Author's note: I wrote this over the summer and unearthed it while cleaning my room. This journal I found under my bed is like a frickin goldmine! I'd forgot all about it. Unfortunately everything in it is unfinished as I have this horrible habit of never finishing what I start. But I really like this one so I am going to finish it! I really am.

Disclaimer: If I owned any of these characters I wouldn't be posting this story here.


"Hermione! Hermione! Hey, wait up!" Ron called after his friend. Seeing him, Hermione stopped at the top of the stairs and looked back.

"What is it Ron? Don't you have Trelawny now?" Hermione asked, perplexed, "I have Arithmancy next and I want to go over a point in last night's homework with Professor Vector."

"Don't worry, It's just – you dropped your Arithmancy homework on your way out of Ancient Runes and Blaise Zabini picked it up. Since I go by there on my way to Divination and he must have seen us together he asked me to give it to you." Ron blushed as he held out the piece of parchment, looking determinedly at everything but Hermione's face.

Hermione smiled at him, "Oh, thanks Ron! I need this for my next class; it's a good thing you gave it to me now"

She was about to turn away when suddenly, a look of disbelief came into her eyes, "Wait…did you say Blaise Zabini picked it up? Omigod. Oh. My. God. Wow," She collapsed against the pillar behind her, a look of happy shock on her face.

This was not good, Ron though to himself, this was like Viktor Krum except a thousand times worse! This was like…bad! Couldn't she see he was wrong for her? He was trouble with a capital "T"! I mean, he snorted, incredulous, he's best friends with Draco bloody Malfoy! That has go to say something about how unsuitable he was for her. He was a snobby pure-blood and a Slytherin for God's sake! Ewww! The fact that Ron liked Hermione has nothing to do with the fact. At least he tried to convince himself it didn't. He had liked Hermione since the first year and the Troll Incident, but that had nothing – absolutely nothing – to do with his dislike for the other boy.

"…Ron, RON…RONALD WEASLEY! Are you even –"

"Hu-Hullo!" Ron said intelligently, "Um, what was that you were saying?" he blushed guiltily.

"Oh, I was just saying how smart Blaise was!" Hermione let a goofy expression wash over her face, " He got an O on the Ancient Rune OWL last year, got everyone of them right! And in Arithmancy, I think, another O! He got everyone right! Isn't that amazing, Ron?"

"He was probably cheating," Ron grumbled.

"What?" Hermione frowned, " I missed that."

" I said 'He sounds worth meeting'"

"Oh…oh and he's handsome too!" She sighed. " He's not like the other Slytherins either! He actually treats me like a witch and respects me! So nice, and handsome, and smart!"

"Stop it! You're sounding like Parvati or Lavender!' Ron grimaced, and went on in a high, falsetto voice, "Oh he's so handsome! And so brave, and sweet…ever so sweet! I've never seen such a – "

Hermione grinned and pushed him into the wall playfully.

"You are so mean!" She complained, " You know, for awhile Lavender really liked you!"

"Ha." He said, and then as he looked around, "Oh shit! I got to get to Trelawny, class starts in, like, 30 seconds!" With that he ran off two the North Tower.


It was after dinner and Harry and Ron were sitting on the floor in front of the fire making up predictions for Trelawny's class. The assignment was to read the flames.

Harry, at least, had his Omens book open and was leafing through it for ideas.

"What if I say I am going to loose something precious to me because I see a fishtail, does that make any sense?" Harry asked Ron.

"Oh Harry! As long as it's bad she won't care! Ron scoffed. He felt a pair of arms snake around his shoulders and fairly leaped with surprise. He looked behind him to see a newly showered Hermione and wished he hadn't.

She shot him an overly flirtatious look, "Oh Ronald…you look absolutely dashing today!" she batted her eyelashes.

"Flattery will not work on me!" he growled at her.

"I'll help you with your Charms homework!" She said, suggestively.

"Okay, okay…bribery will," he conceded, "What is it that you want?"

"What makes you think I want anything?" Hermione pouted, looking hurt. "Maybe I'm just trying to be nice! Is that so unbelievable?"


Well…since you brought it up," she said as if only just remembering, ' I do have one favor to ask of you."

"Okay, I'll bite, what do you want me to do?"

"I want you to become friends with Blaise Zabini."

Ron could honestly not believe she'd just said that and loudly told her so. "What? You definitely did not just ask me that! Bloody hell Hermione!"

"Oh come on Ron! Please! For me? I just want you to get to know him and put in a good word for me! Plus, if you're friends with him and we ever go out you won't be so overprotective."

"Absolutely not!"

Hermione gave Ron a pleading look. "I'll let you use my Binns report."

"Okay, fine, I'll try to be nice to him...But what do you want me to do?" Ron gave in, he knew she knew he would. And he hated himself for it.

"Ask him for help on your Potions work or something." Hermione said brightly.

Ron shook his head, "I have you. Why would I need him?"

"Tell him I stopped letting you copy me." She shrugged.

"Fine." He glared at her mutinously, "But I want you to know that I'm only doing this because you are one of my best friends."

Hermione squealed and threw her arms around Ron's neck. "Oh thankyouthankyouthankyou!" She then helped him with all of his homework and let him copy her notes. When it was time for bed she blew him a kiss.

"I love you forever!" she said from the foot of the stairs, Ron just waved a hand at her.

But when she was out of earshot he whispered, "I love you too."


That morning, Ron shoveled down his breakfast, trying to finish before Hermione came down. Harry looked at his friend with a raised eyebrow.

"Ron, if you don't stop to breath you might suffocate, chill mate! What's got you so up?"

"Ermione." Ron anwered around a mouthful of eggs, "oh, don't give me that look!"

"Why not? Did you guys do something?" Harry smirked evilly.

Ron rolled his eyes, "Nooo. God, you are such a perve! You know when you left last night?" Not waiting for Harry he went on. "She asked me to be Blaise Zabini's mate!"

"Umm…Why?" Harry asked, mystified.

"Wow, Potter, you really are thick! She's, like, in love with him! It's soo obvious!" Parvati said from behind them. Both boys jumped in surprise.

"Well it is!" She insisted.

"Where is Hermione anyway?" Harry asked cautiously.

"Oh, she should be down in a minute." Then Parvati giggled, "Lavender is helping her with some last minute things."

"Both boys looked at each other, mystified.

"Oh, here she comes!' Parvati said excitedly.

Slowly the entire hall went silent. Ron could only stare. All eyes were on Hermione as she walked over to plop down in between Ron and Harry.

"Good morning to you too!" She said cheerfully. "Oh honestly Ronald! Close your mouth! I've no desire to see your half eaten breakfast thank you."

"You did this for Blaise didn't you!" Ron accused.

"Looks like eggs." Hermione said pointedly ignoring Ron's comment.

"Oh my god Hermione! What did you do?" asked Harry.

"Just some minor modifications on my robe to make it fit better and Lavender told me about this lovely Charm to make my hair more manageable," she blushed and tugged a lock of hair that was now curling softly around her face. "And I put on some muggle make-up."

"Some what?" Ron said, finally regaining his voice.

"Make-up!" I brought some along this year to give to Lavender and Parvati and I decided to buy my own. Do you like it?" She asked anxiously.

"You look hot Hermione." Harry said matter-of-factly.

Hermoine blushed happily. Then, leaning over to Ron, she whispered, "did you-know-who noticed?"

Ron rolled his eyes, "I don't know!" Honestly, Hermione was becoming such a girl! God.

"Well just remember to talk to him today!" she frowned at him.

Harry looked at his watch and grimaced, "Time for Potions.

"Right." Hermione said meaningfully, "Let's go!" She pushed Ron towards the entrance.

Ron grumbled and began to walk toward the door. He couldn't help notice that Hermione was drawing quite a lot of attention from the male students in the room. He glowered as they made their way to the dungeons.

When they walk in Snape glared at them, "Sit!"

Hermione hurried toward a desk in the middle row, dragging Harry along with her and leaving Ron to fend for himself. It was only then that he noticed all the Gryffindors were paired up except him. He cursed Hermione under his breath. Then he saw who else had no partner and his curses doubled.

Ron walked over to Blaise and cleared his throat. The other boy looked up from his novel as if surprised. "Weasley."


"Do you want something?" Blaise asked, raising a perfectly arched eyebrow.

"Can I sit here?" he asked with one last mutinous look at Hermione. After a slight hesitation the dark haired boy nodded.

Ron dropped his bag and slumped down in his seat.

"Today we will be brewing the Veritaserum Potion, Falsuserum. I will be giving you all a small dose of Veritaserum and you will test your antidote afterwords, you may begin. The directions are on the board." He waved his wand in a lazy manner and the directions appeared.

"I'll get the supplies," Ron said hurriedly. Blaise just nodded.

As he walked over to the cabinets he saw Hermione out of the corner of his eye.

"So…how's it going?" She asked eagerly.

"Hermione…never mind." Ron shook his head, "So far he hasn't insulted anyone, happy?" H grabbed the materials he needed and stalked back to his desk.

For a while the two boys worked in uncomfortable silence. Then Blaise began to speak.

"So…you're friends with Granger, aren't you?"

"Yah, since first year." Ron answered stonily.

"She's a smart witch," the other boy said shaking his head as he added the dragonfly wings.

"Yah, and she's says you're smart too."

"Oh." Blaise smiled ruefully.


"So…why exactly did you come over here, Weasley? Not for the conversation I imagine," I smile flickered across his handsome features, "And I doubt you need tutoring in Potions with a friend like her," he nodded towards the direction in which Harry and Hermione were working in.

"I might be here or conversation, I might not, who knows. I do need help on Potions though, Hermione just recently announced that she was finished with letting me copy her homework." Ron pulled a face.

"Ahh…I see," Blaise said, the corners of his mouth tugging upward. "Add the Essence of Belladonna now."

Ron complied obediently, he couldn't help noticing how nice that mouth was. Immediately after he realized what he had thought he was disgusted. How could he think such a thought? About Blaise Zabini?

"Okay." Blaise's voice intruded on Ron's thoughts.


"Okay, I help you," Blaise said, now smiling fully.

His teeth were nice too, Ron thought absently. "Oh, thanks Zabini."

"No problem, Potion's are easy for me, it could be fun."

Ron raised an eyebrow.

"Well maybe not fun, but at least it won't be terrible!"

Ron grinned back, the Sytherin's good mood was infectious. "You know, you're alright for a Slytherin."

"Yah? Well you're pretty alright for a Gryffindor."

The two boys smiled at each other and went back to working on their potion.


"So, I'll meet you in the library Thursday night? After dinner?' Ron asked Blaise after they'd both sampled their potion to make sure it worked and handed in a phial of the pale blue liquid.

"It's a date then," Blaise blushed, "figuratively speaking, I mean."

Ron realized he was also blushing, "yah, well…I'll se you there then." He turned and walked quickly off, silently cursing his red hair and all the trouble that came with it.

As the class filed out into the hall he was sure he heard malfoy telling off Blaise for "fraternizing with a blood traitor." He just rolled his eyes.

Harry and Hermione came up behind Ron as he walked outside the castle on his way to Herbology.

"How was Blaise?' Hermione asked meaningfully.

Ron groaned, when he'd been talking to the boy he'd managed to forget the actual reason why he was there in the first place but now it all came rushing back. Hermione and the weird girly side she as showing and the improved robes and the muggle make-up. He sighed unhappily.

"Yah saw you sitting with Zabini mate!" Harry nudged him with his elbow.

"Errrrr…at least I'll get a good grade on that potion…"

"Oh! Isn't he smart!" Hermione gushed.

"Yes, very." Ron remarked dryly.