Author's note: so basically, I haven't written anything in like, 6 months. But lately I've been getting all these reviews telling me to write more, so here goes. (don't hate me if it turns out like poo).

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"Wake UP Ron!" a loud voice echoed inside Ron's head. He opened his eyes blearily to see a pair of bright green eyes and a mop of messy black hair stare him in the face.

He promptly rolled over and attempted to try that sleep thing again. But was suddenly assaulted by the brisk morning air, due to the sudden absence of his delightfully cloudlike comforter.

"Damn this stupid castle and its terrible insulation," He thought to himself, "and damn my best friend for taking away my covers!"

"Harry Potter, if you EVER do that again, I'll make sure You-Know-Who doesn't even get the chance to kill you BECAUSE I'LL KILL YOU FIRST!" Ron made a grab for Harry and the crimson sheets that called his name so temptingly.

"Come on mate, you have 10 minutes to get down to the dining hall and eat breakfast before the first bell rings, you slept an extra 45 minutes," Harry grinned.

Ron grumbled and glared reproachfully at his friend but got dressed and followed him down to the portrait hole without anymore outbursts.

The two boys entered the Great Hall, with five minutes to spare before their classes began. Ron cast about the space for Hermione but instead caught the eyes of someone completely different and for a brief moment Blaise Zabini's dark eyes were locked intently upon Ron's blue ones.

He didn't realize he'd stopped breathing until he was jerked back into reality, by Harry's hand grabbing his wrist and pulling him towards the Gryffindor table and Hermione.

"Morning!" Hermione welcomed them cheerfully, "how did you two sleep?"

The two boys grumbled in reply.

Hermione turned to Ron, who was busy shoveling French toast onto his plate and drizzling it with maple syrup. "How's Blai-"

"The last time I saw him was when we were coming out of the broom closet, remember? Last night?" Ron interrupted her, before she could work up too much momentum.

"Oh, alright," Hermione sighed, "I'll stop, being so obsessive, it's just, I really like him, you know?"

Ron's eyes wandered towards the Slytherin table, "I know, I know."

Ron couldn't help stare at the object of Hermione's affection. He was quite good looking, Ron had to admit, and really a nice person from what he could gather. And his lips looked so…

"NO! Bad Ronald!! Very bad!" he silently reprimanded himself. What was wrong with him? Why was he thinking all these…gay…thoughts? "Hermione, think of Hermione. Think of Hermione naked!"


He blushed furiously, and took a giant bite of toast. Hermione looked at him strangely.

"Well, I want to get a head start on the Charms work so I'll meet you there, okay?" Hermione stood up and grabbed her bag, "and Harry, don't forget to meet me in the library so we can work on our History of Magic essays during lunch."

"Yeah, sure 'Mione" Harry smiled at her.

Ron watched her leave, and once again, let his eyes slide across the Hall to wear a certain Slytherin was sitting. To his surprise, Ron realized that Blaise had been staring at him; he noticed a faint blush bloom in the smaller boy's cheeks. His glittering eyes quickly found a glass pitcher of pumpkin juice to become enthralled by. Ron didn't know why, but the thought of Blaise Zabini looking at him gave him a tiny chill of pleasure.

He shut his eyes tightly and turned away. "Oh boy Ron, you need to bloody snap out of this right now. Hermione. Naked. Hermione. Girl. NAKED."

He opened his eyes to see Harry staring at him worriedly.

"Ron mate, are you…okay?" Harry questioned.

Ron blushed, what did Harry notice? Did he see him looking at Blaise? Oh no. What was he going to tell him now?

"Come on Ron, we both know you've been in love with Hermione since the day we rescued her from the troll. I just, well…the whole Zabini thing, I er…" He trailed off helplessly, "I just wanted to make sure you were alright."

Ron stared at him.

Harry continued, "You know that I'm here for you if you, er…need to talk about your, uh…feelings?"

Ron watched as Harry buried his face into his hands, "Oh Harry, relax, okay? Besides, do you really think anything is going to happen between them?"

Harry looked up, "no, you're right. It's just that, you're always there for me when I'm in trouble so I wanted to help out, I guess."

Just then the morning bell rang. There were loud scraping noises as almost the entire student body stood up to hurry off to their next classes. As Ron bent down to grab his book bag he felt a shove on his lower back, and nearly fell on his face. He looked up to see Draco Malfoy's rat-like sneering down on him.

Crabbe, Goyle and Zabini were behind him. Zabini? Ron caught his gaze and looked away. He could see the anguished look on the other boy's face, which made him feel a little better, but not much. "Gee, Blaise, thanks for keeping your arse of a friend in check."

He looked up again in time to see Blaise mouth "I'm sorry" to him. Ron rolled his eyes at Draco, "You'd think after six years of this you'd mature at least a little, Malfoy."

"And you'd think after five kids your mum would've learned to use birth control. Pity. If she had, I wouldn't have had to have had those six years of you." Draco drawled.

Ron shook his head, "oh…" he felt his hands ball into fists, but before he could do anything, he felt Harry grab onto his shoulder to drag him away.

Blaise did the same with Draco, all the while never taking his eyes off of Ron.

The next few classes were quiet and uneventful, mostly because they were empty of any Slytherins. He entertained himself with thoughts of quidditch, or tried to at least. It was very frustrating though; a certain Slytherin kept popping into his fantasies. A certain Slytherin with the nicest arse he'd ever seen.


Ron cursed his fickle brain.

All through lunch he was preoccupied. Which was quite unfortunate since he was planning on finishing his History of Magic essay with Harry and Hermione, since it was due that next period. Oh well, he could always just write complete and utter nonsense for the last half page, Binns would never notice.

He took the long way to Care of Magical Creatures after lunch, a long the lakeside. So Blaise wanted to be in Gryffindor. That's interesting. That's very, very interesting. I wonder what else he wants. Thought's of Blaise swamped Ron's brain. He blinked them back and sighed. He looked down at his watch and swore. He was late already! He broke into a jog towards Hagrid's hut.

"Sorry I'm late professor," he whispered. He looked around at his classmates, they were in pairs working with little doglike creatures with forked tails.

"Thas alright Ron," Hagrid boomed, "seems that Zabini here's a little late too. We're all learnin' abou' Crups today, why don you two work wi' mumbles here?"

Ron turned around to see Zabini standing directly behind him, "hey, Blaise."

Zabini smiled, "Hello Ron, how're you doing?"

Ron shrugged, "still have to finish my History of Magic essay, but what ever, I'm not too bad."

"What ever, just write complete and utter nonsense for the last half page, Binns'll never notice," Blaise's smile widened.

Ron couldn't help but smile back. Blaise had really nice teeth. They were really white, epecially against his olive skin color, he wished his teeth looked that good.

What was he thinking? He needed to stop checking out Blaise Zabini. Like, right now.

"Are you alright, Ron?" Zabini asked, a concerned look in his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine, but thanks." He gave a brief smile to the other boy.

The boys worked in silence for a little while, occasionally pausing from their notes to smile at one another or comment on their crup.

There was a few minutes left of class and Ron decided that he rather liked crups. He pet mumbles on the head affectionately. The canine lay down on it's back, just begging for a belly rub.

Blaise laughed and took a piece of meat from Mimbles' food bowl and moved in a circle in front of the crup's face.

"Roll over, Mimbles, roll over!" he said. The crup obliged and Blaise tossed it the scrap of food.

"Alrigh' kids, class dismissed, see you all on Tuesday!" Hagrid waved goodbye as the sixth years began to trek back to the castle.

"See you around Ron," Blaise called over his shoulder, flashing him a bright smile.

"Yeah, around!" Ron echoed back.