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Rumors in Archangel High spread quickly. And too damn quick in fact. Just two weeks ago, a secret love letter was sent and now, everyone in the campus knew about it.

"Cagalli, why'd you even do it!" Flay Allster asked as she banged her hands on the desk.

"Did what?" Cagalli innocently asked in reply.

"You didn't go last night at the park to meet him!" Miriallia answered, siding with Flay.

"Because I didn't want to!" Cagalli exclaimed but made sure that no one else outside the room would hear.

Even if you didn't, you could've just went and find out who he is!" Flay scolded her very stubborn friend.

"Well, too late!" Miriallia said sarcastically as she rolled her eyes "She lost her chance already!"

"Well, it's my loss not yours" Cagalli said as she crossed her arms.

"Fine, you win this time" Flay said then smirked "What if the guy was Joule or something?"

"EWW! That's just wrong!" Cagalli protested "He's a freakin' hot head! If it was him, I'm so happy I didn't go! But he as eyes for Shiho not me!" Cagalli stuck her tongue out at Flay.

Flay stuck her tongue out at Cagalli but Miriallia stopped them by saying another guess "Or maybe that Ahmed Al Fasi, from class-F"

"He's okay, I guess…" Cagalli looked down to think then looked up with a sour face "but NO! He's too obsessed with the desert! Plus, he's weird!"

"Well, if it was Nicol?" Flay asked innocently as she bit an apple that she got from out of no where.

"So not my type! Sure, he's okay. Nic's my friend and will only be my friend no more than that!" Cagalli said calmly.

"If it was Rusty Mackenzie?" Miriallia Asked as she also took a bite on an apple she got out of no where.

"Are you deaf or what? His name is based from RUST!" Cagalli exclaimed as she banged her hands on the desk causing Flay to let go of her apple "Plus, he's totally rusty on his studies"

"Then, how about Senior Miguel Aiman?" Flay asked forgetting about the apple.

"He has a BIG ego and is very competitive! He maybe my friend but only that! Plus, he treats girls like crap!" Cagalli said angrily, steam coming out of her ears.

"Then, how about Clotho Buer?" Miriallia asked.

"Haler! He's a freakin' druggie! And don't even suggest his mindless friends! They are all druggies! And haven't you noticed his name?" Cagalli said angrily, more steam coming out from her ears "Clotho? It's as if it's a brand of cloth, you know Cloth-O! The finest cloth in the whole wide world! Please, it's a stupid name!" Cagalli said.

"Then how about Dearka?" Flay asked.

"He's a joker! He has the biggest ego I have ever seen! Plus, he has eye for Mir only!" Cagalli smirked when she finished.

"Hmmm…" Flay and Mir hummed for a while then "What if it was Athrun Zala of class-A?" Both chorused.

"How dare you even suggest that! He's a no-good playboy jerk! He's even worse than the previous guys you mentioned! He's got the largest ego than Dearka and Miguel put together! He treats women like crap! He's not my type! He's a bastard! And he's a pure pervert!" Cagalli yelled angrily.

"Sorry, we were just guessing" Flay said.

"But, what if it's really Athrun?" It was Mir's time to smirk.

"Then I'd have to punch his nose and kick his damn sorry ass!" Cagalli said.

"Don't you think you are over reacting?" Flay sweat dropped.

"No, cause that's what I'll really do to him!" Cagalli humphed.

Flay and Mir looked at each other and sighed. On the first period class after lunch, two girls had a conversation with a guy in the shadows of the school…

"It's a bad idea I tell you!" One of the two girls warned "Its best if you just won't do it, she'll destroy you…"

The guy just smirked "I know she won't be able to destroy, or hurt me cause she just loves me too damn much"

"That sounds like you to her not her to you" The other girl said.

"Relax you two, I know what I'm doing!" The guy said confidently.

"Don't say we didn't warn ya'!" The first girl said.

"Or come running to us!" The other added.

"I said don't worry. She can't hurt me, remember?" The guy said with a prideful smirk.

After classes, Cagalli found another letter in her locker. This time it was in red scented paper. Cagalli got the letter and read it…

Dear Cagalli,

I was saddened when y♥u didn't arrive last night at the park. I was ♥verly excited t♥ tell y♥u wh♥ I really am, but y♥u didn't arrive. I waited f♥r y♥u f♥r h♥urs at the park. But t♥ my dismay, y♥u didn't arrive. I keep ♥n saying that, d♥n't I?

But, Cagalli, that d♥esn't mean that I l♥st interest in y♥u. I still have interest f♥r y♥u, if y♥u d♥n't want me t♥ keep ♥n leaving letters f♥r y♥u everyday, then y♥u c♥uld just tell me, face t♥ face t♥night.

If y♥u d♥ n♥t wish t♥ meet me then d♥n't. If y♥u have eyes f♥r s♥me♥ne else, tell me and I'll n♥ l♥nger pester y♥u daily. But still, Cagalli, if y♥u turn me d♥wn, it w♥n't change my feelings f♥r y♥u.

Y♥u shine my day, Cagalli. Everytime I see y♥u in the m♥rning when y♥u arrive, it makes my day c♥mplete. When I can hear y♥ur laugh, I am all charged up by y♥ur angelic v♥ice. When I see y♥ur majestic smile, I'm ♥ver than ♥verj♥yed.

I dream ♥f y♥u night and day, Cagalli, that I'm getting crazily in l♥ve with y♥u. Please, Cagalli, f♥r ♥ne last time, meet me later ar♥und six at the benches in the park.



'That was the longest letter so far' Cagalli thought 'And the most romantic one too…! I wonder who this person is!'

Cagalli smiled happily and hurriedly went home. She ran to her room as soon as she arrived home. She threw her things on her bed and jumped on bed too.

Minutes later, she snapped out of her thoughts and came back to reality.

"DAMN!" Cagalli slapped her forehead "I need to pick the right clothes!"

Cagalli was damn rich, yet she acted tomboyish. She NEVER thought she'd ever do this in her entire life, she opened the door to her LARGE closet. She walked around and looked for the best outfit.

Her first choice was her brown cargo pants and her red tank top.

"It's too plain!" Cagalli yelled as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Her next choice was a light blue tank top and a white skirt.

"It's too exposing!" Cagalli yelled even louder.

Her third choice was a red long-sleeved coat/jacket over a green shirt and a pink mini skirt.

"Eww! This is over than overly seductive!" Cagalli yelled louder almost breaking windows.

After how many more choices later, she just picked an olive green long-sleeved turtle neck since it was also getting a bit cooler and blue jeans and a pair of normal shoes.

"Good! This is okay!" Cagalli smiled triumphantly.

She glanced at the clock and freaked out, it was only five minutes to six! She grabbed her cell phone and ran to the park as fast as she can.

Once she had reached the park, it was already six thirty! She gasped for air as she stopped.

"Damn… I'm… Late…" Cagalli panted "Note… To… Self… Always… Take the… Car next… Next time…"

Cagalli sat on one of the benches and waited. Minutes later, a figure came.

"Good evening, Cagalli" The figure said and kissed her palm.

Cagalli blushed at the contact but he didn't notice it because it was a bit dark.

"Who… Who are you?" Cagalli stuttered.

"I'm your admirer who else?" He said, smiling at her.

"But what I want to know is your name" Cagalli replied as she crossed her arms on her chest.

"I showed myself to you tonight not to tell you who I really am" He said "But to only know your answer. Do you want me to stop or not?"

Cagalli blushed but did not reply.

'How can I tell him not to stop! But, what if he's just playing on me! And I embarrass myself later in the future in public!' Cagalli hesitantly thought in her head 'But what if he's not playing on me? O, damn! If he's not playing on me and I say no, it'll be the biggest mistake! Then in the future, I'd see him with a wife and kids and wha! I'm thinking too far! This has got to be because of tat politician of a father of mine… Wait! Why am I talking about my dad! And why the hell am I talking to myself!'

"Cagalli?" He called, snapping her out of her thoughts "Y-your answer?" He asked nervously.

"I'm scared, to answer… That is… Um… I… Yeah…" Cagalli stuttered "I… I don't… Know… If well… Um… I'm not sure if… if I… I could… Could trust you that… Um… Well… Yet…"

His eyes saddened, but she didn't notice since he was wearing a mask!

"I… I… Mean… I'm… What if… You're just… Just…" Cagalli continued to stutter and lose all the words she had learned over the years.

"Just what, Cagalli?" He asked.

"Playing on me…" Cagalli finished.

"Cagalli—" He was cut off by Cagalli.

"I mean, who would like a girl like me!" Cagalli said "I don't wear skirts, I don't act like other girls, or tie my hair, wear heels or make-up. I always wear pants version of our uniform, I'm just not what you might be actually thinking of and that this is just a stupid dare that you had to do and in the end, you and your buddies would just laugh at my face!"

"Why would you even think of that?" He asked her sadly.

"Because, because" She replied "I'm just…"

"Cagalli, I'm not doing a dare, I'm not playing on you" He said assuring-ly "Nor would I think that you're a… dork"

"A dork?" Cagalli murmured.

"I'd never think that of you, my feelings" He caressed her cheek "They are not lies, I…"

There was a long pause from him before he could even continue.

"I just can't tell you right now because I'll only tell you during the Valentines Ball" He said "What this poor excuse of a damn admirer is trying to say: Will you be my date to the ball, Cagalli Yula Athha?"

Cagalli's eyes widened 'Did he just ask me out! To the BALL!'

Cagalli nodded slightly which caused her admirer to smile really big and happily.

"You would! Oh, thank God! YES! WHOO!" He jumped around happily as he also cheered happily.

Cagalli smiled a BIT, and there was this 1 if her heart telling her that his love for her was so damn right true.

Cagalli was brought home by him. But of course she didn't see his face or his hair because he was wearing a hat and a mask.

The following day when Cagalli just came to school, an announcer was er… announced.

"For the V-Day Dance, everyone must wear a mask! If you don't have a mask you can't get in!" Yzak, one of the student council members announced evilly.

"By the way, gals from the photography club should wear only mini skirts and you can't wear long-sleeved gowns or whatever, got that, ladies?" Dearka, another member, announced.

"Shut-up, Dearka!" Yzak yelled at the background "You were supposed to say for the newspaper club or whatever you call it!"

"But aren't they the same?" Dearka asked stupidly.

"NO!" Yzak yelled "Shiho isn't in the photography club! She's the school's newspaper editor! You friggin' bastard!"

Everyone laughed at Yzak and Dearka while Mir and Shiho blushed.

"Mr. Joule, Mr. Elsman!" A creepy voice barked.

"M-Mis-Miss Ba-Bad-Badgiruel!" Yzak and Dearka stuttered.

The next thing the student's heard were yells from both Yzak and Dearka.

"Pity now, both of you are going with guys with a neck brace" Flay teased.

"Shut-up, Flay!" Shiho said "W-we're not even going with those retards!"

"Whatev" Flay replied casually.

Then she spotted Cagalli and waved. Cagalli walked to them smiling.

"Yo!" Cagalli greeted "Can't believe those two would sink that low!" (A/N: That rhymed, wow!)

"I know!" Mir agreed as she placed her hands on her hips "They are such pervs!"

""And it's such a sad thing that you two are going to the dance with them" Cagalli sighed playfully.

"HEY!" Shiho and Mir exclaimed.

"Who are you going out with, Flay?" Cagalli asked.

"I'm going with Kira!" Flay squealed. Then she smirked "Who are you going with, Cags?"

"Oh, n-nobody—I mean no one" Cagalli lied "I won't go to the dance!"

"Why!" The trio gasped.

"Because I don't want to" Cagalli said and excused herself.

She walked to her locker and found another note from him. She read silently…

Dear Cagalli,

Since ♥n the dance, we are all t♥ wear a mask, I may n♥t be rec♥gnized by y♥u, which is a g♥♥d thing! I want it t♥ be thrilling! Anyway, I'll just give y♥u a clue, I'd be wearing a red mask. And I kn♥w its design will be unique, different fr♥m the rest. It has g♥ld linings ♥n it. I can't wait t♥ dance with y♥u at the V-day Dance.

But I'm having d♥ubts if y♥u're even g♥ing t♥ dance with me, ♥nce y♥u kn♥w wh♥ I really am. S♥, I beg ♥f y♥u, please give me a chance.

But its y♥ur decisi♥n t♥ make and n♥t mine, I shall n♥t be angered by any if y♥ur decisi♥ns because I have n♥ right t♥ d♥ s♥. Yet, I' l♥ve t♥ be able t♥ dance with y♥u even f♥r just a sec♥nd, less than even.



Cagalli smiled and folded the letter and placed it in her bag. She got her books and walked to class. What she didn't know was that someone was eavesdropping on her as she read the letter.

The eavesdropper smiled and went to class excitedly.


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