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Chapter Five

An old Raven was lying with her head on Robin's shoulder. Her once vibrant purple hair, now a light purple that was streaked with white, was covering her face. One of her wrinkled hands was resting just below Robin's grey hair. The other was entwined with one of Robin's equally as wrinkled hands on top of their hips. They were sleeping, dreaming a shared dream of their past 782 years together, both the happy moment and the sad.

Their dream starts out with memories of their impromptu wedding and the weeks that followed: the honeymoon, the party, the breakfast, the training, and the reporters. They had had reporters clamoring everyday to speak to them while they were confined to the tower. The reporters then started following them everywhere once they finally were back in the public eye a month later. They had finally learned to ignore each other's pain and were partaking in their first fight since their wedding. However, the media, trying to be the first to get their interview, kept getting in the way. The Titans spent more time trying to protect them than fighting the bad guy, who ended up getting away. After that, any time the birds went outside of the tower, except to fight (the reporters had learned their lesson the first time), they were plastered all over newspapers and magazines.

Next, they flashed to when Terra finally rejoined the team. She agreed to become a member and be Beast Boy's girlfriend both that day. It was a great day for the Titans, especially the green shape shifter. He was so happy, he rarely shut up for the next week, much to Raven's annoyance. She had to be held back by Robin from killing him a couple times that week. The only times he would shut up were when Terra was kissing him or just after Terra had kissed him. It wasn't until Terra threatened to dump him that he finally returned to his old self.

Their next memory was when Aqualad finally proposed to Starfire. It was after a particularly bad fight. Slade had decided to pop up again. Starfire had been injured pretty badly in the fight, though. Raven had a difficult time healing her because it was such a serious wound. As soon as Raven had healed her, though, Aqualad had her swept up in his arms, saying he was so scared that he had lost her and that he never wanted to lose her. When she replied that he never would, he said that he was glad she felt that way before getting down on his knees and asking her to marry him. She of course said yes.

The Tower was a flurry of activity the whole month before the actual wedding. Starfire, Terra, Bee, and Raven all had to be fitted for dresses. Raven was the Matron of Honor. As such, she had to basically plan the entire thing since Starfire didn't know enough about Earth weddings to be in charge, though Raven did go to her to get her approval on everything. In the end, all of Raven's hard work was worth it. It was a beautiful wedding.

Thanks to that wedding, Robin got it into his head that he should give Raven a proper wedding and proposal for that matter. So on their fourth anniversary, Robin made a romantic dinner, which to his displeasure everyone ended up joining to eat. In candle light, with his friends chatter in the background, Robin got down on one knee and said that he knew they were already married but Starfire and Aqualad's wedding had made him realize that that was what Raven deserved, a real wedding surround by all her friends, not a spur of a moment one with strangers as witnesses. He asked if she would marry him again. She got a thoughtful look, sighed, and said if she must, then smiled at him. They decided to remarry on their fifth wedding anniversary.

Raven didn't want a church wedding. They ended up getting married in a park in a gazebo. Raven was in a simple dress that made her look beautiful, and had taken forever to find. This time, she had had Starfire there to do her hair, Terra to do her make up, and Bee just to talk sense to her. Batman ended up being Robin's best man. Robin had been right when he thought that Cyborg would be giving advice and Beast Boy would be cracking jokes. Batman just mentioned with a smile, or as much as a smile he makes, that it was silly to be nervous when they were already married. Both birds were as happy that day as they were the day they first got married, maybe more since they were surrounded by the ones they cared about the most.

Soon after, they remember the day that Terra came down the stairs squealing followed by a dazed looking Beast Boy. It took nearly half an hour to get Terra to calm down enough to tell them what had happened; they tried to get Beast Boy to tell them, but he was lost in his own little world. She finally told them that Beast Boy had asked her to marry him. And he came out of his trance like state to add that she said yes in a amazed voice like he couldn't believe that she actually said yes. Terra asked Raven to help her plan her wedding since she had done such a good job last time. When she agreed, Robin groaned stating that last two times she planned the wedding, including their own, everyone else saw more of her then he did. He only got hit in response.

Terra had wanted a church wedding, only small. She wanted only those that were Titans she had met to come. They were her family. So, she and Raven started working on everything together. It wasn't often that the two were found apart or without something pertaining to the wedding in hand. As the time drew nearer, both Terra and Beast Boy started getting nervous about the wedding. Everyone kept telling them that everything would be fine.

However, Terra and Beast Boy's wedding didn't go as planned. They were attacked by Slade again soon after the vows. It was his "wedding gift" to Terra. The Titans were able to defeat him once and for all this time. However, that came at a great price. The groom died during the battle, after receiving a wound that Raven was unable to heal. His last words were telling Terra that he loved her. It was thanks to her grief that Slade was defeated. She was angry, she used more power than she ever had before, taking him by surprise. However, she was wounded during the battle as well. She died from her injuries two days later.

Later that year, Titans East joined their team and allowed new people to take over their tower. Bee liked to say it was because with one of her team members staying over at their tower all the time to be with his wife and them being short two members, it was just time. However, everyone else knew it was because she and Cyborg wanted to be closer together. In fact, they ended up getting married exactly a year later, with pictures of Beast Boy and Terra off to a corner so that it was like they were there.

At the age of twenty-one, Mas and Menos, who had finally conquered the English language, disappeared. It was learned later that they had met some girls and fallen in love. They gave up being super heroes to be with those girls. They lived happily in Texas for the rest of their lives.

Starfire was the next to die, though it was not due to a fight. It turned out that the energy she used to power her super powers came straight from her life force. The more she used her powers, the shorter she made her life. She became weaker and weaker as time went by, but never complained or became unhappy. She already knew that she wouldn't live as long as everyone else, but it didn't bother her because in her eyes she had lived a happy and fulfilled life. She died at the age of 30, surrounded by all her friends and her husband.

Aqualad became withdrawn from the others after that. He spent more and more time in Atlantis and less in the tower, or even above the water. He finally stopped coming back two years later, saying that it just hurt too much to be in the tower that had once held such a bright and happy spirit. They got word that he had died of an unknown disease half a year later. Everyone agreed that it was his broken heart that had killed him.

Robin and Raven started distancing themselves from the rest not long after his death. Even though everyone wasn't that old, at the most 35, the two were starting to notice the jealous looks they were getting. While all the others looked older, the birds hadn't aged much at all, a fact that the media was constantly bringing up. When the others where all in their late thirties, early forties, the two finally decided to leave the tower. They took on the new names of Nightwing and Blackbird in order to keep fighting crime and went to Gotham, where Batman had finally gotten too old to fight. They did keep in touch with the others, though.

The first funeral they went to was Speedy. He had become reckless and bitter the older he got, being surrounded by couples and having no one for himself. He had decided to go off on a mission alone. He'd gotten in over his head and by the time the others had arrived to help, he was already dead.

Soon after burying Speedy, the couple had to bury Batman. His heart had finally given out. No one could really believe that he hadn't died fighting, that something as normal as a heart attack could take down the greatest detective in the world. Of course, as they all knew, he was only human, and old at that.

Bee died from cancer at the age of fifty-five. She had fought the disease with everything she had, but it wasn't enough. Her body was just too weak, and the disease was just too far along. On her death bed, she made Cyborg promise that he wouldn't do as the other couples had done. That he wouldn't follow her anytime soon. He was to live a very long life she told him.

Cyborg kept his promise. However, being the last member of the Titans in the tower, he gave up the head titan position and moved in with Raven and Robin, and moved with them when they couldn't stay in one place because they didn't age. He was the only one who was never slightly jealous of them. He didn't age like the others either. While his human parts did age, it wasn't as noticeable as everyone else, although more than Raven and Robin. He lived to the age of 120, before his human parts gave out taking his mechanical ones with them.

Before he died, though, Cyborg became the only Titan to see Raven and Robin have a child, or actually children. He was there when Raven told Robin she was pregnant and Robin passed out from surprise. He was there through Raven's really long pregnancy, during which she destroyed many, many pieces of furniture (they'd actually had to move once because she had destroyed the whole house) and had many strange cravings (including a craving for one of Starfire's puddings. Robin and Cyborg actually traveled to Tamaran in order to get the recipe, and she actually ate all of it whenever they made it, a fact that both amazed and disgusted them). He was there during the birth of Terra and Kori Grayson, and subsequently Raven's many threats toward Robin involving his manhood and Robin passing out, yet again. He was the one who handed Raven's two beautiful little girls to her. He survived to be their uncle Cy for the girls' first seven years of life and the beginning of Raven's second pregnancy. When he finally did pass away, they buried him next to his wife he had never stopped loving or missing.

Life had continued for the birds though they would never stop missing all their friends. Raven soon had to make a pocket dimension where they could live without having to move their kids all over the place. She made a replica of the Wayne mansion, but it was on a plot of land filled with beautiful flowers for the girls to play with. She made it to where there was a doorway to their dimension where they could go out whenever they wanted to (with a spell lock on it so that the girls could leave on their own, of course) and a glass through which they could watch the events on Earth. Using the glass as a guide, they would pop up to help people in any city that they were needed. They soon became known as the Ghosts all over the world because no one ever got a got a good look at them.

They remembered the births of all their kids: Victor, Garth, Bruce, Al and Ally, Nightingale, Fred and Winifred, Crow, Jay, Azar, Arella, Roy. After Roy, they had about 25 more kids over the next 300 years. It was when Raven was 470 and went through menopause finally that they stopped having kids. However, very few of their forty kids had actually grown up together. Usually, the last one, or ones in the case of the twins, was out of the house by the time the next was born.

Having forty kids didn't mean they forgot about any of them. The birds had clear memories of each of them and who each of them were. They remembered each first word and each first steps. They never forgot their names or which was which. In fact, Robin could even remember which weird craving of Raven's went with which pregnancy.

Their kids had taken many different roads. Some had become heroes like their parents. Some had become travelers of the universe and were currently off on adventures on some world never heard of before. Others had decided to live as normal a life as they possibly could, even if they would have to give it up when they didn't age. Some had decided to settle down in the Dimension Raven had made once they had found their soul mates. In fact, the Grayson dimension, as it had become called, became bigger as the years past. It had become like it's own little village with some serving as businesses and some who became farmers and some who worked for the others. Robin often joked that they had parented what would become a new world and race.

However, despite their many different paths and ages, they all kept in touch with their parents and with each other. They had a yearly family reunion in the Grayson dimension to which everyone came, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren (Even if some of the grand children were the same ages as some of the children. In fact, one great grandchild and Raven's last child were born in the same month).

For the past one hundred years, the birds have lived for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They had gotten too old to do much. They were in their equivalent of their nineties. However, they could watch the kids and tell them stories. Everyone always loved their stories about when they were Titans. They loved the stories about the people they knew, the people they had fought, and the things that they had done. The birds had come to realize that, though it didn't seem like it at the time, a lot of what had happened to them was hilarious. Their lives were perfect for stories it seemed, just the right mixture of drama, comedy, and tragedy. One of their grandchildren actually wrote a best selling series based off of their lives. Each book spent at least a month as the top selling book. They personally had an autographed version of each book in their library.

Both birds smiled as the faces of everyone they were related to flashed in their dreams, which were a lot. They had lived a long, happy life together, despite the tragedies in the beginning. In fact, Raven often stated that they had been able to live such happy lives because the others hadn't been able to; their happiness was taken from them too soon. Robin was inclined to agree with her. At the end of their flashes, the birds found themselves in front of a large gate. On the other side, all their friends were waving to them, telling them too hurry up, they'd already taken so long to get there.

Raven looked up at Robin who looked like he did when they were first married, "Are you ready to let go, Richard?"

Robin looked at his wife who also looked like she did back when they first got married, "Yeah, I think I've been ready for awhile now. I have nothing to regret."

"Neither do I," Raven took Robin's hand. "I think I've been ready for a while now, too. We have lived really long lives," she said as they entered the gates and approached their friends.

"Yeah, you dudes have. Do you realize how many wrinkles you guys had?" Beast Boy asked. Terra slapped him up side the back of the head for being rude. Everyone laughed as they moved further in away from the gates.

Raven and Robin's bodies were discovered the next day still in their embrace.

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