very ingenious way to use sealing techniques to force the body's Chakra out and able to be formed and used.

But right now that wasn't important right now.

What was important was insuring that Naruto and Hinata got the most training that they could before they were forced to return. There was something brewing in the not-so distant future that would cut everything short. How short was just a matter of time.

She glanced at the sky, it was a little after high noon, Naruto and Hinata would be at weapons training, they were working on the standards of sword techniques, though both knew that they would never use them. One, they had all the weapons they need from nature, two they had the sand control they had "learned" from Gaara.

She couldn't help but smile at the similarities between the two of them and Inari and herself.


In a flash of steel Naruto found a razor sharp blade press lightly against his throat, courtesy of their instructor, a large man who insisted that they never know his real name and only went by "sensei."

With a flourish, Sensei slid hid blade home in it's sheath; he was smirking.

'These brats have relied on their "Chakra" for far too long. They will never be good enough to pass my test.' The man though as Naruto rubbed his limbs, sore from the beating that he had just received, he was cursing under his breath; all the while Hinata was laughing at him from afar.

'And them giving me a female to teach…' The man continued to think bitterly. 'How low do they think that I've sunk in world, not that low I tell you. I should've told them no.'

"You okay Naru-kun?" Hinata asked as she helped him to a fallen tree that they had been using a bench.

"Get away form him girl! He needs no help, he is a man, and as such has no need for the coddling of a woman." Snapped sensei, walking over to the two of them, nad putting himself in between the two of them.

Naruto's eyes were burning with hatred. This man had been doing things like this for the entire time that they had been training with him, and it was starting to really get to him. Never once had this man tried to teach Hinata anything, she was always forced to sit on the sidelines while he proceeded to beat the living daylights out of Naruto.

Little did "sensei" know that Kyuubi had arrived at the clearing just a few moments before the end of the bout. She had seen everything. I was infuriating to watch such open sexism.

This could not be allowed to continue.

She had two options, speak with Elder Kisho and have the situation rectified, or she could just beat the living daylights out him… or inform the Elder and then beath the hell out of the mistake for a man.

She liked that third option.

She walked away as silently as she had come.

"You bastard…" Naruto swore at Sensei. "I think you broke my arm."

"Serves you right." The older man snapped at him. "You let your guard down."

"One would think that one would have to let ones guard down to actually unsheathe one's sword."

"Then do it quicker."

"I can't!"

"You can and you will."

"Stop fighting." Came the soft, yet commanding voice, of Hinata. "I will fight you now." She stood, taking Naruto's sword from the ground next to him and the sword from the ground next to him were Naruto had jabbed it in pain. With no flourishes, no nothing, Hinata sheathed the sword and stood ready.

From her stance, an uninformed onlooker would not be able to tell that Hinata had never fought with one before.

"You think that you can match blades with me?" sneered Sensei.

"You should know that that is not the point of training sensei." Was the calm reply.

Sensei could not keep the rage from his face as he walked toward the girl, his sword hand twitching with ill-concealed rage.


Kyuubi trekked through the village toward the great tree, she had a bone to pick with Kisho, and she wanted to get it over with. There was something about this village that was… just not setting well with her; she wanted to be gone.

"Kyuubi-san!" called a voice from off to one side.

The great fox demon turned, it was Kitsu, Tsunade beside him, their fingers laced together.

She stopped, making the other villagers flow around her, waiting for them.

"Where are you headed Kyu-chan?" asked Tsunade, there was some kind of understanding between the two older women, allowing them to connect almost instantaneously. Maybe it had something to do with the "magic" around Naruto making everybody like each other.

"I'm going to talk with Kisho-baka, whether he likes it or not."

"Good, then we can all go together." Said Kitsu, looking around at the villagers flowing about them, they all sported the same smile and expression. "We were heading there as well. I don't want to stay here very long; something here is giving me the creeps."

"I thought so as well." Tsunade replied, glancing around uneasily. The villagers were just flowing around them, not even complaining that there was a group of people just standing in the middle of a busy street.

The three of them gave one last glance at each other, and without another word walked off toward the great tree in which Kisho lived.


Sensei had taken the position, ready to draw on Hinata who was standing mutely in front of him, her eyes never leaving his; she was ready.

'How can this mere girl think that she can keep up with me?' He though snidely, an evil smile flashing across his face. 'I believe that I will have to teach her a lesson…'

And he sprung toward the heiress.


The three of them made it to the great tree without anyone stopping them, no vendors calling out to them. It was strange for a village to have no sound coming from the market district, especially around noon. The villagers were training non-stop.

Even Gai knew when it was time to sop and take a break. These people had nothing that set them apart from the next one.

There was a small building at the base of the tree that had not been there the first time that they had climbed the tree.

"What on earth is this?" asked Tsunade, knocking on the door, receiving no answer.

They waited.

And waited…

And waited some more.

Kyuubi swore and slammed her hand into the wall of the small house and was sent flying by a blast of white electric energy. She was back on her feet in an instant.

"The damn place's been blessed…" she swore under her breath. "I'll kill him."

Tsunade knew that, in blessing a place or object; one prevented a demon from touching or entering the place until it was defiled or cursed; and being the strong-willed person that she is, Tsunade broke the door down.

What was inside this building was a shock to all of them.

The entirety of the interior of this small house was wallpapered in uncovered omamori.

"Damn that man." Tsunade swore under her breath, rushing into the small house while signing rapidly, within seconds is was in flames, the tree behind the building was somehow repelling the flames.

Growling in rage, Kyuubi leapt into the first set of branches; Kitsu and Tsunade hot on her heals.


Sensei hurled himself at the pale-eyed girl with amazing speed, faster even then when ha was training with Naruto; his sword leaping out of his sheath like lightning.

Hinata jumped out of they way, she knew that had she not, Sensei would have cut her in half. This was no longer a training session, but a full scale war between the two of them.

As quickly as she could, Hinata responded as best she could, her Byakugan activated, she swung with her own sword at Sensei's center of ruined Chakra coils; hoping beyond hope that se would connect.

She connected.

But, she connected with Sensei's sheath, which he had used as a shield; he was leering at her, a strange hunger in his eyes.

He wanted her dead…

But Hinata could not ponder this for long; sensei swung at her again, his blade nicking her cheek, sending a small spray of blood into the air.

In seconds, Hinata could feel her rage begin to boil. How could be put in charge of their training; he was obviously dangerous.

The two of them continued to clash, their blades a blur of flashing steel and sparks.

It was obvious that Sensei was not holding back and Hinata was doing everything in her power to hold him off.

Suddenly, Sensei locked blades with Hinata, the two of them held that position for only a few seconds, though to the observer it felt like an eternity.

With a quick shove, Sensei launched Hinata into a tree, he was smirking.

"I told you that there was no way for you to beat me." The man sneered.

"That is not the point of training Sensei" was the clam reply.

Sensei, staggered back at this, as if struck by a physical blow.

"You bitch." He snarled, his hands beginning to glow with the power of his Genstsatsu.

Naruto stood with a growl that would've stalled even the angriest bull, but was forced back down by some invisible force.

This time Sensei cackled; his voice was cold and evil.

"You can do nothing boy. This will end in the way a real battle should, death."

Hinata's eyes widened, he was actually planning on killing her.

Naruto strained against the force, pulling all of his physical strength into breaking free.


The tree cracked and broke under the force of their leaps and bounds into the top-most branched of the tree where Kisho's office was nestled amongst the leaves.

With a snarl, Kyuubi landed in front of the elderly man's desk, the platform cracking under feet.

Kisho calmly looked up from his paperwork, as if the most powerful demon in the world had not just come crashing into his office with enough killing intent to freeze an entire army.

"Good morning Kyuubi-sama." Was all the man said.

"Don't give me that 'good morning' crap Kisho. What the hell do you mean by blessing the building at the base of the tree?"

Kisho just smiled beatifically at the demoness as Kitsu and Tsunade landed behind her, both of them looking ready to kill.

"It was an insurance policy."

"For WHAT!" shouted Kitsu, cracking his knuckles.

"To insure that Kyuubi-sama was set free; then she could become our guardian once more."

Silence met this announcement.

The three of them stared at the man in utter disbelief.

"Maki" Kyuubi whispered; her voice cracking.

In a small burst of fox-fire Kyuubi's son appeared, his two tails swaying.

"I need you to bring me the contract."

And without saying a word, the smaller fox demon vanished.

At the mention of the contract Kisho's eyes crinkled closed in a smile that was hidden by his long beard.

"What is the contract?" asked Tsunade.

"It is the pact," replied Kisho, his voice cheery, "Signed by my great-grandfather and the Kyuubi. It stated all the terms by which the Kyuubi would guard this village and also the terms which she could forsake or destroy the village."

Kyuubi stood silent, all the while Kitsu and Tsunade stared at the old man.

Maki appeared in the same way as before, a scroll clamped tightly in his mouth.


Sensei sheathed his sword and prepared for iaijutsu, an art of drawing the sword lightning fast.

It was either life or death, if he missed, she would cut him down.

Hinata's eyes widened, she knew that she wasn't fast enough to dodge his sword and that his aim was dead on.

She could see his smirk; he knew that he speed was unbeatable.

Sighing she closed her eyes, centering herself. Her mind going over everything that had happened in the past few months; her ever-growing relationship with Naruto, meeting Kyuubi, meeting Kitsu and Tsunade. Naruto.

'There's now way in hell that I'm leaving him.' She snarled in her thoughts.

"You can do it Hinata-chan!" Shouted Naruto from where he was held down, his strength and belief in her gave her courage.

"It's time to end this" Hinata said coolly.

Then, of all things, the man started to laugh. It was a cold, hard laugh.

"I thank the gods that this is how its going to happen." He said after gaining control over himself. "I was supposed to make this seem like an accident, but now I can just kill you like the bitch you are."

Naruto growled, deep in his throat, the demon energy that his body held, leaking into his normal Chakra.

"How can you do this?" said Hinata, a little shrilly.

Again the man laughed.

"I do this because I was ordered to. The elders approved of the idea and Kisho-sama was to carry out his plan."


Kyuubi reached down and took the scroll from her son and looked at Kisho.

The man was smiling even more now, and was rummaging around in his large desk for something.

"For years I have dreamed of this moment." He said happily, pulling out a elaborate quill and ink well.

Kyuubi looked at the scroll in her hands, as if she was deciding was to do with it.

"Kyuubi-sama, is something wrong?" asked Kisho, though he was still smiling one could detect something else in his voice. "The sooner that we can sign the scroll, the sooner we can free you."

"I have kept this scroll for years…" was all Kyuubi said, still staring at the offending roll of paper. "I don't know why."

"But now you do." Replied Kisho impatiently. "Unroll it so that we can sign."

The Kyuubi raised her eyes to the man, they were hard as steel, flaming with anger.

"Had you ever actually read the scroll then you would know what I am about to do."

"I have read the scroll!" protested the old man, standing from his seat.

"NO YOU HAVENT!" roared Kyuubi, a wave of demonic Chakra forcing him

back down into his seat. "If you had, then you would know what you had done."

Kisho looked at her in horror.

"The boy is my son."

Kitsu and Tsunade flinched back from this announcement and what it meant.

"Surely he cannot be from your womb."

Kyuubi smiled and shook her head sadly.

"No, he was adopted, but also he has most of my Chakra and my Hioshi-no-Tama so in essence he is me."

This time Kisho paled.

"You have broken the contract that I and your family signed. You have stated intentional and willful harm on my family and my person." Kyuubi charged the man, her hands now blazing with blood red flames. "I herby end my contract with you and your village." At this, the scroll in her hands disintegrated.

Kisho stared, his eyes wide and glazed over.

"And because of your actions, I decree that no demon, god, or natural creature will ever willingly deal with you or your village ever again. You will be forever isolated from the world so that your evil will not spread."

Kisho, stood, his agape. "You can't do that!" He shouted, his face changing from bright red to pale every few seconds.

Kyuubi gave him a dark look, sending shivers down his spine.

"I can, and I have." She said darkly.

And without another word, she turned and led Kitsu and Tsunade out of the tree office, leaving Kitsu gasping in his chair.


Hinata's arms were shaking; she was drawing on the last of her strength just to continue standing. Sensei knew that she was tiring, and was only trying to ensure her eventual death.

"You see, little girl, how foolish it was to challenge me." He sneered.

Hinata sighed, hoping that some of her strength would return in the little break between their clashes.

"And as I said before." Hinata gasped out through gritted teeth. "This is not the point of training. You were supposed to teach your sword techniques, not take to opportunity to beat us into submission."

Sensei's sneer faltered, and then dropped from his face entirely.

With one fluid motion he sheathed his sword again; clearly this was going to be the deciding blow.

Naruto's eyes widened from the sidelines, he knew what was going to happen; and he couldn't stand it. A life without Hinata was unfathomable, she was his light, his anchor in the world of good and right, without her he would've become a killer.

"NOOOO!" he screamed as Hinata, as she too readied for her final strike.

With one final breath, Hinata ran at Sensei, and jumped into the air, bringing her sword down to strike Sensei.

She also knew that she was leaping to her death.

And with one simple movement, Sensei drew his sword in a perfect, lightning fast iaijutsu.

Hinata could feel the blade cut into her torso, rending a huge gash from her lower right to her left shoulder; she hit the ground, gasping in pain as her life blood poured out of her.


While walking back to the training grounds with Kitsu and Tsunade, Kyuubi stopped dead in her tracks, her face was completely devoid of color. Her eyes were distant.

"Kyuubi-sa-" Tsunade started to ask when Kyuubi just disappeared.

It was now Kitsu's turn to pale. "If she's disappeared that means that…" he trailed off.

Understanding dawned on Tsunade, and she swore, loudly.

The two of them began running as fast as they could toward the growing source of Chakra.


Naruto had stood, he was trembling, from anger or sadness, he couldn't tell. Hinata was dying in front of him, she had been injured because he couldn't fight Sensei.

"You are now free from you weakness." Said Sensei, shaking the excess blood off his blade. "Women are the source of man's weakness and are only good to be used for pleasure-"

He never finished, Naruto had put his had through the center of his chest, the Red Chakra pouring out of him, enveloping both Naruto and Sensei.

Sensei was gasping, blood trickling from his lips.

Naruto's eyes bored into Sensei's, all of the evil and darkness in his soul being forced into Sensei's subconscious.

In another surge of demonic Chakra, Sensei dissolved into the power, leaving only the sword witch cracked and broke into thousands of tiny pieces.

Once his mind registered that Sensei was no long impaled on his arm, Naruto had appeared by Hinata's side so fast that he left cloud of demonic Chakra behind.

"Hinata-chan…" he sobbed, cradling her to his chest, her blood staining his clothes. "Don't leave me… Please don't leave me…"

Hinata opened her eyes and smiled. "…Don't be… afraid Naru…to… kun." She lifted her hand to cup his cheek. "I'll… always… be… there for… you."

And her hand fell.

"Hinata-chan." Naruto called out, his heart dropping into his stomach, he patted her cheek. "HINATA!!!!"

Chakra began to pour out of him, this time is wasn't red, it was white. The purest white, without a hint of red or other color; it was pouring out and pooling about.

Kitsu and Tsunade arrived at the clearing right as Hinata's hand fell from Naruto's face; the Chakra was keeping them from entering.

Tsunade was crying, she could feel the sorrow and pain from Naruto, the world could feel it. As the container of the Kyuubi, he was tried to nature by his very existence, and because of this, nature responded to his pain. The animals of the forest had gathered to watch the scene unfold, there was silence, save for Naruto's gasps and sobs.

Naruto, shifted Hinata's body off of his lap, and stood shakily. He turned, his eyes unseeing and blank. He stumbled into the center of the clearing and sank to his knees, his hands trying to form seals, but could not remember how to.

Finally, he gave up and threw his head back and howled.


All of the Chakra that had been pouring out of him erupted straight up in a great pillar of white light.

Naruto and Hinata's body were shrouded in a white light.

Somehow Hinata's prone form and move in front of him.

There was music coming from nowhere.

Then there was a woman in front of him, he was as white as a sheet and dressed in a flowing white kimono. She was ethereally beautiful with a golden light shining about her head.

"Naruto" she said in a kind voice, that warmed his soul. "I am Ōhiru-menomuchi-no-kami, or Amaterasu."

Naruto looked up at her, his eyes did not show recognition of the name. "I'm sorry… I-I-I don't-t kn-know you…" He sobbed.

She smiled at him.

"Do not worry. I am here to oversee something that has not happened in over a millennia. Inari will be here soon."

She knelt down in front of Naruto and traced her hand across the gash in Hinata's chest, it closed as her finger ran across it. "It seems as though we kami have dealt you an unfair hand in life, and I plan to see to it that things improve."

Slowly a white fox with shocking purple eyes, he looked at Amaterasu with a question in his eyes, he did not speak.

"Yes Inari-chan, this is the mate of Kyuubi's container. She will be yours and when they pass you and your mate will return to us."

Inari, sat on his haunches an nodded.

Smiling Amaterasu placed on hand on Inari's head and the other on Hinata's stomach; and in a flash of blinding white light, Inari was gone and there was a purple seal on Hinata now bare stomach.

Naruto stared at Hinata, then Amaterasu, then back at Hinata.

The goddess smiled as she felt life surge in the young woman.

Hinata opened her eyes to see Naruto looking back at her, relief evident in his face.

"Naruto-kun." She whispered, his hand once again cupping his cheek.

"Ah… young love." Sighed Amaterasu happily. "Call me once again when it is time for your unity."

And she was gone.

The pillar of light that had been surrounding the two of them exploded outward, enveloping the whole forest and village.

Leaving the two of them curled up together, neither of them noticing that Hinata had grown a pair of long white fox's ears and a long fluffy white tail.

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